Chapter 12. Oh Snap Bones!

Isabella Swan

"Things to discuss?" I asked as my vision finally started to become clearer and I tried to wiggle my legs from his grasp under the blankets but with no avail. He was my maker and could make me do whatever he wanted but tonight I wouldn't allow him that luxury. "Edward, I don't care what you have to say to me I-" I began but I was cut off rudely.

"Isabella, as your maker-"

"NO! NOT LISTENING!" I said loudly interrupting him this time and covering my ears like a small child would. It was amusing seeing Edward's face at how I acted and raised a cocky eyebrow as if trying to say "You dare to question me?". I wanted to laugh as I made noises trying to block out his voice but even though I tried to block it out my body still reacted involuntarily as he finished his sentence. What had he ordered me to do exactly?

My hands fell from my ears and rested on my lap. I wanted to speak but my mouth couldn't move. THAT JERK! He commanded me not to talk or move! Edward chuckled allowing me a glare towards him and I growled inwardly.

"Now you will let me speak." he said in a much more aggressive tone now. He wasn't asking, either, he was directly telling me, as my master that I was going to listen to him and I was going to do so without moving or speaking back. Speaking at all, in fact. His eyes grew softer now and soon he leaned in with a sigh. He shouldn't get so close to someone who had the abilities I had. Even when I was human, he always underestimated me. He thought I was weak and fragile but now I wasn't and he didn't know what I could do. He didn't even know the extent of what I could do to anyone around here.

"Bella, my love," he said my love like he used to before he abandoned me. I missed those two little words but how could I take it? He had no right to even use those words anymore towards me. Maybe to his little whore, Victoria, but definitely not me. I rolled my eyes in hopes of trying to seem like I didn't care but he just ignored it and continued. "The…thing," he said thing as if it were hard to spit out. "Between Victoria and I didn't happen while you and I were together." he said sincerely.

Liar. My head screamed liar! And I knew my head was true because of what I had seen. I had seen them kissing. I had seen the way he looked at her and I had SEEN the way he just let me walk away.

"Bella, Victoria has these powers. She can persuade people into doing things they don't exactly enjoy doing or want to do. She forced me into kissing her that day. I didn't do it intentionally." he was speaking but I wasn't listening clearly. I understood the jest of what he was saying but I was paying much more attention to the hand he was lifting to touch my face. I was so angered by everything , the pain and suffering he had put me through, the abandonment, the heart ache, the physical and emotional pain of the change from vampire to human that I couldn't forgive…I needed revenge. I could feel my eyes shift two shades darker then they naturally were and as soon as Edward's skin met contact with mine, I heard a scream of horror and agonizing pain erupt from Edward.

He had pulled his hand away in an instant, looking down at it as his fingers were now contorted into every different way now, broken and fractured in what was probably about ten different places I presumed. That was the worst power out of all that I had been blessed with. I had the ability to disfigure all those who triggered my little power.

Edward's hand recovered quickly, thanks to our super vampire warranty on our perfect bodies, and soon he was staring at me in confusion and anger now, looking down at his hand and then back up at me as if he were watching a tennis match of some sort.

"What the hell was that, Bella?" he screamed in an angered voice and walked towards me. All I could do was stare at him, still under his freaking command. "You are released from the command." Edward hissed out through clenched teeth. I let out a huge gasp of air as my body released itself like magic and soon I was panting, taking in unnecessary oxygen.

"That's only a little taste," I spat out at him angrily, his eyes turning pitch black in anger now. "Of what I can do to you." I answered. "I could break every bone in your body if I wanted to but I wont. I'm a better person then you are and I wont leave someone to suffer and die like you left me." I spat coldly, standing up now out of bed and walking towards the door of my room.

"Bella, that is what I was trying to tell you, god dammit!" he said, appearing in front of the door now, blocking me from any means of escaping. "Now," he said taking a deep and exasperated breath. "As you maker, I command you to sit and listen what I have to say!" his tone was angry but it came back to a soothing tone that he always held when he was calm. "Then you are going to answer some questions I have for you." he said too quickly for me to run off. I felt my body involuntarily walk back to the living room area and I sat down on one of the sofas. Edward walked over and sat on one of the love seats in front of me.

