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I woke up with a head ache, yesterday I was out drinking with Malik and it was crazy I was the last one to get drunk! I really didn't want to go any were today let alone school and while there pretend to be a shy, weak little girly boy. I heard a knock on the door.

"Ryou are you up?" it was the friendship loving girl from school. No doubt with the pharaoh and his hikari.

"Just a minute!" I called to then in a fake cheery voice and I rushed to get my uniform on. When I got out Yugi noticed that something was wrong with me.

"Did Bakura do something to you again?" the short boy asked.

"No he's actually been quiet for a while it's as if he doesn't exist."

The day at school was torture I had to pretend to be someone I wasn't and pretend to be the shy and friendly person. I would rather much ditch school and hang out with Malik or Marik, but that would be too suspicious. The teachers all gave out a ton of homework. Did they not think we have lives outside of school?

Once I finished all the homework I got I was feeling board, and then I felt the sudden urge to cut something or someone open with a knife.

"Well I haven't killed anyone in a while, so why the heck not?" I thought out loud.

I was standing in a dark ally way looking for my next victim. Then I felt a presence behind me. I looked to find a man holding a knife.

"Give me all your money and I wont have to kill you." He said trying to intimidate me, he failed horribly.

"You think you have what it takes to kill me? Ha I'd like to see you try." He came at me with the knife in hand. I simply kicked it out of his grasp and took it

"This is how to use a knife." He was begging for his life, I reached out my hand to help him up. When he was half way up I took the knife and pierced it deep into his throat then pulled it to the side ripping through the rest of his skin. The man fell over dead bright red blood oozing out of his body I turned to leave and saw the pharaoh in shock. I walked passed him like he wasn't there.

"Bakura why do you kill the innocent are you truly a monster." I didn't respond and kept walking away.

"Thief!" he yelled

"What?" I answered. I wanted to get home. I was tired and didn't want to be bothered with him.

"Why did you kill him?" he asked I sighed.

"He attacked me first and I was looking for bloodshed." I smirked. The pharaoh frowned and walked away.

When I got to my room I saw the ring lying on the bed. My eyes widened in terror, I forgot to put it on today, what if Yami noticed my cover would be blown. Because the truth was there was only Ryou. There was no Bakura. There was never a Bakura in the first place there was only me.