Chapter 10/Final: Go & Go

The celebration was on. MaloMyotismon was destroyed. Ash, Liza, Clair and the Global Digidestined were finally enjoying the aftermath. The Global Digidestined, stretching from New York to Moscow to Sydney, finally confronted each other and in better respect than some of their parents' friends, have acknowledged peace in the Pokémon World on Mt. Quena. Some of the kids finally had a chance to introduce themselves to Ash. One blond girl gave Ash a kiss on each cheek. Although Ash began to blush, the blond didn't do it out of affection. "Do not be so bashful," the girl teased with a French accent. "That is how the French greet each other." Liza and Clair didn't show jealousy and after that explanation, they chuckled a bit. It had taken a moment for Ash to get her action.

"You mean like this?" he guessed as he did a pair on her cheeks.

"Oui. Très bien." For those who never had a French class (yet), her reply was "yes. Very good." That's when Maria came forward, wanting to feel Ash's lips on her flesh.

"Hey, don't I get a kiss, too?" she whined. "I did help you with Cherrymon back at the Rockefeller Center." She did. Ash didn't forget that.

"Okay!" he surrendered before giving her a good pair on her cheeks. Watching this and with Pikachu on his shoulder, Davis wanted to give a tease at Ash.

"Take it easy, ladies," he huffed while holding back a snicker or two. "You might turn Ash into a kiss-aholic." Good one, even Pikachu was laughing at that tease. Maria was not really satisfied with the twin pecks.

"Aw, I was hoping for more of, oh...I don't know..." That's when she really gave Ash one to remember and it wasn't small beaks to the cheek. How about a big, wet one on the lips? Ash just got some tasty American.

"Non, non, non, non, non!" the French blond scolded. "That is not the proper greeting!"

"Hey, he didn't help you with Digimon, did he? So, why do you get the honors of kissing him?" Ouch! The blond girl relented on the approach, sighing in defeat. Suddenly, the group looked where Pokémon gathered around the once-seeded kids. The kids were mystified about why these creatures would frolic over to them. "Those Pokémon want to know these kids? Why?"

"Je ne sais pas!" It took a moment for Ash to have an idea.

"It makes a rather unusual sense," he spoke. That made Maria and the other girl befuddled.

"Parlez, s'il vous plait!"

"Yeah, what she said." Let's hear him out.

"Well, those are actually clones of Pokémon, created at some mysterious island by using strong Pokémon," he began. "What makes sense that these clones had gone after these kids is the fact that they had clones in themselves. The kids had copies of dark spores in them created by how the fake Yukio manipulate the stories. These Pokémon sense the problems made by the spores and came to console the kids." A clone to a clone? Interesting.

"I never would believe that the clones of Pokémon would be interested in these out world kids," Mewtwo awed. "I guess the drama and fear implanted on these kids brought out the truths of their realities." Come again, Mewtwo? There was a piece of information that Ash held on till now.

"Right, you're a clone of Mew." A clone? That made sense. Suddenly...

"He needs help!" one boy yelled out. The group darted to Yukio. He's still alive? The group dashed over to where Yukio lied. He was gravely wounded. Cody was there, trying to get Yukio to stay awake.

"I...may be breathing my last breaths soon," he groaned in pain. Lou and TK were gathering the medical equipment to help Yukio.

"You need to hold on," Cody gritted. It was a massive wound to suffer from MaloMyotismon. "Please, for my father's sake." It was a tall order that Yukio knew would not help him.

"Cody...I have Hiroki's eyes. When you go back home...give your mother a big hug in his and my name...would you?" Cody couldn't believe the words coming out of Yukio's mouth. Yukio seemed to have accepted his fate.

"No! Don't you still want to see the DigiWorld? Don't you want to have a Digimon to call your own without gimmicks?" For Yukio, it was no longer an option.

"You've done the work, not only for yourself, but for your father and myself. You have Armadillomon. You have friends. I...I have atoned my guilt." That's when he saw Ash. He was no longer hostile due to the wound. "BlackWarGreymon was right about you. You have a reason in being in all three worlds. To unite Pokémon trainers and Digidestined shall become your offer. I know that you can be the overseer to this task." This was a tall offer for Ash. Unions of Pokémon and Digimon. All new adventures that may option with a feat like this. Yukio began to draw his last breaths. "My time has finally come." He was beyond the point of recovery. He closed his eyes.

"No! Don't go!" His body became cold. No more breathing. No pulse. No heartbeats. Lou and TK finally brought the items but they were too late. Kari dove onto Ash as Cody dropped his head onto the still body, sobbing at the loss of a man who saw the light at his dying moments. The Pokémon wailed cries of sadness at Yukio's death. None of the kids couldn't understand why a man like him had to die in such a way. Seeing the passing and what brought Yukio toward the madness, Clair decided on what should be done about the body.

