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It was an unusually nice day in Forks; the sky was slightly overcast, just barely providing the Cullens with enough cover to be roaming outdoors. Under normal circumstances, in weather conditions like these, the Cullens would find themselves inside their home. Even if the sun was blocked out at the moment by the thin layer of clouds, the risk of a ray of sunlight breaking through, hitting their skin and refracting as it usually did was too great. No one wanted to re-locate because they were taking a chance on the weather.

At the moment, however, the risk of exposure was not four of the Cullen's main concern. There were currently four vampires in a forest clearing a few miles from Bella's house. Alice closed her eyes and inhaled as a breeze blew across the clearing she and two of her brothers were in. The breeze brought with it a mouth watering scent, Bella's scent.

Bella was currently taking a walk through the forest about two miles away, but her blood was so potent that her scent was easily carried by the wind. As Alice took in Bella's scent she got the overwhelming urge to run towards the girl, and drink the sweet blood that flowed through the humans veins. A loud growl broke her chain of thought before she had a chance to act, and she was brought back to the reason she and her brothers were here in the first place.

Jasper and Emmet were both holding onto a male vampire's arm, impeding him from fighting. Though there was the occasional biting, he didn't cause any harm.

"Alice!" Alice's eyes snapped from the male to Jasper's darkened glare. "Don't just stand there!"

Alice noticed that Jasper was not breathing; he had also smelled Bella's scent and was surely struggling more than Alice to stay in the clearing. Alice stepped towards the vampire who snapped his teeth at her.

The guy's name was James; he had very politely introduced himself and his two companions about a month ago. Alice looked into the vampire's eyes and thought back to the day when this whole ordeal had begun, the day James had decided to drink Bella's blood.

"Hey Alice, do you have any clue where Edward is?" Emmet asked Alice, who was sitting in the living room watching Emmet's game with mild interest.

Alice shrugged her shoulders at him in response.

"What kind of psychic are you then?" Emmet asked and then laughed when Alice stuck her tongue out at him.

"The kind that should be trying to figure out how many vampires are feeding off humans in Seattle," Rosalie said as she walked in and sat next to Alice and asked "Any luck?"

Alice closed her eyes and frowned. "No, they are on the move though, in a forest." As Alice said this she tried to think of why she could not see who was responsible for the deaths, all she saw was a dark shadow making its way around; the owner of the shadow was never seen in her visions.

Alice tried to figure out where it was the killer was heading, but it seemed that whoever it was did not have their destination in mind, which meant, Alice could not see where they would go.

A buzzing noise made everyone turn their heads to Alice's pocket, where her phone was ringing.

Alice took out her phone, and was surprised to see that Bella was calling her. Alice had become friends with the human girl, but they hardly ever talked on the phone.

"Hello," Alice talked with the phone an inch away from her ear, not knowing what to expect from Bella.

"Hey! Guess what happened to me today." Alice understood that it was more a statement than a question. To Alice it seemed Bella seemed a bit confused.

Alice looked at her three present siblings, asking them silently to give her privacy, but none of them moved. When Alice tried to leave the living room, they blocked her, in the end she had to stand next to Jasper, who had an odd look on his face.

"What happened to you today Bella," Alice asked, "Besides the fact that you told me you were going shopping, and didn't take me with you?"

Alice was trying to have her conversation as if she didn't have three pairs of eyes glued to her, but she was being distracted by Emmet snickering. It didn't help that Rosalie and Jasper were exchanging looks.

"That's because you tried to buy me half the store last time," Bella answered. Alice smiled, the girl was not exaggerating, Alice had tried to buy her half the store. "I'm sorry for not taking you, but there was no way was I going to go through that again."

Alice laughed. "Fine, what happened that has you calling me so miraculously?"

"This cute guy came up to me," Alice felt an odd burn in her chest after Bella said this.

As soon as she felt this Emmet and Rosalie snickered, when she turned to Jasper he looked away. But Alice thought she saw him smiling.

"Oh really," Alice said, annoyed that the feeling would not go away "That's pretty cool."

"A bit," Bella laughed nervously, which made Alice wonder why she was telling her this. Bella was not the type of girl who talked much about much outside of school.

Maybe this guy spooked her. Alice thought.

"He was a few years older than me, really cute but he wore weird contacts," Bella said this quietly; clearly something about the guy had scared her. Suddenly the odd feeling in Alice's chest was replaced by anger. Again, her siblings laughed, Alice ignored them.

"I almost thought he was related to you guys by how pale he was," Everyone stopped laughing and Alice's eyes grew wide.

"Yeah?" Alice's voice shook as she asked the next question, "And what color were those creepy contacts?"

"I said weird not creepy; they were a really bright crimson red. I almost thought they were real." Bella said, laughing a little.

