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Summary: Sequel to Population Zero. Ash is invited to join a Christmas party by Yolei and Kari. And that's when trouble rears an ugly head as he joins the rest of the Digidestined to rid the overload of Digimon worldwide.

Earth: Population Overload

Chapter 1: Reminder & Invitation

A black tower stood over a landscape, trees and grass surrounding... "Blast Rings!" someone shouted. Blast ri- KABOOM! A huge explosion ripped into the tower before it fell. Never mind. Oh, there's another tower not too far from the first.

"Tail Hammer!" another bellowed. Tail...what? BANG! A crash of something and that tower crumbled. What's going on? Not too far from those fallen eyesores, a whole sea of black towers stood erected. Why were there so many-

"V-Laser!" one more yelled. BOOM! Another tower fell.

"Spiking Strike!" another roared. SLASH! That tower spilled.

"Rosetta Stone!" a female chanted. KABANG! One more tower dove in defeat.

"Star Shower!" one more summoned. BA-BA-BANG! Down went one more.

"Okay, Butterfree," another female called. "Air Cutter!" Air Cutter? KABLAM! And one more bit the dust. Finally, the smoke cleared. There was a group of kids with various creatures. There was a brunette young man sporting an Afro entered the room, prompting the creatures to awaken. The young man wore a blue jacket which had a cool flame decal, goggles and light-brown shorts. There was a blond haired boy in a green long sleeve shirt, gray cargo shorts, and an ivory fishing cap. Another was a brunette haired girl in a pink and white striped sleeveless shirt, skinny yellow shorts and full-arm pink gloves. Then there was a lavender-haired girl in a leather helmet and glasses who wore an aviator's outfit. There was another brunette boy who wore a light brown sweatshirt. One more was a violet-haired male who had like a gray jumpsuit on. Well, his wardrobe was just plain gray. Who else was in the scene? There was a giant blue winged creature which had a giant X on its chest. Another was a giant green man/fly mixture of a creature. There was also an orange thoroughbred with golden cuffs on each hoof, and a golden helmet. The gold wings came out of armor that was strapped to the under belly of the majestic beast. One more was a giant red bird with crooked horns sticking from it's white head. There was also an illuminating white sphinx-like creature with the angel wings on her back. That had a similar head dress, a human-like face and cat-like paws. One more was a giant yellow spike-shelled creature with a mace ball on the tail. Oh, yeah, nearly forgot a bluish butterfly-type creature. The group was in celebration after taking out some of those towers. As the celebration continued, the bigger brunette noticed that the violet-haired member was a yard away from the rest.

"Ken, what's up?" the brunette called as he ran with a much smaller blue imp. Ken, who had a green worm by his side, began to pull green cards from his pocket. The brunette spotted the cards, thinking it was something special. "Hey, whatcha got there?" Ken was fidgeting badly. Wait...those cards have bell stickers. To the brunette, it appeared to be invitations to a special party. "Hey, guys! Ken's got something for us!" The rest, including an orange winged piglet, a yellow armadillo, a smaller red bird with a feather attached by a black belt and a white cat with claw gauntlets got intrigued to see what Ken brought with him.

'Thanks a lot, Davis,' muttered Ken in thought. The rest surrounded Ken, wondering what he had to offer. If Ken wasn't nervous before, he sure was now. "I, uh...request that you can...uh, attend a holiday celebration at...uh, my home and..."

"Say no more, Ken," the blond happily agreed without a second thought. "You're having a Christmas party. Of course, we'll join your bash." Ken couldn't be happier. The girls were excited about this party.

"Hey, Ken?" the imp wondered. "Can we come?" Ken chuckled at the request of such a small creature.

"Of course, Veemon," he allowed. Everyone laughed, accepting the invite. That's when the lavender-haired female thought hard, catching Davis' attention.

"Yolei, you're thinking pretty deeply," he noticed. Yolei snapped out of her deep thought and turned to Davis.

"I was thinking about an extra invite," she explained. "Of course, I wonder if he has time right now?" Not one had an idea on what she was trying to say...except the brunette female.

"What makes you think he's back at Pallet Town?" she argued, not sure if whoever the extra was would come by. Ken was more baffled with that detail. He was the only one. Davis was getting a tad steamed with who Yolei elected.

"I don't think so, Yolei!" he barked. "Knowing how close he came to Kari, I'd throw away that invitation on the spot!" Ken was still clouded with who Davis, Kari and Yolei were arguing about.

