Chapter 15

"Ranma!"Kasumi gasped,hands flying to her mouth, and looking, for the first time either of them had ever seen, shocked. Since, as far as Ranma could tell, massive amounts of danger and destruction did not cause her to turn a hair, and neither had Shampoo's more annoying antics, including running around naked, this was definitely an Event.

"Serena! What are you two doing?"

The teens looked at each other and shrugged. "Nothing." Serena said in her mst innocent voice.

"Nothing! You- Oohh! Ranma , go to your own room! And change back!" Kasumi threw her hands in the air."Can't I trust you to behave in the house? And having sex like that!"

"We were just kissing Kasumi. Um Setsuna." Ranma corrected himself nervously.

"Just-" Kasumi threw up her hands again and stalked down the stairs.

"Good night Ranma." Serna spoke softly, shyly.

"G'night, Meatballhead." Ranma ran out of the room ahead of the thrown pillow, laughing.


Noise from the alleyway attracted the attention of Ranma, Akane and Serena. Looking in they saw a very strange looking woman bending over a collapsed boy, looking at a crystal like one they'd seen before.

"Should we use our transformations?" Serena whispered.

"Why?" Ranma cracked his knuckles

"So we're not recognized,"Akane poked him."If one of those followed us back, and found Kasumi when we weren't around, she'd be dead."

"Alright, but hurry up." Ranma grumbled, puling out his pen."Moon Power Makeup."

Ten seconds later, after three bright flashes, the three newest Scouts rounded the corner, starting the battle with one of Ranma's flying kicks. After a flurry of blows during which the witch lost hold of the crystal, The woman they were attacking managed to use an egg to call up a monster so she could escape, though without the heart crystal.


"Hurry!" Sailor Mercury shouted at the others,"We're near the hot spot." She rounded the corner just in time to see the monster go down, struck by a strong beam of pure, white chi.

She and the other Scouts stared in amazement at the three people before them, two girls and a boy, in Scout uniforms, at least the girls were, and the boy's could have been a male version.

The one wearing the white and gold skirt was kneeling in front of an unconscious boy holding a heart crystal gently.

Serena was about to release the crystal back into the boy's body when Ranma saw the two women from the corner of his eyes. He had already noticed the Scouts, of course, but they didn't seem to be a problem.

The other two, however, were about to attack, he was sure of it. He hurtled his body forward just as they leaped, interposing his body between them and Serena, blocking their attack just long enough for her to put the heart crystal back in.

Serena straightened up and turned around to find Ranma engaged in a fight inches from her. She jumped back, stumbling over the boy behind her, who was just starting to rise knocking him back to the ground. While she was still tangled up, she hears an impatient voicespeak sharply."uranus, let's go. There's nothing for us here."
The boy helped her rise. Standing up she saw the Scouts.'When did they get here?' Serena thought, confused.'And where's the fight?'

Akane and Serena stared at the Scouts for about a minute before Akane jerked her head at Sere and jumped off. Serena followed. They ran along the roofs for a few blocks before jumping to an alley and de-transforming.

"Where's Ranma?"

"Oh, he chased off after that girl he was fighting." Akane shook her head. "Let's get home, he'll turn up soon."