"It would be best to cremate him," she chose. Ash thought about it. This would be the only way to send his ashes which had been tainted with the evils of sadness and tyranny.

"Alright," he replied. Davis, Lou and Liza offered their aid to setup a wooden bed to help with the scorching of the body. Before long, a bed made from trees which were knocked down during the battle was created. Mewtwo used his psychic powers to carry Yukio onto the bed, his arms in an "X" with the hands overlapping the shoulders. For Liza, the burning was time.

"Charla, Charizard, I believe that you don't want to do this," she gulped. "But I want you to use Flamethrower onto the body. He can't feel anymore pain." True, because he's no longer alive. Reluctantly, both dragons didn't want to burn him. However, if it was to burn away the evils which still carried in him, there was no choice. Both fired their Flamethrowers and burned the bed with Yukio. No flinch. No twitch. The kids watched helplessly as Yukio's body was charring.

"He knew my father," Cody teared. "I wish I knew him better." Clair knelt down and hugged the little Digidestined. She figured on the hardship of the youngest one. That's when Davis came by Ash with an idea.

"Hey, no pressure," he tried an early ease tactic. "But we need a motivational speech in order to focus on the task at hand." A motivational speech? On what? Ash needed a moment to come up with what he needed to say. Finally, he bobbed a head and walked to the burning body and bed, facing everyone.

"Boys and girls," he began. "This man did not die in vain. He died of betrayal. While his journey has ended doesn't mean our journeys have as well. What you see is the start of the new journey involving all of you. Most of you have been blessed with Pokémon that want to befriend you. But don't let them be the only ones to support you. You have friends to help you get up when you fall down. Whether you're from New York, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, maybe Blackthorn City or Pallet Town, there will be a friend there to help you. Yukio united all of us together. He's shown all of us that we're not alone. We are a new generation that can bond with the three worlds bonded together. You can be Pokémon trainers. You can be Digidestined." He paused as he realized that the impossible that he believed was now very likely. "Or you can be both. It was never realized until the gateway to the DigiWorld opened up back near Pallet Town. But now is not the time to reflect on the past. I bet we all have a future to look ahead on. And it starts when we leave the mountain." The kids were enthralled with Ash's speech. The Global Digidestined smiled at Ash to praise him for the standup work he performed. The kids, Clair and Liza applauded his talk. The sun was rising after the exhausting day. It was time for the kids to return home. This was a bit of a task.

"Okay, everyone," Imperialdramon called out. "It's time to get you back to your parents!" The kids lined up and prepared to get their rides back home. Imperialdramon loaded as many kids it could before Ash and Pikachu were loaded on as well. As soon as Imperialdramon left, Ken came after Yolei. It appeared as if something was on his mind.

"Yolei..." he called. Yolei turned to Ken's voice, a ponder of what he could be addressing.

"Ken, what's up?" she wondered. Ken began to sweat bullets. He was nervous.

"I...I know we've been through a lot in these past couple of months, being through thick and thin. As much as I don't wanna lose Davis as my DNA partner, I'd hate to lose you even more." It sounded like a proposal. Yolei was on Ken's ploy in a heartbeat.

"You want me to be your girlfriend, don't you?" Ken was a bit caught off-guard. He nervously laughed, trying to man-up. Yolei was caught in a bind. She liked Ash a lot ever since he kissed her. Now Ken's trying to express his love to her. She couldn't have one or the other, could she? Well, Ash didn't confess his love to her but Ken did.

"I realize that Ash has been a grand part of your life. I don't wanna take it away from you or him." This made it harder than before. Did she want the young man who risked life and limb to protect the innocent or the young man who was wiser and athletic? Giving to an impulse, Yolei hugged Ken with a tear trickling down her face.

"Yes. Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." Ken wrapped his arms around, embracing Yolei. Way to go, Ken. Let's get back to the lucked out Ash. The short flight to Pallet Town was only a minute. The Pokémon at Prof. Oak's ranch saw the Digimon and scattered in fear...except for a large blue bear who slept by a tree. Once landed, Ash escorted the kids over to the cave.

"This is where the DigiWorld is?" one boy questioned.

"Yep," Ash replied in a snap. "Through here is the world you wanted to see. But we'll wait until Imperialdramon brings the rest of the kids here." The kids were excited to see the DigiWorld for the first time as Imperialdramon soared back up and out of there.

"Is it alright if we come back here and see more Pokémon?" another boy stoically asked. Seeing Ash smile and hearing a chuckle was a sign that they would like.

"Absolutely. You're free to come back here whenever you want." The boy happily screeched. He sounded like he wanted to return to the Pokémon world after his stint back home. Before long, Imperialdramon returned with the rest of the kids and Global Digidestined. After this unloading, Imperialdramon reverted back to Wormmon and Veemon.

