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~ Prologue ~

~ "Love risks degenerating into obsession." ~

I watch her across the street, the way she moves, the way she smiles at everyone who passes her. I smile as she orders the same for breakfast every single morning; one day I'll be buying her that daily breakfast, I'll be the one she smiles at, I'll be the one she talks to. I'll be the only one she loves.

I continue watching her as she jumps back into her car, taking the usual route to school to see her stupid friends, the comedians I have to suffer through watching every week just to catch a glimpse of her. She believes they think of her as a friend, I know for a fact they wouldn't miss her when she's gone.

I follow her, as I usually do, she can be so blind sometimes. I thought she would have noticed ages ago, how could you possibly miss someone following you all the time? I guess I am far too clever for her and everyone she meets on a regular basis. They don't even know, she hasn't even noticed me yet.

I see her sometimes in the street, she'll smile at me. She even said hello to me once, that one day I remember more than anything. It was one of the few first times I just knew I had to have her, no matter what it took. And I will have it, I always get what I want. And I want her.

- - - - - - - - -

Sonny sighed, looking around the small apartment, biting down on her lip. She took a moment before deciding to double cheek all the doors and windows were locked. She shuddered, her hands shaking as she continued her search around the house, not being able to shake that feeling that someone was watching her. She hadn't been able to in a long time, but the feeling was getting so much worse. The longer she allowed it to carry on, the worse it seemed to get.

"It's okay, there's nobody there. Nobody." She whispered to herself, her voice shaking slightly as she ran to her windows, closing the curtains slowly. Her body shook with fear as tears ran down her face, she could only hope that she was overreacting, she could only wish that it was just because of all those Hollywood stalker stories she had been hearing about lately. She could only hope.

She took one more look around the house, sure that everything was locked and secure. She knew she should tell someone, even her mom, the way she felt that there was always somebody behind her, someone watching her, someone waiting for her. And as much as she tried to shake the feeling, it wouldn't leave her alone.

"Over active imagination, just like mom has always said." She would have laughed at how much she was speaking to herself if she wasn't so terrified. She thought about calling Chad or her mom, anyone as long as she wasn't so alone. But it scared her to think that she couldn't cope on her own, she was still trying to prove that she wasn't the young minded girl that arrived in Hollywood two years ago.

She was terrified, but she refused to appear weak. She didn't want to die, she wanted to be safe, but she remained too stubborn to say anything to anyone. No matter what.

- - - - - - - - -

She's starting to feel me there, she knows I'm watching her but she won't have to live in fear for much longer. Soon, I shall make myself known to her. Soon, I will take her and she will stay with me forever.

It's been two years, two whole years carefully planning this out. I've been careful, I've been so safe – I've kept my distance, but soon, very soon, she will be mine. I can add her to my collection, but she's not like the others, she's so much stronger than those girls before. They cried and cried, they refused to love me back just because I had taken them from this cruel world. They never seemed to realize my intentions were good, I loved them more than anyone else ever could. I loved them. I was the only one that kept them safe, and they had no appreciation. So I got rid of them one by one, until I found the perfect girl.

Allison Munroe will be mine; I'll have her to myself, and she'll fall in love with me. She'll fall in love me, she'll fall for me just like I have for her.