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Bella sat quietly, trying hard to block out everything that was going on around her. Her head felt as if it was on fire and it didn't help that she was in a rowdy airplane sitting next to a werewolf.

Fuck,a werewolf. My friend is a fucking werewolf.

She looked up at Jake, he seemed to be looking anywhere but at her and Bella did not like that.

It annoyed her.

"I didn't say bye to Alice," Bella whispered, surprised at how raspy her voice sounded, "I didn't say bye to anyone."

"You'll be back as soon as you're better," Jake said, staring straight ahead.

"How do you know I'll get better?"

Bella's tone was harsh, she hadn't meant it to be that way and she sunk back into her seat in shame.

Bella watched Jake sigh and run a hand through his hair.

She was being unfair with him; it was not his fault this had happened to her.

"Is your head feeling any better?" Jake whispered.

Bella shook her head and a frown appeared on his lips.

"Are you still having, the," Jake sighed and covered his face; Bella thought she heard him sob.

"Yeah, sensory overload," Bella said as she readjusted the shades she had on and tried hard not to take deep breaths.

"I should probably sit somewhere else," Jake said, as he looked around and began standing.

"No!" Bella yelled, making people turn their heads towards her. She received a few disapproving looks, but Bella ignored them.

"I don't want to sit next to a stranger if I freak out."

Jake sat down and asked, "Do you think you're going to freak out?"

Bella shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know if I will be ok with the sound of the engines."

Jake nodded and reached in his pocket and took out earplugs, "This might help. I'm not sure they will," He said and looked at them with doubt

Bella took them and put them in her ear, the voices from the other sided of the plane sounded like hushed whispers to her, but she could still hear Jake as he talked next to her.

"Any good," He asked.

Bella nodded, "A little better, thanks."

She was lying, the plugs quieted the voices in the plane, but the engines would be hard to block.

Bella leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes trying hard to ignore everything. The reality of the situation was that Jake stunk. And although she wished she could get rid of whatever it was that was making him smell so bad, having him next to her covered up the alluring scents that filled the airplane. The smells that had her mouth watering in hunger and her stomach twisting in revulsion.

She sighed, it came out as a choked sob.

A few people turned to look at her, but she stared down at her feet, she would stare at them the whole way, all the way home.

She would be going back to Phoenix, Renee was not home, not yet, but she would be there in a month. Charlie trusted her and Jacob enough to be in a house together alone. That and the fact that it was the doctor's order that Bella return to Phoenix immediately.

Bella was not sure how much that would help. Carlisle had said the climate change would be good, but she had heard Jacob objection on the matter.

It seemed that Jake doubted the doctor's logic, Bella did also, it seemed like total bullshit, leave to a hot ass city to help the fever go down? Help the headaches go away, make the damn burning feeling disappear?

Charlie had not been particularly happy about it, but the doctor said it had to be done.

Bella had heard Jake mumble something about ulterior motives and she wondered what he had been referring to.

What ulterior motives could Carlisle possibly have for sending her away?

Bella thought about Alice, her best friend.

Were they still friends?

Bella sank back into her seat and turned to Jake.

Jake had agreed to go on the trip because according to him, he was tired of all the blood-sucking leeches.

Bella knew she hadn't been meant to catch that phrase when he had said it, but whatever that girl had pumped into her blood when she was bit was messing with her.

"You're going to explain everything when we get to my house Jake," Bella whispered.

She heard Jake shift in his seat nervously, "I'll explain what I can. I'm not exactly the authority on this."

Bella huffed at him but otherwise remained silent, people were staring at her funny.

A few minutes after the plane took off Bella fell asleep.

The ache in her head spreading to her body.

Bella woke up to the sound of eggs frying, which she found odd because she was sure she was supposed to be on a plane.

Bella opened her eyes and realized she was in her bedroom back in Phoenix.

She got up and walked into the kitchen.

Jake was standing in front of the stove making breakfast.

