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JPOV (Jacob's POV)

Life couldn't be better for me or my family now. It's been a whole year since I thought I'd lost my wife and kids, but thanks to our spirits watching over us they're here with me as it should be.

My children are growing fast right before my eyes, but in a good way. Carlisle's been checking their progress since birth and can't find any chance of them phasing until they're older. Both of them turned a year old two weeks ago, but we decided to celebrate their birthday today on Christmas Eve.

The old man is one hell of a grandfather, I can tell you that much. He's in love with Sarah since she resembles much like my mom, but mostly because she's the old man's first granddaughter. My son however…let's just say he gives my dad headaches.

"Now I remember why I always had headaches with you."

Dad says my son is just like me in that I was always playing with whatever I could find; this narrows it down to pots and pans in the kitchen while my mom was cooking. Natalie lets them crawl around the kitchen while she cooks, and that's when Junior finds pots and starts banging them on the floor and trying to sing.

Out of nowhere I heard Natalie complaining. "Shit! Where'd it go?"

Walking into the bathroom I saw her looking for something. "What's going on babe?"

She looked up startled. "I lost my lip stick from Sephora, the one Alice bought me."

Something didn't sound right to me, but then again I'm not all into make-up and crap. That's a woman's thing, and if it makes Natalie happen, why mess around with it?

"Just put on another one."

Looking at my wife in a purple dress with those heels that do something to my brain…I just can't stop looking at her.

I guess she knew I was looking at her. "Like what you see?"

Wrapping my arms around her I started kissing her neck. "I fucking love it babe…you sure know how to get a guy going, that's for sure."

Her laughter filled the master bathroom. "Too bad I'm reserved for the Chief."

We kept having fun until we heard someone coming.

NPOV (Natalie's POV)

Turning around in my husband's arms I saw my son and daughter walking in holding hands. Both my little angels smiled when they saw their mom and dad.

"Oh look at you two…time for the party boy and girl to get ready. Time to make these two little angels ready for our guests."

Getting my kids dressed into their party clothes was easy since they always play dress-up with Aunt Alice. The Cullen's have been nothing far from amazing to us; they always ask when they can babysit the twins so me and Jake can go out to Seattle and enjoy a night away from mommy and daddy role.

Looking through each of their closets I found a pink ruffled dress for Sarah and a red shirt with blue jeans for Junior.

"Look how adorable you two are! I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are gonna love it!"

Walking with them down the stairs I heard the doorbell and in came the rest of my family. Exactly one month after I had my twins the other girls had their babies, and all the same night too. Sam and Emily had their twin daughters Maya and Macy, Maya who is exactly like Sam while Macy is like Emily. Embry and Cammilia had both a girl and a boy, Elijah and Emilia Call. Embry is always playing around with his kids while Cammi makes sure everything is taken care of.

Now Paul…oh boy, he's in for it, and big time. Veronica had twin girls, Madelyn and Cheyenne. Paul is completely wrapped around their lil fingers; he does everything possible just to see a smile on their faces. If it were up to him he'd spoil them rotten, but that's not Vero's thing. She's all about discipline but in a good way. It's funny to think of how Paul's gonna get when the girls are old enough to date; I can imagine him with loaded shotguns just waiting to use them.

Seth and Stephanie had twin boys, Jonah and Adam. They're such sweet lil boys just like their father, and they love playing with Junior whenever Seth brings them here so he can talk patrols with Jacob. Jared and Kimberly had twins girls just like Paul, Brianna and Marissa, who like to watch their dad as a wolf just like the rest of the pack babies.

Leah…oh boy, Leah had it bad that night, and it wasn't pretty. I felt so bad for Spencer because Leah kept threatening to chop off…yeah, but the man stood by her side like crazy. After about twelve hours of labor, Leah had Selena and Henry. I've never seen Leah happier than she is now; she's married to Spencer and has the family she's always wanted, just like her parents. She gets sad from time to time since her dad isn't around to see his grandchildren grow-up, but she always reminds them of how he was when Leah was younger.

Now my Megan is by far the most devoted mother and wife that I know of. Her twin girls, Alessandra and Sophia, are both her and Chaske's pride and joy. Chaske loves taking his twins down to the beach to collect shells and whatnot, but he doesn't mind at all. We always make play dates for our kids while us moms sit back and relax.

"Happy birthday!"

My sister Alice came through the door with Jasper right behind her, each of them with four bags in each hand. I just knew she'd go overboard for this party.

"Are you sure the twins need that many presents?"

