This is an outtake in EPOV and covers a conversation that takes place between Edward and Charlie sometime between Chapter 46 and Chapter 47. This outtake is my last plea to please vote for this story at the Vampire Awards for Best Comedy. I like awards almost as much as Edward likes Bella's oral skills.

"You don't have to do this you know," Bella tells me as I bring her into my arms to kiss her goodbye. We are standing in the open doorway of our condo. She is on her way to meet my sisters to go Christmas shopping. The semester just ended, and Christmas is only eleven days away.

"I'm thrilled that Charlie wants to come over to talk. This is my chance to convince him that I love his daughter and will spend the rest of my existence making you happy."

Bella gives me a doubtful look. "You think you can pull that off with one afternoon watching a football game with my Dad?"

I give her my cocky smile. "Of course. I won you over, didn't I?"

"God," she moans, running her hands into my hair and tugging sharply. "It turns me on when you talk like that."

Before I can respond, she is all over me, kissing me so hard it as if she is trying to suck the air from my lungs. I growl in response and back her up against the open door and bring my hands up from her waist to her breasts. As my tongue battles with hers for dominance, I bring my hand up to give her right nipple ring a tweak through her shirt.

Is that pig pawing my daughter in front of the house for the whole world to see?

Dammit! Why does it seem every time I lose myself for just a moment with Bella, someone is there to witness it. I didn't think anything could be worse than Emmett catching us... indisposed last week, but this is definitely worse. The man I wanted to impress with my dedication and respect for his daughter has just pulled up in his cruiser and is cursing me to the depths of hell in his thoughts.

"Shit," I whisper against Bella's lips as I slowly back away from her and turn her to my side, so she can see her father making his way out of the car toward us. I can feel her blush, but she squares her shoulders as her father approaches. I put on my most friendly smile in greeting.

His greeting is not exactly as friendly. "They don't have public decency laws in Seattle?" he asks me as he glares at me only briefly before turning his attention to Bella. "Hello, baby," he says to her as she reaches up to hug him. His thoughts reveal his relief at seeing her look so healthy and happy. He, too, remembers how scary her recent stay in the hospital had been.

"Hello, Chief Swan, won't you please come in? Fifteen minutes before the game starts." I decide that ignoring our most inauspicious start will be the best strategy and stick to my plan of convincing him that I love Bella more than life itself.

"You're not staying to give me a tour of your new place?" Charlie asks Bella. This is his first visit to our new place.

"No, Dad. I told you I'm going shopping with Alice and Rosalie. I have to get going. Edward will give you the tour I'm sure."

"Okay. Tell the girls hello for me," he says as he steps past me into our home. Bella blows me a kiss as she saunters off toward her car.

I instantly launch into the tour. Our condo really is a beautifully decorated home, with our every comfort taken into consideration in its design and the furnishings. Esme and Alice really outdid themselves.

I show him the kitchen, main living area, large den/entertainment room, where we will be watching the game. He is quiet the whole time, but his thoughts reveal he is impressed with the 90-inch HD television we will be watching the game on today. Finally, he is impressed with something at least.

I continue to show off the entire condo, including a beautiful balcony with an extraordinary view of the city. I show him the two guest rooms and then just point in the general direction of our bedroom, only referring to it as the master bedroom and not elaborating. A committed young couple cohabiting and sharing the same bedroom is not scandalous in this time. Bella had even lived with another man before. But I see no reason to draw Charlie's attention to the fact that I share a bedroom with his only daughter.

We return to the den without Charlie having made one verbal comment the entire time. His thoughts are guarded, not revealing much to me. He doesn't seem angry, but he doesn't seem pleased either. He seems...resigned.

While he makes himself comfortable in a leather recliner situated right in front of the large screen television, I bring in sandwiches and snacks that Bella had prepared. I also bring in a couple of cold beers. I want Charlie as comfortable as possible before I broach the most important conversation he and I probably will ever have.

The first half of the Seahawks game is action-filled with the score tied by halftime. I had hoped the fates would smile upon me and the Seahawks would be clearly winning by this point. I am going to ask his permission to marry Bella during halftime. I need him in as a good of mood as possible.

