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She couldn't follow, her legs felt as if they were stiff, she couldn't be dead.

She just couldn't be, she still had so much to do.

She wanted that promotion.

She had practically worked herself to the grave to get her hands on it.

Oh no, what if she had really worked herself into the grave?

No, she hadn't.

Or had she?

Jeremy didn't want to believe it, but then again, she wasn't in the basement morgue, she was on an upper level.

She looked at the elevator number; she was on the Intensive Care Unit floor.

This was not good.

"Bandage that one up and up his quarterly dose." Said Jack as he signed off a chart

He walked out of the room.

What happened to Jeremy has left him unsettled.

People weren't meant to collapse for no apparent reason, especially Doctors.

He decided to get a coffee from the staff room's machine, maybe a little bit of caffeine would help clear his mind.

Jeremy should be okay...

Why was he even thinking about her like so much?

They had gone on one date, and it wasn't like it was the best date ever; in fact it was probably one of the worst dates he'd ever been on.

They had chemistry, there was definitely underlying sexual tension in between them; that was obvious.

It wasn't like they didn't get along; actually, they got on quite well.

Yet somehow, the one date that they did go on was terrible.

Jack knew that he said that he didn't want to go after her but he did, she was gorgeous and smart.

He was nervous and petrified, not that he let anyone see that.

For the most part, he felt like a jerk, he had hurt Jeremy; he saw the flicker of rejection in her eyes when he said that they weren't going to try again.

He hadn't felt right to date again.

Although his old buddies from College tried setting him up with countless women.

Jack just wasn't interested.

He sighed as he brought the cup of coffee to his lips.

He closed his eyes for a moment and rolled his neck in a few circles, relieving tension.

"Jack?" a feminine voice asked, her voice sounding husky from being unused

"Yeah." He said as he opened his eyes, what he saw was far from what he was expecting.

Jeremy stood before him, dressed in a black dress with heels, her look was more casual but she made it look so classy.

"Can you explain to me what the hell is going on?" she asked, she was annoyed and she was afraid, she had no idea what was happening, she wasn't in control of the situation for once.

"You're okay." He stated in surprise

Jeremy went speechless.

Jack could see her, so why couldn't anyone else?

A million questions rushed into Jack's mind at once.

Was she okay?

What had happened?

What the heck was she wearing?

That caught his attention; she looked... just like she had when they went out for a date.

Only her expression was questioning.

"Jeremy?" he asked, his voice, not steady as per usual

The shrill of silence was not comforting.

"I don't understand!" she said frustrated.

She began pacing.

"How is this possible?" she asked no-one in particular

"What?" was the only response she received

A noise travelled throughout the room.

A pager.

"Shit." Swore Jack as he looked down to see what the message was.

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