"Now you know better than to start arguing with me Natalie. I just want to spoil my niece and nephew. After all, I am Auntie Alice, right rugrats?"

The twins let go of my dress and started tottering over to where Alice and the rest of the Cullens were. Both my kids loved them to death, especially Emmett who's been given the name of "Emmie bear".

"Hey what's up my lil man? Brought you a ton of football stuff so we can start having you cheer for our team."

Junior loved playing around with Emmett and Rosalie, especially if it was anything to do with sports. He had the cutest smile on his face as Emmett was playing with him on the couch. I went ahead and started setting up the table for when dinner be served.

"Well don't just stand there, come on in everyone. Natalie's made a load of food in case you all wanna eat something."

As soon as Jake said that there was food, all of the guys ran into the kitchen to grab plates filled to the top with what I'd made for today. It wasn't anything that difficult for me, just rundown to Wal-Mart to the deli and order trays of food and desserts, and there you go. I made some things of course like some potato salad with chicken sandwiches and drinks.

After watching some home videos of the twins the past year we went and cut the cake I'd made for them. Wanting to be like the ideal mother, I started tuning my culinary skills, especially with pastries. For my daughter's cake I went with a butterfly cake; two tiered with white frosting, piping along the bottom and middle with pink frosted flowers and their green leaves. I went out and bought some butterfly candies from a specialty store and hooked them to wires to give the illusion of flying.


For my son's cake I went with what he loves right now, monkeys. My son loves to play with his lil stuffed monkey that his Uncle Emmett gave him, so I thought it'd be fun to make a monkey cake. Decorating it was a challenge but fun; white frosting was thick to hide the chocolate cake underneath, then frosting the monkey and piping around the sides yellow bananas, which are also his favorite food right now.


We lit the candles for each cake and waited for the kids to blow them out.

"Alright angels, time to blow out the candles!"

My parents started taking pictures of the whole thing while I started cutting the cake. I felt strange, but I just let it go. It'd been a long day so far and it was only four in the afternoon.

"How long did it take you to make the cakes? They're really delicious."

"Took awhile, but it was worth it mom. See how much Junior loves it?"

Junior was eating up his slice of cake like it was gonna end, same said for Sarah who had pink frosting all over her mouth. I took my camera and started taking pictures for the album I wanted to make for their first year. Where had the time gone by?

I didn't bother eating cake since my insides were all messed up; the week had been hard on me with the garage extending its services all the way to Canada and down to California. Here at home it's me alone with the twins all day until late at night when Jake comes home from work. Right now the last thing on my mind was eating anything, so I'm sticking to some Sprite for now.

Megan noticed I wasn't eating anything. "You're not gonna have cake? It's pretty good Natalie. The icing's just right, not too sweet for my taste."

"No I'm alright; just had a long day, that's all. To be honest with you, I think the food is gonna make it worse."

"If you say so…"

Picking up the dishes after everyone ate we went into the living room so the pack babies could help my twins open up their presents. I loved seeing all of them together, playing with their toys and giggling like the happy babies they are.

"Alright, what'd my babies get from everyone?"

Needless to say that the Cullens got them a year-long supply of new clothes, everything from dresses for Sarah to sport jerseys for Junior, especially coming from lil Auntie Alice. I swear, the day Alice gives up shopping is the day the world ends.

"How cute is this? I can't wait for Sarah to try it on during summer."

My mom and dad got Sarah a cute one-piece bathing suit, pink with white flowers all around the fabric and on the straps. Sarah started giggling seeing me holding up the bathing suit.

"Do you like it sweetie? And look, cute white sandals to go along with it."

Emmett brought out a box that was way too big for presents; inside were sports jerseys, Nike sneakers for kids, stuffed wolf toys, even a football helmet with the football included.

"Isn't it a bit too early for him to use the helmet Emmett?"

Emmett and Jake started passing the ball back and forth. "Nah, it's never too early to teach the boy how to use the gear babe. Just wait, I'll make sure this one gets into the NFL in no time."

"You got that right Jake."

After presents were opened we all stayed in the living room watching "Knocked up", and I gotta say, Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl are so funny in this movie.

JPOV (Jacob's POV)

I noticed that while everyone was eating the buffet my wife made she wasn't eating anything. The only thing she was drinking was a can of Sprite, and she never passes up food. I got suspicious that something was going on, but I know how she gets when she's had a long week.

"Who throws their bong on the sidewalk?"

Embry was hogging up the bowl of popcorn. "Well the cops are right there Jake! What, do you want Seth going to jail for smoking pot?"