"What's this all about?" Ken interrupted. Realizing the confusion on Ken's mind, the brunette female, joined by the cat and butterfly, dragged Ken a short distance away. Backlash had Davis spotting the pair and getting upset.

"Ken, you get back here with Kari, this instant!" Yolei, shut him up. BONG! Yolei smacked Davis with an overhead punch to the crown. Thank you!

"Davis!" she snapped. Okay, back to where Ken and Kari were.

"Who were you guys meaning?" he asked again. Kari was ready to talk.

"You see, there was someone Yolei and I got to know pretty close," she hinted. Pretty close? "There's that cave which connects the DigiWorld with a world where Butterfree came from." Was that the butterfly?

"It's also where I met and tickled Kari, not to mention use String Shot on Ash and wrap him in a cocoon," the butterfly admitted in a squeaky light tone. Ash?

"Who, now?" Ken blankly questioned. Kari breathed and was ready to continue.

"Last I saw him, he was traveling through his region," she proceeded. "He's competing in the Battle Frontier and I'm not sure he's back home yet. He's a real nice guy. Of course, that comparing him to Davis." Like not getting angry at who came around? Ken thought inviting this guy wasn't a bad thought.

"He sounds like a peaceful young man. Why not we pay him a visit and see if likes to come with?" Not a bad idea. Kari agreed and both returned to the group but mainly Yolei. The other boys were wondering what Ken and Kari were doing away for that moment and why they crowded Yolei. Kari and Ken discussed heading to the area with Yolei who seemed really excited.

"I knew you'd guys see things my way," she huffed a glee. "Let's get going." Plans were set. Kari looked toward the males, wanting to advise them of their next voyage.

"Davis, TK, Cody, we'll be back," she mentioned. "We're running an errand out." Already, Davis realized that the three were going to see Ash. He wasn't about to excuse the three so fast.

"Oh no you don't!" he growled. Yolei was getting pretty flustered by Davis' denial. "You're not bringing Ash over here and that's that!" The more Davis denied allowance, the more heated Yolei burned...until a brainstorm.

"Are you afraid that Jun would go after Ash?" she pondered. "She does like cute boys like Tai and Matt." It never dawned on Davis that maybe his sister may have him. Then again, who knew, other than Yolei that Davis had a sister? "That way, Ash would be too distracted to go after Kari." That was her game plan? Tease Davis? Davis thought about the possibility of Yolei's theory and the opening that was left.

"I don't know. She does go after the cute ones...but more or less older than her. I'd think he'd be a better match for either Sora or Mimi." More women, more offers...whoever Ash was, he's got a lot of women in Davis' mind.

"I think you're still upset about when his town was empty and you wanted to send Yolei over to side with Kari and have Ash tease you about letting yourself not go after her yourself," the blond remembered. Davis gasped. What kind of detail was this? Yolei laughed at the retort.

"I remembered that, TK," she scoffed. "Davis saying, 'See? This guy's no idiot. He's safe in our hands.' Ash then going, 'And on the other hand, it'll at least keep Davis away from Kari.' You opened yourself up for that one-liner." That was some good acting on Yolei's part. Davis fluttered out a heavy sigh, not appreciating the moment. "We'll be back." On that, Ken, Kari and Yolei ran off, ditching the other men...and an angered Davis ready to go on the warpath. An hour passed when the three arrived at a cavern. Was this the link to their destination.

"It's been a while since being through that hole," the bird beaked. "I bet Ash had forgotten all about us." Yolei hoped not.

"Don't be so melodramatic, Hawkmon. He'll still remember you and Gatomon." From the name, Gatomon had to be the cat, right? The group, including the cat, worm and butterfly entered...and exited out the other side. It was the same sunny atmosphere as back where they were. The group got to their feet with Yolei dramatically changing, outfit wise. She was wearing a blue bandanna, a magenta button-down t-shirt over a blue blouse and a magenta long skirt.

"It's great to be back here, right, Butterfree?" Kari smiled at her butterfly.

("It is,") Butterfree...squeaked? Wait...it was able to talk like the rest before entering the cave. Why did it change so fast? Ken looked over to a wooden sign a few feet away.


This had to be what Yolei spoke about...and the town was lively. No one's missing, right? "So, this is where that Ash-fellow is?" the worm wondered. Well, the worm was okay with it's speaking...if you could consider it normal.

