Hey everyone! It's Chicka937, just wanted to ask you all for your opinion.

I was reading over TFF the other night, and noticed that I left a certain question unanswered. My family recently purchased the HTTYD DVD, so my memory of the story line and characters is fresh. I simply wanted to post this and ask all of my reviewers and readers if they would be up for a sequel to TFF. Please realize if I did post a sequel, it would be short – 5 to 10 chapters – but, it would annoy me to leave that one question unanswered.

For everyone that's thinking 'what the heck is that question?', I'll remind you that I mentioned in chapter 9 that Aurora had an 'ancient power' but I never fully explained the power to my readers.

So, if a sequel was added, it would be centered around explaining the power a bit more. There would also be a new story line, seeing as an entire sequel can't be made off of one explaination. Midnight (the baby Fury for those of you with foggy memories) would have a larger part in the sequel, but our favorite Night Fury couple would still be the stars. The sequel would simply be added to this story instead of creating an entire new story.

To end my notice, I simply want to ask any readers to review and let me know if you would be up for a sequel.

Thank you(: