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Chapter 1:

[Aurora Point of View]

Okay… so I'm in some deep crap. But I couldn't get worse right? I thought to myself as I walked through the forest. Suddenly lightning struck and my wings perked up at the noise. Then the rain started suddenly and I scowled at nothing in particular, and my wings fell so that they were dragging.

Who am I kidding? I'm screwed .I thought as I sat down. I used my claw to draw a picture of my family. I had been running for almost a year now. My family was killed by… it. But somehow it managed to put the blame on me and now I was running from the equivalent of the dragon police. Hey, after the Queen died (and good riddens, that fat, always hungry cow) us dragons had to have some kind of order.

I finished my drawing and continued to walk. I couldn't fly in the storm. Or wouldn't I guess you could say. Night Furies were the most feared, most graceful, most beautiful dragons known on the planet; all of them but me. I had a fear of thunderstorms, couldn't fly without hitting something, and as for looks… don't make me go there. While most Night Furies were black with green eyes, I was a grayish color and had purple eyes.

I walked a little longer before a suddenly lightning bolt hit the tree behind me. I jumped and ran as the tree caught fire and burned. I ran and ran, my heart pumping as I tried to run on my legs that were meant for balance. Not running. I ran until there wasn't any ground to run on beneath me. I looked down and spread out my wings, but I couldn't pick up air or height, the fall was too short for that. But deep enough that I can assure you, falling hurt like heck.

I heard myself hit the ground before it went black.

[Toothless Point of View]

Hiccup was training the other teens in the new 'fighting' styles so I was free to walk around.

As I walked through the forest, I saw tracks. Dragon tracks to be precise. I lifted my foot and saw that they matched, Another Night Fury? No way.

I kept walking, following the tracks.

After awhile, I lifted my head and sniffed the air. Something smelt… burnt? I looked up and sure enough, a tree stood, most of the upper canopy burnt to a crisp. It must have happened during last night's storm.

The smell was wretched so I followed the tracks quicker, eager to get away from the smell.

The tracks continued until they reached the ledge of the hole where I first learned to trust Hiccup.

Huh, I thought to myself, Must've flew off.

I turned to go when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked back into the hole, studying the area.

I looked for a moment longer before I saw her.

[Aurora Point of View]

Okay, I found out how Furies get drunk. Smack your head pretty hard on a rock and you're down right tipsy when you wake up.

I stared at the water, my vision making it two of everything. I shook my head before flexing my wings. I almost roared out in pain but stopped myself. I looked down at my wing and whined to myself.

There was a gash from tip to base on my wing. It would heal, yea, but I'd be here awhile.

As long as this pond has fish, I guess I'm okay, I thought to myself, trying to be optimistic.

My ear twitched and I looked up to the edge of the hole. I heard what sounded like a dragon's footsteps.

I dashed over to the nearest boulder and hid behind it. I held my breath as a Night Fury looked over the ledge and into the small space. From what I could tell, it was a boy, and I wasn't going to lie to myself; he was pretty cute.

The Night Fury turned to leave and I sighed in relief. I made an effort to stretch my wing out to look it over again. Bad idea.

The Night Fury was back and he was staring at me. I gulped quietly as he descended to where I was.

[Toothless Point of View]

"Who are you?" I thought towards the female Fury. As dragons, we communicated telepathically so humans would never know.

"Better question. Who are you?" She asked back. I could tell by how she was standing she was scared. I sat down to show her I wasn't a threat. Yet at least.

"My name's Toothless."

She eyed me warily. Her eyes were a purple color, odd for a Night Fury.

"Ah…?" She thought back.

"My human gave me that name." I told her, reassuring her that I didn't pick out that Kind of name by myself. She nodded slightly.

"Your human?" she asked. I sighed. I wanted to know who she was, not why I had a human.

"I got caught in a trap and fell. My human cut the ropes and I flew off, only to fall in here. He took care of me and now we're best friends." At least until Astrid came along. She was nice, but she cut into some of Hiccup and I's time.

"Oh… wait. You got caught in a trap?" She asked incredeously.

"Caught me off guard, what can I say?" I told her. She shrugged her shoulders and sat down slowly, probably still wary of me. "Now, what's your name? And why are you here?" I asked.

"My name's Aurora, and as for why I'm here," she stretched her wing out slowly and I looked at it. Ouch.

"My human can take care of that," I thought simply.

"Just because he can doesn't mean I'll let him." She thought back. I rolled my eyes and moved my tail so it was I her eye view.

"He fixed this. He can sure as heck fix that," I told her, motioning from my tail fin to her wing. She looked at my wing and back at me.

"Fine," she thought after a moment. "I'll let your human try."

I smiled my toothless grin at her, earning a slight smile from her in return. "I'll be back in a flash."

And with that, I went to get Hiccup.

That was chapter one… This is my first How To Train Your Dragon fan-fic, so constructive critism is welcome :) Hope you enjoyed it, I'll update soon R&R!