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He was back.

Who would have thought that one night with Bones would be enough? That she would be as good as the slayer was many years ago?

Angelus was standing on the roof of the Jeffersonian Institute, feeling the cold laugh building in him. When it finally came out it was like the devil himself was there, inside him. If only she could see him right now. But she couldn't, could she? Chained to the wall in his apartment, she was waiting for the unaviodable. And as a person, who made him more human than he really was, she was going to bear the consequences, like the slayer was meant to.

Buffy had long been dead, but the cute scientist wasn't and he was going to make her passing very slow, very painful, and for him, very pleasurable.

Oh yeah, Angelus was back. Not very prone to the idea of remembering all these terribly good things Angel/Booth did, he decided to focus on Brennan.

The words that left his mouth did not held their usual warmth, and his brown eyes had a cruel glint in them.

"Watch out, Bones. Here I come."

The price of happiness was high and she was going to pay it.