"I gotta tell ya," Veemon exhausted while grasping his head. "I'm just glad that this episode's over." The kids had a good chuckle out of that.

"Don't worry, Veemon," Davis comforted. "Once we get done with all of this, we'll be sleeping easily." No more danger to worry about. He turned to Ash, a great smile on his face. "What can I say than thanks for the aid." A pair of fist pumps collided between Ash and Davis.

"I think that's all that can be said," Ash joked. "So, what about getting the kids home when you go through the DigiWorld? BlackWarGreymon's seal's still active." This was a problem that had presented itself when MaloMyotismon mortally wounded BlackWarGreymon. Tai lofted a laugh, a problem that had a solution.

"We may not be able to access the DigiWorld from Odaiba," Tai agreed at first. "But we can access it from Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Asa, you name it. These kids will be home for the New Year's." Satisfied, Ash felt more comfortable with the loophole that Tai found. "Now all that you need is a ride to Sinnoh, right?" Ash nodded. "I'm sure Yolei and Hawkmon can give you the ride over." He didn't need a ferry. Then again, Yolei seemed like she didn't need Ash.

"Well, I'll let Hawkmon carry him over," she offered. "But I'll be hanging out with Ken for sometime." After that proposal she accepted, the deal was set in stone. Ash was a bit shuttered with the news of Ken and Yolei being an item. Davis had his moment to console him...and ruin his dignity further.

"Oh, well," he smiled. "You can't win 'em all. I thought Yolei would be with you for sometime." At least he tried to be sympathetic.

"Don't worry about me too much," he replied. "All I need to worry about is the Sinnoh League." Davis and Tai believed him.

"Well, on behalf of all the Global Digidestined and Digimon," Tai expressed. "We hope you bring home the title from Sinnoh." Ash shook all the hands of the Digidestined. Kari, Maria and Mimi hugged Ash for the support. Once Hawkmon digivolved to Aquillamon, the Digidestined and the kids entered the cavern and left Pallet Town.

"Well, Ash," Aquillamon called out. "You ready to go?" He's been ready for a while. Now, there was no distraction.

"You bet," Ash answered as he boarded the giant bird. With a few flaps, Aquillamon flew away. Ash and Pikachu sailed off, ready to compete in the new league.

(Months later...)

It had been sometime since the battle on Mt. Quena. The battle against MaloMyotismon. Davis, Kari, Ken, Mimi and Yolei on Imperialdramon crossed the oceans to the Sinnoh Region. Thanks to a tip from Prof. Oak, Ash was on his way to Snowpoint City where Ash was going to compete against a girl named Candice. Snowpoint City was the northern most point in the region and as the name implied, the roads were covered in snow. Finding a clear patch of land, Imperialdramon descended to the ground. "Next stop: Snowpoint, Sinnoh!" Imperialdramon joked. "Please take all your belongings with you as Digital Airlines will not be responsible for any lost or stolen valuables you happen to forget. We hope you-"

"Imperialdraon, cut it out!" Davis scorned. Imperialdramon was just joking.

"Lighten up, Davis," Kari scoffed. "Imperialdramon wanted some sort of humor." The group came out of the woods with their Digimon, including Veemon and Wormmon, where they were met by a redhead. She was wearing a brown vest over a maroon long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

"What was that, just now?" she wanted to know. She was curious about Imperialdramon. "I heard that there were sightings of creatures that weren't Pokémon a few months ago!" Guess she hadn't heard of Digimon yet...less these Digidestined.

"Calm down, miss," Ken tried to ease her tension. "There's a rational explanation for our arrival." Explaining Digimon has a rational point?

"You see, Prof. Oak told us that Ash was coming here," Yolei relied. That news hit the girl much to remember the name for some reason.

"Oh, yeah," she clicked with a smile. "There's a gym here which is run by Miss Senior. I guess this Prof. Oak told you that Ash already has six badges, huh?" It didn't sound like a lot but... "¾ of the way to the Sinnoh League." Nice.

"Nice to know that Ash is just as tough as ever," Gatomon huffed. That startled the young woman. She acted as if she never heard of a talking cat before, let alone that she's a Digimon. Yet, she recovered enough to retain composure.

"Well, he, Dawn and Brock should be here shortly. Hopefully, he can explain what's going on and who you guys are." But leave it to Mimi to spot something...or someone coming in from the horizon.

"I think that's him coming right now!" she shouted. Sure enough there were five figures. Two were easily recognizable: Ash and Pikachu. What about the other three? The other male was a tanned man with spiky brown hair. He wore a blue winter coat. The last was a blue-haired girl wearing a white wool cap and pink boots. She had a red trench-coat on her. In her arms was a blue penguin chick. The Digidestined and the other redhead waived the arrivals over to where and excited Ash dashed over to them.

