As They Weren't/As They Were

by Joanna vanOorschot

Disclaimer: I don't own Salor Moon or Ranma 1/2,not me. I will, however take amazing liberties with the stories, so nyah!


1000 years ago

Three young girls knelt before Queen Serenity. One would become the guardian of Earth, one would become the guardian of the Moon and the third would become guardian of the Ginzuisho. The power was called, and the potential guardians awaited the decision. The Queen watched, stunned, as her daughter was chosen guardian of the moon. Even more stunning to her was that the princess of earth was earth's guardian, not the moon's,an earth human had always guarded the moon, and a moon citizen the earth. Then the ginzuisho chose the person who would be its next bearer. Queen Serenity was not having a good day.

10 years ago

Genma took his six year old son and his friend Tomoe Tendo's five year old daughter on a training trip. It lasted about half a year. During this trip Genma discovered the Neko-ken, and decided to teach both children. Simultaneously. It worked.

Unfortunately, Genma had neglected to inform either his wife or his friend of the trip before he left. None of the other adults were happy about his actions. Wisely, he chose not to tell them about the Neko-ken, or its side effects.

As a direct result of this training trip, Tomoe's wife talked her husband into accepting a promotion that took them out of Japan. She wanted to be certain Genma Saotome would never be able to take her child like that again.

5 years ago

A ten year old girl stood, hands behind her back, watching an old man with a floating object between his hands.

"Could I learn that?"

6 months ago

"oh sirs! very bad you should fall in spring!"

at the same time

Well, we beat Beryl, una. Now, do we still need to find this princess of yours?" Rei was seated in her temple with Amy, Mina, Lita and the two cats.

"I've got no ideas on this one."

Author's notes: Yes there's no Serena in the Scout's lives. For those who are interested, no Serena means Darian was never captured and turned evil by the Negaverse, and the Ginzuisho hasn't been reassembled.

ASuthor's Notes 2: This fanfic was originally posted at .com. Ifound it increasingly hard to update, and lost interest. I am also re-editing my work so there ARE changes.