Alice didn't she could be more afraid for Bella, until she heard the words that came out of her mouth next.

"He was really sweet; he complimented me on my perfume. It was odd because I wasn't wearing any. Then he said 'Bye, I'll see you around.'"

Alice quickly ended the call with Bella without being to rude. After she hung up she stared at Jasper, who was trying to calm her down. Before she could say anything she was hit with a vision of Edward.

Edward was sitting in his meadow, staring at the sky, when suddenly he stood up and positioned himself to attack. Three figures could be seen moving amongst the trees, walking towards Edward at human pace.

The first one to show himself was a blonde, he was about to introduce himself when Edward spoke. "James"

James was surprised Edward knew his name, until Edward explained he read minds.

"I see," James said, "Then you know what I'm here for."

Edward nodded. "You want permission to hunt a human? Why?"

"Because you have permanent residence in Forks, which is where the human lives."

Edward stared at James. "You're the one who have been killing the humans in Seattle."

James nodded "We were just passing through, we were about to leave when I came across an exquisite scent," James said. "We followed it here, found where she lives, and then found your scent there so we followed it to you."

"You've met her," Edward asked.

James nodded and pictured the girl in his mind. Edward growled, seeing who he was after.

"She is off limits! Leave now!" Edward crouched preparing to attack James, who was staring at Edward with a glint in his eyes.

"I like a challenge," James said before he and his two companions lunged at Edward"

"What did you see Alice," Jasper asked as Alice as she came out of her vision and ran out the house, her siblings followed after her.

"We have to go to Edward, I'll explain on the way."

Alice had gotten to Edward in time for him not to be attacked, but Edward had declared Bella off limits to the trio. The problem was the guy was a tracker, and had then begun stalking Bella, trying to get her alone.

Since then the Cullens had been protecting Bella, without Bella knowing anything of course. Today Alice had finally received a concrete vision of the trio's whereabouts and recruited Emmet, Jasper and Rosalie to stop them from getting to Bella. At the moment Rosalie was chasing the other two toward wolf territory; in hope the wolves would kill them.

"Alice! Don't just stare at him!" This time it was Emmet yelling at her to act.

It was unusual for her to be so hesitant, especially since killing James would ensure Bella's safety, but she had the most primal urge to run away from him. It was a feeling at the pit of her stomach and a nagging voice in her head that would not stop screaming to run away.

Finally Alice moved her hands towards James's neck, and she flinched when he growled and snapped at her fingers. Her hands trembled as they took hold of his neck. Her fingers not large enough to wrap around it, but they didn't have to be .Alice's nails dug into his hard flesh and tore the surface of his skin. James let out an earsplitting roar and even through that Alice could hear his flesh tearing apart. The snap of his neck echoed in her head as his roars died down. She threw the head to the side and turned away as her brothers began tearing the rest of the body to pieces before lighting it on fire.

"Alice, what was all that about?" Jasper asked in a quiet voice as he eyed Alice's shaking hands.

Alice simply turned away, not even knowing how to explain to herself the fact that her hands were still trembling.

"So, how is Rose?" Emmet asked Alice as he searched the trees for any sign of Rosalie.

Alice closed her eyes and waited for a vision to come to her.

"She's on her way back." Alice said as she frowned.

"What's wrong," Emmet asked.

"She looks mad." Alice said as she opened her eyes and turned to where Rosalie would be appearing in a few seconds.

Instantly Emmet's worried expression turned to fear. Rosalie was not easy to deal with when she was angry.

"You're fucking right I'm mad," Rosalie practically yelled as she jumped off a tree.

She stared in disgust at James' burning body as she made her way next to Emmet.

"Rose, you know this was necessary to protect Bella, and who knows how many other humans."

Rosalie glared at Jasper, who stopped talking. Instead he began climbing a tree, knowing Rosalie's glare was following him.

"I don't care about that," Rosalie said as she let out a slow breath, she was staring at James' now burnt remains.

Everyone stared at Rosalie shocked, even Rosalie could not be so heartless.

"She ran into wolf territory before I even got one swing in."

Rosalie's tone was cold, but her eyes began softening as she looked everyone over.

"Well I can see their smoke so the problem is eliminated," Jasper spoke down to them from on top of a tree.

Rosalie turned to Alice and asked, "So how is she then?"

She sounded annoyed, but Alice saw the feelings that flashed through Rosalie's eyes.

Alice smiled as she closed her eyes and looked for a vision of Bella.

She saw the human girl making her way back home and stumbling through the forest, but not falling. Finally she walked out of the forest, but as Bella got a glimpse of her house she stumbled on a fallen log and fell forward. That's when Alice's vision went black.

The smiles faded from everyone's lips as they saw Alice's expression change.

Without a word to her siblings Alice took off to Bella's house.

The only reason a person's future would disappear was if they were going to die.

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