Before I have a chance to ask him, Charlie sets his beer down, and by his thoughts, I see he is determined to discuss that calamitous Thanksgiving with me. Shit.

"I have some things to say to you, Edward," he starts.

"Okay," I say as confidently as I can.

"Edward, first I want to say that I meant what I told you at Thanksgiving. I do think you are an arrogant punk."

"Okay," I say again, a little less confidently.

"I really don't know what Bella sees in you."

"Me neither," I answer honestly.

I can tell from his thoughts that my quick agreement with his assessment pleases him.

"But for whatever reason, she loves you."

"Believe me, Chief Swan, I know how lucky I am."

"Do you take drugs, Edward?"

I had actually expected this question. It was on his mind when he visited Bella in the hospital. "No, sir! My father is an emergency room doctor. I know the serious consequences of drug use," I say with righteous indignation.

After giving me the stare down, he finally nods his head, and I can see from his thoughts he believes me. He reasons Bella wouldn't be with me if I was using drugs.

He finally speaks again. "If it was up to me, you would be nowhere near my daughter, much less living with her."

I simply nod, not knowing what to say to that.

He sighs and then says, "But it's not up to me. You're Bella's choice, and I have to respect that."

"Thank you. I know you liked Julian."

"I do like Julian," he snaps. "But I love Bella. Her happiness means everything to me."

"It does to me too, sir. I love her more than anything in this world."

I take a death breath and forge ahead. It's time to ask the question. "In fact, I was hoping you would give me your permission to ask Bella to marry me. I plan to propose at Christmas. I want to spend the rest of Bella's life making sure she is happy and safe."

What? Already? It's too soon. I am not surprised his first thoughts reveal his shock. He has no way of knowing that I have loved Bella every day for nearly five years and waited for her for nearly 100 years. I can see why he might think it's too soon.

Charlie stares at me, using all of his skills as a police officer, trying to assess my sincerity. If I say no, will he ask her anyway? Will it drive a wedge between me and Bella if I say no? He does seem to love her. Maybe it's not his fault he is so weird. Maybe it's from spending all of that time in California.

After what feels like an eternity, he sighs heavily and then finally speaks with authority.

"I need you to promise me some things, son. First, do you promise you won't run out on her again? Bella says you know what your leaving did to her. Can I assume that won't ever happen again?" His voice is laced with warning.

"It will never happen again. I swear that to you," I tell him sincerely.

"You promise me you will encourage her to finish her education?"

"Yes, sir. Absolutely."

"You promise me you will stay away from any involvement in Emmett's sex toy business?"

That one throws me off guard a bit. "What? Of course. I have nothing to do with that!" I sputter.

"He said the name, Sodom and Gomorrah, was your idea," Charlie counters.

"Uh, well, I guess, technically, yes, but..."

Charlie glares at me, thinking I have something to hide.

I decide to simply tell the truth. "I was actually making a joke when I suggested that. But Emmett took it seriously and actually liked the name."

"A joke?" he asks. He smiles then. A very slight smile. "That's funny," he says, but his smile quickly fades.

"I can promise you, sir, that I in no way condone Emmett's ideas with this company of his. But I'm afraid once he gets an idea in his head, he is hard to deter."

"You're telling me. He called me after Thanksgiving, wanting to know if I would invest in the company," Charlie says. "He thinks I can get him a good deal on handcuffs for some strange reason if we were business partners."

The only thing I can do is groan and shake my head in response. Damn Emmett. He better not have blown my chances with Charlie.

"So you want to marry Bella?" Charlie asks.

"Yes, more than anything in the whole world," I tell him and I know from his thoughts he can see my obvious sincerity.

"Well, then you have my permission. If she says yes, you will have my blessing," he says with little enthusiasm.

"Thank you. Your support means so much to me."

He nods and then asks suddenly, "Hey. Can you do me a favor?"

"Of course." I am only too pleased to do anything I can for the man who will hopefully soon be my father-in-law.

"Can you get me Esme's recipe for that mincemeat pie? It was delicious."

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