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Life-Changing Information

Aburame Shino and his father were standing in their dark kitchen; just around the corner was the bathroom. Hinata was currently using their shower. Pink-orange light streamed through the windows, but Shino was fully dressed. An awkward silence hung over the father and son.

"So, what time did she get here?" Shibi asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"About ten minutes ago."

"Shino, don't lie to your father. I heard you two talking in your room at midnight."

"Fine, we got home at eleven."

"You know, It's not healthy for a relationship to revolve around only sex," Shibi said accusingly.

Shino squirmed uncomfortably and said, "It's not just sex. I love her, Dad."

Shibi peered at Shino over his sunglasses and said, "Love is a strong word, son. The last time I said 'love', I wound up with you."

"Very funny, dad."

Shibi's voice returned to its somber normal. "Seriously though, if you end up getting her pregnant… I won't lift a finger if Hiashi attempts to kill you."

Shino shook his head. "It's not Hiashi I'm worried about. I'm afraid Neji will find me first. Besides, we didn't do anything last night. She just stayed over because we have a mission today. It's faster if she stays here because her apartment is across town, and Kiba lives down the street. Remember?"

"Be that as it may, you slept in the same bed, did you not?"

"Shut up."

Shibi's demeanor turned grim "I don't think I'm being serious enough with you. Do you know what the Hyuga's Third Clan Law is?"


"It's 'No sex until marriage. Period."

Shino looked puzzled, "Why?"

"Hyuga women are notorious for becoming pregnant; with or without the use of protection," Shibi said simply.

The color of the part of Shino's face that was visible drained instantly.

"I- I'll be more careful…" he said more to himself than to his father.

Shibi rolled his eyes and said, "Now you get it."

At that moment, Hinata came out of the bathroom, all dressed and ready to go.

"Ready," she said brightly, "Thank you for your shower, Aburame-san," she said as she bowed to Shibi.

"Not at all, not at all. Our shower is your shower; our house is your house. Heck, Shino's bed is apparently your bed, too.

Hinata's face turned bright red and she looked at the floor. Shino grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the door, and said, "We're leaving, now. See you next week."

"Just don't do anything stupid, Shino," Shibi called after the teenagers as they ran out the door.

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