"Let's head into town," Yolei suggested. Why not? The group walked into the town limits...and look, another brunette female. Well, she was more of a grown woman, more grown than Yolei. No offense to her. At a white house, the brunette in a straw hat, pink blouse and jeans was working on a garden full of vegetables with what appeared to be a clown. It seriously looked like a clown.

"Delia!" Kari called out. The new brunette heard the calling, peering up and seeing the kids come by. Needless to say how happy she was to see the group.

"Kari, Yolei, how are you doing?" she greeted with glee. "Did you come by to visit Ash?" Whoa...anyone say sharp as a tack?

"Yeah, pretty much," Yolei stuttered a bit. Delia stood up and noticed Ken and the worm. Yolei chose to introduce. "Delia, this is Ken Ichijoji, a good friend from our world and his Digimon, Wormmon." Ken rose a hand and Delia shook it, a good sign that they may get along well.

"It's nice to meet you, Kenneth."

"It's a pleasure, De-" Ken stopped before. "Mrs. Ketchum." Delia didn't mind that little hiccup. Not one bit.

"Ash should be back soon. He hopped on over to Prof. Oak's lab. He does that when he returns from an adventure." So Ash was home. Sweet. Remembering that he was on that trip around to compete in the Battle Frontier.

"How did he do?" Yolei wondered. What's the news? Delia presented a plaque with seven gold coins with different symbols on each. Kari remembered something from a previous time.

"He beat 'em all," she cheered. "I knew he could do it." Not bad, Ash.

"He did say Pyramid Brain Brandon was a pain but he persevered and won," Delia explained. "He was offered to run his own Frontier stadium but knowing my son, he decided to move on and try a different region. He has such restless energy." Never in one place for a long time.

"Apparently." The girls shared a resounding chuckle.

("Kari!") a mouse called. ("Yolei!") Someone knew who was there. The group turned to a raven-haired male with a blue sweat-tee on along with jeans. Not to mention his yellow lightning-shaped tailed mouse hanging on his shoulder.

"Mom, you never told me you had a party for my completing the Battle Frontier," he gawked. Kari and Yolei were surprised to see...

"Ash!" they cheered and ran over to the other male. Ash was excited to see the girls once more. Yolei even had the urge to give the raven-haired a suffocating bear hug.

"Yolei, Kari, this is sudden." Any harder and Ash's ribs would crack. "Nice...to see you too." And he would've had a harder time breathing.

"Yolei, don't knock him out again," Kari complained, allowing Yolei to break her grip. She was wanting to hold Ash for quite a while. And she got to.

"What's up? Why are you stopping by?" Someone break the ice.

"Well, we're having a party with the rest of the Digidestined and I thought you should be brought up as well," Yolei detailed. "It's a Christmas party. I thought it would be nice to hear of your adventures since the beginning." Nice adding. Ash slapped his head in shear lack. Did he know Christmas was around the corner?

"I've been so busy with my Pokémon, I lost track of time." Short answer: no. "If I knew, I would've picked up something for mom or Prof. Oak. It also doesn't help that it hardly snows in Pallet." The girls giggled, understanding Ash's frustration.

"Ash, it's just like you to lapse like that," the cat meowed. All Ash could do was scratch the back of his neck.

"Come on, Gatomon. I'm not that bad." He's a busy boy. That's when Ken stepped forward, ready to introduce himself.

"So, you're Ash," he voiced as he stuck a hand out. Ash remembered something about Ken. He seemed to be okay.

"You must be Ken. Hey." Both shook hands. This was good.

"Look, sorry about before. Something inside me took over my mind and-"

"It's alright. We don't need to worry about it." Really good. Delia couldn't help but smile. Finally, Ash turned to his buddy. "So, Pikachu, what do you say? Stop over and see the others?" Pikachu wasn't about to skip a moment of seeing the DigiWorld.

"Who knows," Kari spoke up. "You can also go shopping for everyone. There are shopping districts in Odaiba you can skip around." A perfect addition. Ash was more than ready to go and see the rest.

"How soon will you be back, Ash?" Delia wondered. Ash was ready to go and check out a new region. It can wait.

"Probably tomorrow," Ash guessed. "Sinnoh can wait." Probably he says. Knowing him, trouble was around the corner. Delia wanted to keep Ash here. He was her child. However, he seemed to be promising a gift for Christmas.

"Okay, have a good time." With that notion, the group took off, ready to join the rest of the Digidestined. This should be an easy case. No trouble, right?