When he saw Bella, he dropped what he was doing.

"Ow!" Jake screamed when the pan hit his toe.

The egg he'd been frying landed on the floor, sliding on the tile.

Bella laughed at the sight, and helped him clean up.

"You feeling ok?" Jake said as he looked Bella over.

Bella nodded, there was a slight sting in her head, but otherwise she felt fine.

"You slept for two days straight," Jake said, and looked at Bella. He was expecting her to look like a vampire, he wasn't exactly sure how a human was turned, but Bella still looked human, and that relieved him.

"I think it did me good, I feel fine, no sensory overload," Bella said, serving herself some of the breakfast Jake had made.

"Yeah well, you should have seen some of the looks I was getting when I carried you off the plane."

Bella laughed and shook her head.

She sat down and motioned him to do the same, "So tell me what I need to know."

Jake bit the inside of his cheek, "Well ask what you want to know."

"You are really a werewolf?"

Jake shrugged his shoulders, "In our legends we are shape shifters, it's just that, you know, we happen to change into wolves."

Bella sighed, "So then, when you said I was bitten by a vampire… I was really bitten by a vampire."

Jake nodded.

"Am I going to turn into one too? Or am I one already?"

Bella looked herself over, she didn't really feel any different. Maybe a little lighter on her feet, she thought she seemed slightly paler than she remembered, but she was relieved that she wasn't craving blood.

"I don't think so, Leah sucked the venom out of you. What she could before the wound sealed anyways."

"Leah's a wolf too," Bella said and ran a hand through her hair.

Jake nodded.

"Who else is a wolf…shape shifter, thing?" Bella said.

She rubbed her eyes lightly, for some reason everything seemed to be screaming, 'I'm here! Look at me!' Like if every object in her house had decided to suddenly show off every detail about itself. Bella rubbed her eyes harder and she was pleased when everything looked normal. As normal as anything Renee owned could be.

Jake named every one that had changed into a wolf, and explained there might be a few more coming. Two more boys from the reservation were showing signs of changing.

"Why were they after me? The girl, I never even met her."

Jake sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He didn't want to lie to Bella, but telling her the whole truth was not an option,.

"Two vampires were killed a little over a month ago. A red haired leech got away from us."

Jake turned to Bella who was listening intently.

"One of the vampires killed was her mate."

"Why is she after me though?" Bella asked.

"The other two were killed because they wanted you. Your blood was apparently," Jake paused, wondering if Bella would be able to take all this in, she didn't look like it was phasing her, "Apparently your blood smells very appetizing to them."

Bella cringed at the thought of blood being appetizing. It smelled like copper to her.

Her thoughts momentarily shifted to the airplane ride, the tantalizing smell.

Her stomach twisted at the thought of what it could mean.

She sat quietly, remembering the events that happened a few days ago. She tried to remember as many details as she could about the vampires that had attacked her. All she remembered were the red eyes. Other than that she had never seen them, when would they have smelled her blood? Suddenly Bella sat up.

Jake watched her, wondering if everything was finally sinking in, Bella was acting too calm to be normal.

"There was a blonde man, with red eyes in Seattle. Said something about my perfume, even though I wasn't wearing one. He was a vampire."

Jake frowned, he didn't think Bella had come that close to a vampire. He nodded, and watched as Bella's hands started shaking, before she finally broke out in tears. Jake walked over to her, and put his arm around her.

He thought she would push him away, but she put her arms around him and clung to him tightly.


Leah hummed lightly as Alice ran her hands up and down her sides.

"What are you thinking about?"

Leah sighed and hugged Alice closer to her.

"That it's nice having you around here. I like it."

Alice grinned, "Well I would hope my girlfriend likes having me around."

Leah looked down at Alice.

Amber eyes stared back at her.

Warmth spread through Leah's chest as she heard Alice calling her her girlfriend.

Yes, she knew that they weren't who they wanted for each other, she knew their heart belonged to someone else and always would, but it didn't take away from the very real feelings they had for each other, at least, it didn't change the feelings Leah had for Alice.

