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Phone Call in the Early Morning

Maya was up well before 6 a.m this particular Saturday morning. The Kid's Network was running an all day, all night super marathon of the best episodes of all the Samurai shows ending with a showing of a two-hour made for T.V movie ultra-spectacular crossover event! Needless to say Maya was excited. She happily sat on the couch in her pajamas with a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Along with several bags of chips, some candy bars and other pieces of junk food. There were even some burgers in the fridge she made Nick get her the night before so she wouldn't have to leave the apartment all day. Nick was still asleep; she could hear him snoring up a storm in his room. Silly Nick, she asked him last night if he wanted to get up and watch it with her but he said no. Sometimes she wondered if the guy had any taste whatsoever. He said he had other plans today, whatever. Whatever these plans were, they probably didn't have anything to do with Samurais or cheeseburgers so Maya didn't care. She turned on the television and lay back on the couch settling in for the long haul, just as the theme song started to play however, the phone rang.

"Ugghh!" She grunted, rolling her eyes. "Don't people know I'm trying to watch the Steel Samurai? Geez!" Maya bounded to her feet and trotted over to the phone which rested on Nick's desk. "I got it Nick!" She called out, hearing him moving around in his bed.

"Hello?" She asked, picking up the phone.

"Hello?" An older woman's voice replied.

"Hellooo-oh?" Maya repeated.

"Oh my, I-I think I might have the wrong number. I'm sorry. I'm looking for Phoenix, Phoenix Wright."

"Oh no, no you've got the right number." She said as she realised she never answered the phone properly. "Oops, sorry Nick's been on me for this. Let me start over." She cleared her throat. "You've reached Wright and Co. Attorneys at law, how can we help you? There that's better!" She smiled.

"Umm, who-who are you?" The woman asked. Maya, a little put off by the question, turned it back on her.

"I could ask you the same question. Who are you?"

"I'm Phoenix's mother." She answered sternly.

"N-Nick's mom!" She gasped nearly dropping the phone. "O-Oh man, I-I'm sorry Mrs. Wright! I didn't-I didn't mean anything I swear!"

"That's okay dear. Just tell me who you are."

"M-m-m-m-my name's Maya, Maya Fey. I-I'm a spriit medium in training and Nick's, I-I mean Phoenix's assistant." Maya stammered nervously.

"If you're his 'assistant' how come you're at his house at 6 in the morning?" Nick's mother asked.

"Oh, th-that's 'cause I live here." Maya smiled.

"Wh-what? F-For how long?" Mrs Wright stammered.

"Oh, I moved in about a month after I met Nick, so about two years now."

"Y-You're joking?"

"Nope. You mean-You mean Nick never told you about me?"

"N-no, he didn't. Umm, is he there?"

"Yeah, but he's still in bed. Want me to go wake him up for you?" Maya offered her nervousness fading.

"N-no that's alright, I'm going to be gone all day and I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday. Just in case he was awake."

"Aw geez, I forgot that it was Nick's birthday today, I didn't get him anything." Maya moaned. "Oh well, I give him the best gift in the world everyday by brightening up his stuffy old man life. Besides me spending money on Nick goes againt the natural order of the universe."

"He-he spends a lot of money on you?"

"Yep, he gets me everything my little heart desires. I can't remember the last time I had to buy something for myself. Nick's so sweet to me."

"Um, Maya, right? Why do you keep calling Phoenix 'Nick'?"

"Oh, well, it's sorta my nickname for him. Get it, Nick-name. Heh." She chuckled. "I dunno, I mean Phoenix/Nick, 'Nix/Nick you know? Yeah I know it's dumb, but hey it's waaay better than 'Feenie' isn't it?"

"I-I suppose it is. Wait, isn't 'Feenie' what his old girlfriend Dahlia used to call him. I always wondered what happened to her, she was such a nice girl."

"Wow." Maya thought to herself. "Nick's really been keeping his mom out of the loop." Before she could answer her, Maya heard the sound of Nick's door opening and saw the groggy attorney step into the office.

"Geez Maya, you're being awfully loud." He groaned, rubbing his head. "Who are you talking to anyway?"

"Your mom!" She chirped.

"Geez, that was uncalled for." Nick sighed. "It was only a simple question, and my mother's a saint"

"Yeah, she's on the phone too." Maya sighed back, wagging the receiver back and forth

"Wh-what?" Nick gulped, instantly waking up. "Gi-give me the phone!" He tried to grab the phone from Maya's hand but she wasn't just going to let go.

"Ni-ick!" She whispered covering the mouthpiece with her free hand, "Why didn't you tell her about me? You told her about Dahlia. You trying to keep me secret or something?" Nick simply groaned and took the receiver. Maya shrugged and went back over to the couch and settled back in for her marathon.

"No, no mom, it's not like that..." She could hear Nick talking desperately trying to explain himself. "…I-I didn't mean to not tell you, I just forgot is all... Yes I forgot for two years..." He sighed, sitting at his desk and rubbing his forehead in annoyance. "I don't know what she told you but I don't spend that much on her…Yes, she's quite lovely; yes you'd love her…alright, alright I'll tell you the whole story." He groaned. Maya giggled to herself as she tore open a bag of chips.

"Poor dumb Nick."