I didn't just fart, stop accusing me!
You know what? Screw this! I have to go pee!

I have lots of fun posting on my blog
There I can say Hungary looks like a warthog.

You don't seem to know about awesome me
I'm not a faggot! I just want some pussy!

I hate cleaning, it's really a chore
In fact, I'd rather get AIDS from a whore!

This thing is so huge, it's hurting my head
And you know what? THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

I confess, I don't have an active sex life
But if I did, it would totally be with your wife.

I'm the best in the sack; I'm a real sex fiend
I'm the King of sex. Wanna be my Queen?

I really hate my cooking. It tastes like shit.
Hungary, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

Hey there West, you're a real cool bro.
Now go fuck Italy, and make him your ho.

Austria's stupid. He's a real bastard.
He sucks at sex with Hungary; I'd make her come faster!

I love you Hungary, you're one of a kind.
I want my penis in your vagina

You know it's the truth, I'm the best of all
If you disagree, then I'll rip off your balls.

I like you Hungary, I love you a lot
Now sit right there and suck my cock

I have a pet bird, he's really cool
His name is Gilbird, and you're a tool!

I like being alone, it's really the best
I'm not sitting here cause people think I'm a pest.

Dearest Hungary, I love you to bits.
Especially your really big tits.
Even though they aren't as big as Ukraine's.

I ate Canada's pancakes, they were really great.
I loved them so much, I licked off the plate.

I just took more of Austria's shoes
Now if you excuse me, I'll go hit the booze.

I hate you Russia, and this fucking wall
How bout I join North Korea and nuke you all?

You know what's great? Eating wursts and potatoes!
You know why that is? Cause I fucking made those!