She knew Alice probably didn't like her as much as she said she did, she knew that to her this was probably a parch, a band-aid for the open wound she had inflicted on her by Edward.

Leah was in a position to cover that wound, if she was being a little selfish in the process then so be it, she deserved happiness.

The sound of a boat broke her away from her thoughts and Leah turned to the water, where Sam was arriving from an island out at sea.

"Why do the wolves go out to that Island every day?"

Alice looked from Sam to Leah, they were having some sort of silent communication, finally Leah sighed when Sam nodded towards the boat.

Leah stood and stretched, "It's nothing."

Leah stared out to the island, she was happy with Alice in her arms, it made her feel good and at peace, but she knew her happiness was elsewhere, her wolf knew…her happiness was not with this vampire.

Alice raised an eyebrow at the girl, but shrugged her shoulders, and stared out to the island, curiosity eating her up.

"So," Leah held out her hand and grinned as Alice took it, "I have a surprise for you today."

Alice grinned.

One of her favorite things about Leah and living with the wolves were the constant surprises they had for her.

Seth in particular had taken to hunting with her, and gifting her with small carvings and artifacts he made himself. He said he liked knowing what kind of stuff a girl liked, so that he would know how to impress his mate.

Seth talked about imprinting a lot, he always said that it was a strange thing knowing when others in the pack imprinting, that a few of them had been disgusted by another's imprint.

Alice thought he was talking about the boy who imprinted on a toddler, but Seth never went into details.

He just said, that in the end the imprint is the one you're meant to be with. He would wait for his imprint patiently, unlike some of the other boys who pursued relationships with girls who would only end up hurt, because an imprint happens in an instant, and all thoughts of the other girl would disappear.

For Seth no amount of wait was too long for his soul mate.

Alice began walking besides Leah and smiled, "You will tell me when you imprint right?"

Alice didn't miss the spike in Leah's heart rate, or the stiffness of her back and she looked up to the taller girl, who looked down at her with sorrow in her eyes.

Alice was about to ask what was wrong when someone jumped on her, and covered her eyes with his hands.

"You were supposed to cover her eyes!"

It took a lot of control for Alice not to attack Seth for jumping at her like that, but she managed to tame her beast and simply growled out a warning to the boy, who merely chuckled in her ear.

"Sorry, but it's supposed to be a surprise, we worked too hard."

Alice huffed but otherwise said nothing to the youngest of the wolves.

"Ok, so then walk with me."

"Not like I have a choice," Alice muttered as she went where Seth told her to.

She wanted Leah's hand in hers, but the girl had moved away and Alice wondered what had happened.

"Ok, there's a step here."

Alice frowned, there were no building this far out in the woods.

"And, alright keep your eyes closed ok?"

Alice nodded as Seth slowly removed his hands from her eyes.

She heard him run forward, and his heartbeat joined others in the room.

Alice inhaled to try and see who was here and her eyes shot open as a cinnamon like smell reached her.

In front of her stood Esme, a smile on her face and unshed tears in her eyes.

Alice threw her arms around her mother and sobbed silently into the woman's neck. Seconds later she felt three more pairs of arms around her and Alice smiled, before pulling away and hugging each person on their own.

The last person she hugged was Rosalie, who held on to her tightly and for a long time, it was Leah's growl that made Alice let go and she looked towards the girl with smirk on her face.

Emmett looked between Leah and Alice and turned to Jasper, "Pay up man."

Jasper took out his wallet, Alice didn't even want to know what it was about and instead turned to the pack. Everyone but Paul was present, not that that mattered, Paul was a bit of an ass.

"What is this?"

Alice looked around, they were in a cabin, one that she did not remember being here.

"Well, not to kick you out of our house," Seth snickered, "But mum thought it best if you weren't staying at our place, cause, well….some of her friends are kinda scared of you."

