I was hurrying and when I hurry I tend to fall a lot, I know, but I was so happy. I finally have everything I wanted. I got the internship I wanted with the artist I had always admired and I'm totally in love. He's perfect in every way.

The thought of my love was quickly shaken out of my head by a gust of cold air. I shook violently and clutched my purse to me and made sure my thick, wool jacket was buttoned up all the way. I was happy I thought of wearing my fur lined boots and darkened jeans because snow was starting to fall.

I smiled up at the full moon as the beautiful snow started to fall down on me. It drifted softly and I couldn't help but smile as I waited for the light turn red so I could cross the street.

I watched the cars pass through slowly and sighed, watching my own breath swirl and twist through the air in front of me. I laughed at how a little boy and girl ran behind me with their loving parents in tow behind them. They squealed and laughed lightly as they stuck their tongues out to try and catch a flake or two of snow.

I smiled and crossed my arms over my chest. Maybe one day, the man I loved and I would have children like them and walk in each others arms like the children's parents did. I sighed and started to walk after the cars talked. I quickly ran across and sighed happily.

I walked happily down the sidewalk until I reached the alleyway I usually took to get to my apartment. At first I thought the gush of wind came from the cold and the sudden flash of white light was from the crappy streetlights over head but when I finally let my eyes focus in the dim light, I noticed the bloody monstrosity before me. It was a blur of crimson and white before me while a set of matching crimson eyes bored back at me with as much intensity as a cat about to launch at its prey.

My nurturing instincts kicked in and I immediately dropped my purse and ran the fifteen feet distancing me and this creature, person, whatever it was until I was standing only inches from it. My breath was heavy and white little clouds puffing in front of me.

That's when I saw it was a man, a beautiful and bloody man with no shirt or shoes on. His skin was pale white and his hair knotted with blood. I lifted my hands up but didn't touch this stranger's fragile looking skin.

"A-are you alright?" I asked frantically looking up at this god's blood soaked face.

"Why must you always be so caring?" a charming and smooth voice spoke fluidly. I looked over this man's body searching for gashes or wounds but I was dumb founded when I found none and I felt icy hands press against my cheeks. I felt the blood on his hands spread on my cheeks but I didn't care at the moment, he was so beautiful.

He finally leaned in and brushed his bloody lips against mine before trailing his lips down my chin and then finally my neck. He nipped and kissed and sucked on my neck while I tangled my fingers in his knotted, bloody hair.

"I love you…" the beautiful voice said before he bit down on my neck.

"I love you too…" I whispered out before the fire erupted in my veins.