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"Oh God Maya, what are you doing?" Nick groaned with sweat running down his temple. Just like she guessed, the look on his face was priceless.

"Should have brought my camera." She thought to herself. She knew Nick, and what had him so disturbed wasn't how she called out to him when she came into the apartment, no, it was what she was wearing, not her acolyte robes, but a schoolgirl uniform. This wasn't going to win her any points in her ongoing struggle to make Nick admit that she's now a beautiful and mature young woman, but who cares, she had years to make up for any damage she did with this little prank. With a quick glance, she looked over to Nick's mom, who did not look pleased."Oh Nick, honey-sweetie, I'm sorry I'm late getting home but I had to stay back for a little while, they gave out our report cards today!" She chimed with excitement.

"Re-report cards?" Nick stammered. "M-Maya?" Maya flung her Pink Princess backpack from off her shoulder, (Okay, the backpack was really hers, she was still a mature young woman though.) and rummaged through it for a bit before taking out a 'report card' printed on a piece of paper that had been ripped from a notebook.

"Here you go Nick!" She said handing it to him. "I did really good this term, all B's and C pluses, and remember what you said Nick: If I got at least a C plus average, you'd buy me something. I saw the ce-utest pair of shoes at the mall the last time I was there with the girls." Maya said with an almost giddy smile, hopping in place with excitement.

"Sh-shoes? Girls?" Nick grunted, he was in shock, she could tell, and he was sweating pretty bad.

"Oh, hey!" She left Nick to read the report card that was in his shaking hands and went over to his mom; who'se jaw was nearly touching the ground. "Hiyee, I'm Maya, Maya Fey." She said with a broad open mouthed smile. "Nice to finally meetcha!" She chirped and wrapped her arms around the stunned woman's shoulders.

"Ph-Phoenix? Y-Y-You told me she was young, you never said anything about her being underage!" Maya smiled an impish smile to herself as she snuggled into the older woman.

"Sh-she's not mom." She heard Nick say, he slipped his hand into the back of the neck of her uniform and gently pulled her off his mother. Maya looked over her shoulder at him, it looked like he was over the shock as he was giving her the most annoyed look ever. "She's almost twenty." He grunted. "And she doesn't even wear shoes. Maya, okay you had your fun but the joke's over, take off that ridiculous thing right now!" Stupid, stupid, Nick. She shrugged his hand off from her collar and turned around to face him.

"Nick!" She gasped. "You-you really think this is the time for that, I mean your mom's right there!" Nick's hand immediately went to his forehead and he fell back to the nearby fall.

"Oh my God!" He whimpered.

"Aww, don't get like that!" Maya said, pretending to be concerned. She put her arms behind her back and sauntered over to him. "Don't pout Nick, there'll be plenty of time for stuff like that later on, you know your babydoll knows how to make you feel good." She said as seductively as possible, she could feel her lips quivering but she managed to keep from busting out laughing. She reached out and playfully flicked his nose. Nick glared at her, the annoyance replaced by what looked really close to anger. Maybe that was taking it a bit far. Maybe it was time to reel this back a little. He didn't say anything, just stood back up straight and, to her surprise, wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her up onto his shoulder. "N-Nick, what are you…!" Nick ignored her kicking and flailing and simply turned to his mom.

"Excuse me mother dear, but I need…to have a hunngh…talk…with my assistant!" He said as Maya continued to kick him.

"Nick, put me down right now! I wanna talk to Mom for a bit." Nick shuddered as he carried her out into the hall. After closing the door behind them with his free hand, he none-too gently put her back on her feet. She opened her mouth to tell him to never do that again, but he started talking first.

"I am going to KILL you." He seethed. Geez, by the look on his face, she could swear he actually meant it. "Where'd you get that damn uniform anyway?"

"Costume shop." Maya answered simply. "Look pretty good in it don't I?"

"Whatever." He grunted.

"Tch! Come on Nick, it was just a little fun you know!" She sniffed, crossing her arms and closing her eyes. Nick put his hand to his forehead again and sighed.

