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Alice settled herself back in Jasper's large leather chair, pulling her legs up to curl into a small ball. She rested her right arm on a small yellow throw pillow and placed her drawing book on her legs, using them as a table. She let her pencil fly effortlessly over the page, the lines quickly taking shape of her husband, seated at his desk writing on a piece of paper. She glance up form the drawing to see Jasper sitting in an identical position, his pen moving fluidly across the page. Her eyes shifted back down to the picture as she began to add details glancing up far more than necessary from the page as if to check her work. With a vampire photographic memory she really had no reason to look more than once, even a quick glance would have sufficed, but in all honesty she had started the picture so she could watch him. Not that she need a reason, if she had wanted she could have perched herself on his desk and never took her eyes off him. Something she would have gladly done, but that would have been too obvious and she wanted to watch him in his element for as long as possible.

Her eyes danced off the page again and she jumped slightly when she saw two golden eyes staring back at her. Alice smiled as her upper body sank lower in the chair, she shoulder blades pressing into the seat cushion, trying to hide behind her drawing book. After several seconds she shifted slightly to see around her legs to check if he was still watching her. She smiled triumphantly when she saw he had gone back to writing, though the moment was short lived when his eyes quickly darted in her direction. Alice laughed at the little game they had started as she moved back behind her legs.

She then gasped in surprise when Jasper was suddenly crouched over her, his knees on the chairs' armrests and his hands on the back of the chair as he leaned down wearing a grin. She grinned back at him then shot up suddenly pressing her lips to his, her fingers tangling in his hair. Due to the awkward position Jasper did not have much leverage, so the kiss was brief but passionate, both wearing matching smiles when Alice pulled back.

Jasper then slid his right hand down, placing it on the seat of the chair, as Alice slid her legs forward letting her drawing book clatter to the ground. He slid his right leg down off the armrest as Alice shifted to the other side, allowing Jasper to drop into the vacant side. Alice wasted no time placing herself in his lap, allowing Jasper to settle comfortably in the chair. Alice sighed contently as she curled up in his lap, closing her eyes. Jasper smiled down at her as he wrapped his arms around her pressing a kiss to the top of her head, then closed his own eyes as he joined her in basking in their moment of peace.

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