"Kamina of Jiiha Village."

"Yeah? What do you want?"

"Your Hot Bloodedness has made you chosen to help save another world."

"Reeally, now...? And what do I get outta this?"

"Your reward will be decided by your actions."

"Well isn't that a rip-off!"

"But it will be great. Now, go to your new destiny!"

"Um, okay..." The deceased man, not knowing which way he was supposed to go, ran off in the direction that "felt right." Unfortunately (or maybe not), this was...

The Wrong Direction

"So where the hell am I now?" Kamina found himself standing in a strange place of metal mountains and strange black ground, with strange, boxy, faceless mini-Ganmen moving about on strange circular legs.

"Heee~eey." Kamina jumped at the voice from behind him. It was a strange, light-blue-haired girl with bright red eyes and a twisted(?) smile. "Woooow, I've never seen anyone like you before! You've got such awesome tattoos! And your sunglasses...!"

Kamina blinked as he realized his awesome angular shades were suddenly not on his face, but on the face of the girl. "Hey! Just who the Hell do you think I am?! Give those back!"

The girl seemed to think it over for a second before smiling. "Nope!" And she was gone.

"Great. Now how am I supposed to look badass? I don't even have my cape!" Kamina grumbled, before suddenly spotting the girl a few metres away, wearing his sunglasses and his cape! He quickly charged after her. "Give me my stuff!"

She just laughed as she ran.