"Bella," he said my name so many times tonight I was thinking of changing it because he had probably tainted it. "Victoria has the power of persuasion, as I said before." Edward said leaning forward in his seat and looking up at me with those eyes that had always turned me straight to goo in his hands. "That day you saw us kissing, she had made me. Yes, I will admit, before I met you or even before you were born as a human, we had a few," he cleared his throat in awkwardness then finished. "Flings here and there, but Jesus Bella, that was way before your time." he said running a hand through his disheveled hair. A sign that this was very, very stressful on him.

I guess I could understand that he was a bit of a man whore before I came along, and that Victoria had made him do those things to me but that didn't make up for why he had left me. Why he had tricked me into loving him and then left me. If it was all true and Victoria had made him kiss him that day, though, then why did she say after he changed me he went straight to her?

I was just the little blood bag, right? Just like Victoria had called me.

"You went to her." I said through grit teeth, realizing he had not commanded me not to speak. I listened but now he was finished and I could hardly hold my anger back. Betraying tears began to spill from my eyes and for the first time in a long time I wished that I didn't have this power. Edward's gaze snapped back up to my face, stunned at the fact I was crying and what I had said.

"Yes," he said still through clenched teeth. That simple word made another traitorous and loud sob erupt from my lips and soon I was sobbing uncontrollably. I lifted a hand to my mouth, trying to conceal the fact that my dead and lifeless heart…was breaking all over again.

"Why?" I whispered our through my sobs that were now starting to subside. Edward was staring at me with the saddest expression anyone could ever know. "Why would you trick a poor human into loving you, when you never loved her back?" I begged for the answer angrily through tears that stung my eyes and blurred my vision.

"You n-never loved me." I sobbed tirelessly now. Edward stopped in that moment and came to my side. He was kneeling at my knees, now, gripping my chin in his hand and pulling my face down to look at him, tears still falling from my eyes. His eyes were filled with so many emotions that I knew too well on him; love, hate, anger, sadness…grief.

"Isabella, from the first moment I met you, I loved you more than anything or anyone on this earth." he said in a serious tone now. Why was he still lying! My sobs got louder and harder now.

"YOU WENT TO HER!" I screamed in his face, causing him to flinch back a bit but now with a pained expression he gathered me up into his arms as gingerly as possible. He began to rock me, letting his gentle and soothing hands roam this my hair. I didn't have the strength to break his hand again so I just let him help the tears and sobs subside.

"You left me there to…r-rot. T-then you went to h-her…" I said as he pulled me back a little to look at my face. He sighed in defeat and finally spoke.

"Yes, I went to her, Bella." he said causing yet another little sob to escape my lips again. As soon as it popped out he pressed me close to his chest and spoke softly again. "I went to her, Bella, but not because I wanted to. I wanted to stay with you. I wanted to be with you. Forever, just like I promised form the very beginning." his voice didn't break or give any hint that he was lying but I knew he was. Why would you leave anyone that you loved so deeply, like he claimed to love me, and then just let them die? It didn't make any sense.

"Get out." I whispered. I couldn't listen to this anymore. I wouldn't. Even if he pulled that I'm-Your-Master crap on me, I wouldn't. I knew my body wouldn't either because I just couldn't take anymore heartache from this man.

"What?" Edward asked looking down at me now, confused.

"Just get out. Or I will tell Aro. Everything." I said in a tired tone. I may not have sounded convincing but Edward knew I could do it. He knew I would and Aro wouldn't kill just him, Aro would kill Edward's family and friends, everything Edward Cullen ever loved.

Hmm. Maybe I could tell him to kill Victoria. That would be a great birthday present.

"But Bella, you haven't let me finish-"

"GET OUT!" I roared with much more anger now. He wasn't going to stand here and lie to me any longer. I wasn't going to stand for it. EVER! Eventually Edward got the hint and set me down on the couch, releasing me from my command. He cleared his throat and fixed his suit before walking towards the door as I felt a lump start to form in my throat.

"I loved you, Isabella." he whispered only allowing me to hear. I squeezed my eyes closed as tears fell down my cheeks and tried to hold in my sobs. "Forever and always." his voice called to me before I heard the door click shut and he was gone.

He left me all alone to wallow in my pain…again. Only this time, I had wanted him to go.

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