"A little fun? Maya I asked, no I begged for you to help me convince my mom that you and I aren't together. Then you go pull a stunt like this! Do you know how many frickin' hoops I'm going to have to jump through now!" Maya giggled.

"Well serves you right! I mean is it really so big a deal if your mom thinks you've got a girlfriend?" She asked, timidly opening one of her eyes to see if he was still mad, he was.

"It wouldn't be if I had one Maya, but I don't!"

"Hmph!" Maya sniffed. Nick sighed again and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Listen Maya." He began as calmly as possible. "I know that you've got this thing for me and you've got all these little fantasies about me one day professing my undying love for you, but just because you make my mother believe it doesn't make it true." Maya could feel her eyes growing wide and her face turning red.

"N-Nick!" She gasped. "Geez, someone's certainly got a high opinion of themselves!" She sniffed.

"Huh?" Nick grunted.

"I-I think you've been spending too much time with Pearly Nick, you're starting to sound just like her.!" She shouted flustered. "I've got a list of about twenty guys that I have 'little fantasies' about and-and believe me Nick, you're not on it! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go talk with your mother!" She pushed past him and opened the door, her hand shaking.

"Well, that was unexpected." Nick thought to himself as Maya pushed her way past him back into the apartment, clearly upset with him. Though in his opinion she was acting a little too defensive. Whatever, didn't matter, he had something a bit more pressing to worry about. He followed her inside and watched as she told mom everything, about her age, and the prank she pulled. Phoenix was grateful to have everything worked out, but was a little concerned when Maya abruptly excused herself and went into her room. "Probably just going to change out of that uniform." He thought. After her door closed, Mom sat herself down on the sofa, crossed her legs and folded her arms.

"Well Phoenix, what did you do to make her say all of that?" She asked slyly.

"For God's Sake!"

Maya spent the entire night in her room. Just playing video games and watching her DVDs. She knew it was bad manners, and sitting in a dark room and sulking was certainly unbefitting of the future master of Kurain, but she didn't care. It wasn't fair, she was looking forward to meeting Nick's mom for like forever and then he had to go and ruin it! 'Little fantasies.' Jerk. All she was trying to do was have a little fun, she knew Nick was a downer, but she thought he had a better sense of humour than that. She had changed into her pajamas settled into bed and was about to doze off when a sound coming from somewhere in the house made her jump. It wasn't a gentle sound, it sounded like someone had started up a sandblaster. Startled and a little frightened, she threw the covers off of herself and headed out into the darkened office, the sound was coming from Nick's room. She tip-toed over and put her ear to the door, it was heinous and really loud. She backed away from the door when she heard a similar sound coming from the living room. Being very careful, she snuck down the steps to find Nick, sprawled out on the couch, snoring his life away. Maya threw her hands in the air.

"Unbelievable." She muttered. The term 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' crossed her mind when she realised it was his mom doing the same thing in his room. Nick always snored really loud, and she was starting to get used to it, but now there were two of them, and the sound of their combined snoring was enough to raise the dead. How in the world was she going to get to sleep? She circled around the couch to get a better look at him. Looking at him, his mouth hanging open, drool dripping from the corners, his legs at four and eight, and his pant leg riding up; she found it hard to believe that this was the same guy who saved so many people, the same guy who saved her so many times. There was no way a healthy set of lungs could be producing such sounds. It didn't really matter though because she was tired and she just wanted to go to bed.

"Nick, Nick." She whispered, poking at him, Nick didn't make a move. "Nick!" She put her hand around his nose and pinched it closed; he coughed and stirred a bit, but settled back down when she took her hand away. "Boy, you can really sleep can't you?" Maya muttered, getting more and more annoyed.

"Sh-she's only been here a day and she's already got me mortified." He grumbled in his sleep, turning so he was facing the back of the sofa. "Why-why you always gotta be like that Maya?" Maya glared at him in the darkness, wondering if she could smother him with his own pillow and get away with it, before giving up and going back into her room. The snoring was louder than ever, Mrs. Wright must have turned or something because she the sounds coming from her had upgraded from a sandblaster to exploding dynamite. Maya lay on her side and put her pillow over her ear. It was going to be a looong night.