We all looked at Seth. "What? Hey don't look at me, I don't do that sh-"

"Hey, watch the language!"

"Sorry honey. But come on, do I look like the type to smoke one?"

The kid does have a point; he's not reckless like others his age. I noticed Quil wasn't in the living room with us.

"Where'd Quil go? I thought he was right here?"

Natalie brought another can of Sprite out. "Claire's in the bathroom and Quil's outside in case she needs anything.

QPOV (Quil's POV)

Man…here I am outside the bathroom waiting for Claire to come out when I could be watching the movie with everyone else. But what's a guy to do when his imprint asks them with puppy eyes to wait for them? I'm hopeless, that's what.

When Claire opened the door she was looking down at something in her hands.

"Whatcha got there Claire-bear?"

She stuck her hand out. "I fwond it, nest to da flouwers."

Her talk was cute for a three-year old. "What flowers?"

She walked over to the vase of white roses Natalie had in there, which is so her in the end. In every room of this house there is a vase full of fresh flowers, not that I'm complaining. They smell all nice and…well they smell nice.

I focused on what Claire had given me…oh shit!

JPOV (Jacob's POV)

We were getting to the part where Seth cusses out the doctor on the phone when Claire came back to sit with everyone else, but Quil was grinning like he'd found the jackpot.

"Why the face Ateara?"

He sat down on the arm rest next to me, waving something in his hand. "I just found something interesting…"

I snatched the thing out of his hand, and that's when I really saw what it was. Damn…I couldn't believe it.


She was busy talking to the girl about the movie to notice anything, a can of Sprite in her hand. "What is it Jake?"

When she looked up and saw what was in my hands, her face lost all color. She was completely surprised at what Quil had found.

Everyone in the room saw what I had, a pregnancy test. All eyes were on my wife who was speechless. Her mom was the one to break the silence.

"Natalia, is it true?"

I got up and went over to where she was. "Are you?"

Tears were in her eyes. "I…I just found out today. I was gonna tell you later, but yeah. Jake, I'm pregnant."

Everyone started cheering while all the kids were looking around like we'd lost our damn mind.

"Damn, I'm telling you Jake's got a gift. If I were you Nat, I'd get this kid neutered pronto or else you'll be popping those pups out every year."

Veronica slapped Paul in the back of the head while I wiped away my wife's tears. "I can't believe it…we're having a baby."

"How do you think these two will take it? I didn't want it to be so soon…"

Esme came up with Natalie's mom. "It'll be alright Natalie; you know you're a wonderful mother. I'm sure the twins will be happy to know they'll be older siblings to the new baby."

My dad and Sue came up to congratulate me on my…my good work.

"I gotta hand it to you son, you got it from me."

After congrats and everyone leaving the party, I helped Natalie give the kids a bath before putting them to bed. I stepped out for a few minutes just to check the forests before calling it a night.

Embry: "Damn bro, I gotta hand it to you in that department. Cammi wants to have more kids now, not that I'm complaining."

Quil: "What's there to complain about? You get to bang your wife every night until the job is done."

Paul: "It comes with the package; marriage, kids, having hot sex with your wife…man, life is good. I gotta say though, it's all Jake's doing in the end. He gets laid, we get laid. He gets Nat knocked up, we're next."

Getting back to the house and up to my room I saw how beautiful my wife looked. Standing in front of the double doors leading to our balcony, her hair flowing down in waves on her back while in her pink nightgown as the moonlight was coming through the windows, she looked more desirable and amazing than I could ever remember.

Reaching her I wrapped my arms around her waist, putting my arms on her stomach and resting my head on her shoulders.

"Are you happy Natalie?"

Putting her hands on top of mine; "I'm as happy as I can be, because I've been touched."

"Touched by what?"

She turned around to wrap her arms around me. "Because…because I was touched by love, your love. You healed me without knowing it, took me for what I was, and you've made me the happiest mother and wife I could've ever asked to be."

It was true, for the both of us. Just as I had healed her, she made my life worth meaning something. Thanks to her I know what true love really is, and I never want to lose that. I love waking up in the morning seeing her asleep next to me; even more when she opens her eyes and tells me good morning. She's unlike anyone I've ever known, but that's all I need.

She's the light in my eyes, the warmth that enters me deep in my soul and into my heart.

"And you've made me the happiest father and husband I never thought possible. I love you Natalie, always."

"Just like I love you Jacob, my Jacob…"


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Four years later Bella has a pull telling her it's time to go back to Forks and face the past she never got over. What will she find in Forks, more importantly in La Push? How will she find her once friend Jacob Black?

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