An here it was.

The cure for her longevity.

The thing she had so desperately wanted, especially after Ashley death.

Had almost destroyed the entire world for, had the guardian not stopped her.

The vial gleamed so innocently.

She had already unconsciously pulled back her sleeve before stopping herself. Should she really inject it? Would it be wise to just leave? And why was she so eager to die in the first place?

The last question answered itself. She was tired. Most humans feared death, most coming to terms with it only at the end of their century of life, most not having to live on in three centuries, watching the world zip bye but feeling more detached, year by year.

Not that she wasn't active in it's events though, hadn't she just fought with everything against Kali? To ensure that, for at least another night, everyone, including her protege , slept soundly in their beds?

Sleep. She wanted to sleep. Not fall asleep, as she had such trouble doing. No, when she merely fell asleep, the nightmares came. The tragic mistakes of her existence relived. She was tired and wanted it to end, to fall asleep with no intention of waking.

And such a weighty factor in her decision, Ashley. She would stand a slim chance of seeing her daughter once more. She almost laughed at the concept. Whatever paradise Ashley had gone to her mother could surely not follow. Instead of sacrificing herself to save others, here she was ready to take her life, tired of it all and ready to end it when others needed her.

There was a knock at her door. A panicked familiar voice said, " Doc, we have a situation!"

No. She would not be a coward and give up when others needed her so. She tucked the vial in a case and got up.

" Coming Henry."

With a deep breath, she steadied herself, shut the box with a click, and walked toward the door, leaving the room, and the chance to finally sleep behind.

A/N So.... re-watching Sanctuary episodes on You Tube with my bfftroe Sierra...... wailing over Ashley.......sigh.......... Emilie Ullerup is freaking awesome... if there was a award for sheer awesomeness, she and the rest of the Sanctuary cast ( nil the pansy) would have the award beyond WON.