"That and I thought it would be good for you to have your own place, you know?"

Alice smiled at Leah, who was glaring at Rosalie's hands, which were still holding Alice.

"We got a hold of your brother at school, and then the rest of your family pitched in. Between them and us we finished this quickly, and your mum and sister decorated the place."

"And, for the grand opening we planned a little party for which your mum cooked all the food," Seth grinned as he looked behind him, where Alice noticed a table, big enough to sit all of them, full of food.

"So let's get this started then!" Emmett grinned as he connected his I-Pod to some speakers, making the room fill with music.

To Alice's delight, instead of going towards the food first, the wolves actually began talking to her family. With Sam's imprint talking to Esme about recipes.

Alice was going to go to Leah, but Rosalie pulled her away and outside.

"What are you doing?"

The fact that she was whispering did not hide the fact that Rosalie was pissed.

"What do you mean?" Alice stepped away from Rosalie, and looked over her shoulder knowing Leah was probably listening.

"You're with the wolf!"

Alice turned to Rosalie and nodded, "So?"

Rosalie growled, "So, we have been busting our asses trying to make Carlisle see that Edward has his head up his ass and he doesn't love Bella, and here you are with a fucking dog!"

A low growl made Rosalie look up. She saw Leah coming out of the cabin and prepared herself for an attack, but Leah only walked up to Alice, and hugged her from behind.

Rosalie saw Alice's body relax as she leaned into Leah and a smile appeared on her face. She looked to Leah, who's attention was focused on Alice.

"Esme wanted to talk to you," Rosalie was about to move towards the cabin when Leah continued, "Alice."

Alice looked up at the girl, and then to Rosalie before nodding once.

Rosalie watched Leah and growled.

"What are you playing at here?"

Leah raised an eyebrow at Rosalie, "What are you talking about?"

Rosalie's growl deepened, "I know what Edward told Alice, and I know what they're saying at school."

"And what does that have to do with Alice and me?"

Rosalie's eyes narrowed and she stepped closer to Leah, "Do you think for a second that I am going to believe Edward's story?"

Leah tried to step back but Rosalie just stepped forward.

"I asked around, Bella was hurt in La Push, and for whatever reason was sent away to heal."

"What's your point? That was your father's idea not ours, and if he didn't tell you, you'll have to ask him what he's hiding."

Rosalie stepped back, shocked.

"He's the one that treated her?"

"You didn't know that?"

Rosalie shook her head, "No, but that doesn't matter, and that doesn't make what you're doing any better."

"What am I doing!" Leah shouted.

Rosalie stepped up to Leah and glared, "You are letting her think Bella hates her, when you KNOW she left because of the animal attack."

Leah shoulders slumped and her face fell, "You don't understand…"

Rosalie shook her head, "I can understand. I can SEE that you care for her, and that she cares for you, but I'm her sister, and I LOVE HER in a way you never will, and I KNOW HER in a way you never will, so I can see, that she is hurt, I see that she is broken inside, because although she can live in a world where Bella doesn't LOVE her, she can't live in a world where Bella hates her. You are letting her believe that, you're relationship only exists because she believes that."

A pained whimper escaped Leah's lips.


Rosalie looked at Alice, expecting some sort of backlash from the small girl, but instead she saw some of that hole filled.

It wasn't exactly the way she wanted to tell Alice that Bella didn't hate her, but seeing a bit of a spark in the small girl made her happy.

"I guess I'll leave you two to talk."

Rosalie walked towards the cabin, turning once to talk to Leah. "Don't you dare hurt her."

Leah looked at the blonde as she walked away, and then to Alice, whose eyes were a dark brown, and darkening by the second.

"Why Leah?"

Alice's voice shook with a sadness that came deep from her heart, it was deep with anger that was rising in her chest, her hands shook, she didn't know what to do with them. Strangle the girl that she had given a part of herself to, the girl that had lied. Or pull her own hair out at being so stupid as to not see her brother's lie.