"I believe this ball belongs to you." Fuji spoke lightly as he strolled his way towards his team mates.

"Fuji, why aren't you in your uniform." you can never tell if Tezuka was irritated or any think, because our dear buchou always wore the same expression on his so called face.

"Gomen Tezuka, but I was helping this kid from my class, he seems to not know his way around. Ryoma Kun, here are the Tennis Team." Fuji explained. He could swear that the boy grumbled about him being calling a kid 'who are you calling Ryoma kun and kid'.

" Fujiko, this little Ochibi is in your class?" spoke Kikimaru who was bewildered.

" How can a little boy, be in Fuji Senpai's class!" asked Momoshiro

Why do these bastards keep calling me little? Fuji senpai quickly read what the boy was thinking and chuckled.

" Ryoma kun this is our Buchou Tezuka if you want to speak with him this is the time. I will go change into my uniform." Fuji dismissed himself.

Ryoma didn't really know how to begin the conversation when surrounded by so many infuriating people, so she just said what had to be said.

" I am Ryoma Echizen, I turned in my Registration form already and for some reason Ryuzaki Sensei sent me hear." he spoke in her nonchalant tone.

His nonchalant tone brought all their attention on him, all of their eyes fixated on him. Something she didn't really mind, because she was used to attention. Without anymore time to waste they asked him to practice with the other freshman not that he was a freshman.. She began with stretching her leg and arm muscles, then did sit ups with the help of another team member, then did push ups. Additionally she did fifty swings of the racket with each hand. In the end she began collecting balls that were used by their senpais. Ryoma unlike kids her age always had a sense of responsibility and never complained when asked to do something by her elders if of course they appeared respectful. Which Tezuka Buchou gained in a millisecond.

After the club ended she changed back into her uniform and left saying goodbyes to her team softly. The regular members kept watching her, because she was walking right in front of them. In fact they were curious as to why the kid only changed her shorts. Well it wasn't that they were stalking her, but their homes were closer to each other. All of a sudden a sports car stopped in front of Echizen and a man came out of the passenger seat. He held similar features to Echizen, very handsome. The Man who could have been only two years older than them approached Echizen and began cupping her cheek. They could hear them talking.

" You seem tired, do you want me to give you a ride?" He asked

" Are you heading home or do you have another meeting? She asked looking at his tired face.

" No, but I could drive you back." He offered again

She sighed, she knew he would be late, besides he was always nothing but, very considerate and kind of her. He was always the one who stood by her every time she had either a concert preparation or being invited to a talk show.

" Don't bother, just go." she declined

" Ha ha, so cocky"

"No it isn't anything like that, my legs could use the exercise and it really is a beautiful day outside. So don't worry about it and go ahead. After all it is my fault that you have to attend that annoying meeting."

They finally became aware of the students who were nearing them, so Ryoga just ruffled Echizen and departed the scene. Momoshiro, Kikimaru, Fuji and Kawamura all walked up to Echizen. Kikimaru was the first to approach him or if you can hugging someone until they are out of breathe approaching, then yes he did. " Ochibi is so cute "

Kawamura and Momoshiro tried to release the poor kid out of their senpai's grasp. " Senpai I think he gets it. So let go of him before he becomes a corpse." Momoshiro remarked. Finally released Echizen's leg gave out, while coughing really hard.

" Gomen, Gomen. Ochibi I just got too excited." He apologized as he helped Echizen get up from his sitting position.

" It's okay. Demo what do you want Senpai's?" he inquired

They all looked each other surprised by the boys straight forwardness and then softly chuckled. " We were thinking if you wanted to join us. We are heading to Kawamura senpai's sushi shop." Momoshiro explained

" it's not really my shop, but my father's" Corrected Kawamura

Momoshiro made a snorting noise, " Che, who cares still you are going to be the one to inherit it."

Fuji seeing that Echizen was already walking away tried to take the chance of speaking with Echizen as he caught up. Remembering that he got a reaction from the boy last time he called him KUN, he tried doing the same thing again.

" Ryoma Kun, don't you know that it is rude to walk away from your senpai's." He smiled his usual when the boy suddenly stopped and glared at him.

" eh" that was it. That is all poor Fuji received from the boy. However, just this time Fuji let it be and quietly walked with the boy as they neared the lake.