"Kari, Mimi, Yolei!" he named the girls...minus the redhead. "Man, what are all of you doing here?"

("Hi, you guys!") Pikachu squeaked. The girls seemed happy to see Ash up and about.

"We've been bored since that battle a couple of months ago," Yolei huffed. "And we had some spare time so we thought of checking up on you." The DigiWorld was in check.

"So after we came through the tunnel," Veemon continued. "Prof. Oak was there to give us an update and we pursued it." After the whole conundrum of events since the Christmas season, the Digidestined and Ash have been closer friends. That's when Davis noticed the others who were with Ash.

"By the way, who's joined you on this go-around?" he asked. Ash wasn't startled with his new journeymen.

"Yeah, this here's my longtime partner in travel, Brock," he introduced, pointing to the tanned man. "And this time around, this is Zoey's rival, Dawn." Dawn came forward and extended a hand for a shake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, everyone," she greeted. She had a chance to shake Kari's and Mimi's hands, as well as Ken's. Brock had his opportunity.

"So, what are your creatures that you have?" he wondered. "I'm sure Dawn and Zoey would want to know." The girls nodded to the question on hand. Ash decided to answer for the Digidestined.

"Brock, Dawn, Zoey," he called their attention. "These are Digimon. They reside in a different world which is connected to this world. They're not like Pokémon on so many aspects like the fact that they can talk and evolve on a whim." That's a couple of ways to look at it.

"That's cool," Zoey hushed. That's when Dawn approached Davis. What for?

"Well, you seem to be have a cool head on your shoulders," she cooed. Was she flirting with a Digidestined?

"Well, I am the leader of this rag-tag bunch with TK and Cody hanging out at Cerulean City," Davis nervously tried to stay comfortable. This was a new face on Davis. Kari and Yolei were dumbfounded with this interesting turn. "Uh, Ash? You wanna restrain her, please?" Ash could but he smirked. Something about this made Ash scoff.

"Didn't you say something about trying to find my secret on getting a girl?" he joked. He did, back in New York City.

"Yeah, but I didn't think it was this easy!"

"Oh, come on," she cooed. "I want to think we're the D&D meant to be-" She let out a huge scream. Everyone watched in confusion until she fell to the grip of a bluish frog with orange cheeks. Unable to move, the frog was easily able to discard the blue-haired girl.

"First time Croagunk used Poison Jab on someone else but you," Ash mentioned. There was a history of use with Croagunk? "I gotta make sure that I don't say anything to deserve that." Note taken, Kari and Ken nodded in agreement. Davis studied the moment with intent.

"I was kinda hoping that Kari would be my first love," he muttered. "Guess I should be proud of getting some sort." See? Look at the bright side. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Zoey came up and patted Davis on the shoulder.

"Beggars cannot really be choosers," she sympathized. "Now how about we head inside and have some hot cocoa?" All agreed and began to walk toward the warm shelter for everyone to warm up...but Ash looked up to the wintry sky. Pikachu joined with the rest for heat. Did something about the Digidestined showing up in Snowpoint City make him think that there was more than seeing him perform?

"Ash!" Mimi called out. Snapping out of delusions, Ash twisted to see Mimi and Palmon approach. "Listen, there's a reason we all came to see you and it wasn't just to see you win your seventh badge." Then, what?

"What is it?" Ash wondered.

"Well, the Global Digidestined have given a unanimous decision. We've nominated you to be the speaker of the Pokémon/Digimon peace corps with the option of choosing your office." This was quite a promotion. Ash was awe-struck.

"Wow. I-I don't know what to say." Mimi had a solution for it. A kiss. She got Ash on the lips...and in front of a recovered Dawn.

"What in the world are you doing?" she yelled out. Mimi and Ash broke and glared at her, wondering what her beef was.

"Dawn, what now?" Scowling, she stomped through the white powder to confront the Digidestined lip-locking with Ash.

"What purpose do you have making love to Ash?" She thought Mimi had no purpose in giving Ash a kiss. Then again, she did make an attempt on Davis.

"Look who's calling the shots?" Mimi taunted. "You went after Davis without knowing who he was." That made Dawn balk. She mulled at the fact that she made a move without a reason. The penguin seemed confused about it all.

"It's alright, Piplup," Palmon calmed the penguin. "Let's head inside for some hot chocolate." Piplup agreed and followed the plant Digimon to the rest. Ash was given a lot of responsibility with his new position of speaker of the peace corps among the Digimon and Pokémon. He had a lot of options to arraign a lineup for his office should he relax and try to help either worlds. For right now, impressing the Digidestined in getting closer to the league was his first priority. He'll think about his position another time.