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He paced outside the closed door. Eldarion was sitting on the bench along the wall watching his nervous father.

It pained him to hear his daughter's screams and moans from inside.

He had been confused when Legolas had left unexpectedly, furious when Arwen had told him of their daughter's pregnancy, and finally supportive.

Gimli had sent Aragorn a farewell letter telling him of the ship the elf and dwarf had built to sail for Valinor.

Aragorn could hear his wife's soothing words to Diorwen, trying to calm the exhausted Princess. He continued his pacing throughout the night.


She held Diorwen's hand through everything and soothed her exhausted and panicked daughter.

The Queen had not been shocked when Diorwen had revealed her pregnancy, but supportive and helpful throughout the whole thing.

Now was no different. Arwen wiped her daughter's sweaty face and gave her water. She was a soothing presence with her elvish encouragements to Diorwen.

"You can do this, Di. I know you can."


The pain had gone on and on, never seeming to end. It was blinding and exhausting.

Finally, she had been instructed to push. The pushing went on for hours until finally there was unimaginable pain and then a sweet release.

"A beautiful baby boy, Your Highness!" The midwife exclaimed taking the baby to clean.

When he was returned to Diorwen she took a good look at her son. He had blue eyes, a platinum blond tuft of hair, and small pointed ears.

"What will you call him?" Arwen asked softly.

"Eruantien (gift of Eru)."

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