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Chatpter One

Everyone was rushing through the city and the roar of chaos from the field below seemed to be chasing them all. One young woman lost her hold on her daughter's chubby hand. She couldn't get back to the child for the push of panicking people was too strong. The little girl stumbled without her mother and fell down, hitting her curly head.

The only thing the child would remember of that day was being picked up by a stunningly beautiful woman with pointed ears and having that woman snuggle her close and carry away from the noise.


Diorwen woke late as usual, it was joke amongst her family members nearly every day at the lunch table, for she rarely managed to make it to breakfast.

"Late again, Di," Eldarion chided as Diorwen made her afternoon appearance in the private dining room.

"Your sister needs her beauty sleep," Arwen said from one head of the table. Her mother would know nothing of beauty sleep, for her beauty was Elvish and effortless.

"It didn't work." Eldarion laughed at his own rude joke.

"Eldarion, please try to act your age." Aragorn rolled his eyes where he sat at the other head of the table.

The royal children jested with each other, only in the most playful manner, and had always been the best of friends, although they looked nothing alike.

Eldarion was the perfect combination of the ruggedly handsome King of Gondor and his gorgeous Queen. He had the fair skin and ebony hair of his mother, with Aragorn's piercing eyes.

Diorwen knew why she didn't look like the rest of them. She knew the whole story of her separation from her birth mother. The royal couple had adopted her when they were sure no one would come back to claim her. A messenger brought word that her mother had been killed by the rush of the crowd, trying to fight her way back to her daughter. Aragorn and Arwen had made her Princess Diorwen of Gondor.

"Soon the Fellowship will visit," Aragorn said.

That news cheered Diorwen. She loved the Hobbits and, of course, Gimli. There was one member, however, who never visited. Aragorn spoke fondly of him.

The Prince of Mirkwood hadn't been to Gondor since Aragorn's coronation and marriage.

"When will they arrive, melleth (love)?" Arwen asked.

"Within a few days time. And Legolas is visiting as well." Aragorn smiled.


Legolas had long since gotten a new horse after Arod, but he hadn't had a horse like him since. He rode by himself to Gondor. He hadn't been in nearly twenty-three years and he missed Aragorn dearly. He hadn't met the Crown Prince yet and had only seen the Princess before he left after the coronation.

She had been young then and she would be almost twenty now. Legolas had been fascinated with the immediate love that Arwen and Aragorn had had for the child that wasn't even theirs.

He had left before they figured out what to do with the child. Soon after he returned to Eryn Lasgalen he received a letter from Aragorn.

Arwen had sent many trusted people to find out about the child's family.

Aragorn wrote that the child's mother was one of many who had not survived the pandemonium and her father had died on Pelennor Field. He also wrote that Arwen was begging him to agree to take the child as their own. Aragorn admitted that he had a soft spot for the child.

Legolas had written back encouraging his friend to take the child in. The people would love her and after a son was born there would be no problem.

Aragorn and Legolas had continued a frequent correspondence, but neither had visited. Aragorn was rebuilding Gondor while Legolas helped his father in Mirkwood where all remaining Elves had moved.

It had been long since Legolas had seen anyone of the Fellowship, except Gimli, who visited often.

After the coronation Legolas had been sure the call of the sea would come to him, but for the past twenty years, there was nothing.

Legolas continued the rest of his journey thinking about the Fellowship and their journey.


"Ouch Naneth (mother)!" Diorwen exclaimed again as Arwen pulled the brush through the unruly, fiery curls.

"Goheno nin (forgive me)," Arwen apologized. She smiled at her beautiful daughter in the mirror.

The moment Arwen had seen Diorwen, as she was walking through Gondor; she knew they were meant to be together. She had begged and pleaded with Aragorn to take her in themselves.

Arwen had grown so attached to the darling little girl that she could bear to be parted from her.

"But what will she be to us?" Aragorn had asked.

"Our daughter, of course," Arwen had said simply. "Please melleth (love)?"

And the child had become the daughter of the King and Queen of Gondor, Princess Diorwen.

Soon after the adoption of Diorwen, Eldarion had been born and they had all settled into being a royal family.

Arwen placed the brush on the vanity counter and pulled Diorwen's curls behind her shoulders.

No one would guess that Arwen and Diorwen were mother and daughter, but Arwen knew they were, even though she had not carried Diorwen or given birth to her, they were as close as any biological mother and daughter.

Diorwen was gorgeous, not like Arwen, but in her own way. Her hair was like fire and her eyes were a very bright green. She was such a personable and outgoing young woman and the people of Gondor adored her.

"I must go help your gather prepare. I think he is a little nervous," Arwen confided.

Her daughter smiled at her in the mirror and turned on the stool as she left.


The forest broke and Pelennor Field came into view. It looked so different form the last time he had been there. Legolas rode through it and arrived at the gates. They swung open wide to permit him entrance.

A stable boy came out and took his horse. Legolas then walked up the steps to the palace doors.

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