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Summary: A story about Leonard McCoy and Jim Kirk: how their relationship grew from complete strangers to brothers bonded by something thicker than blood. (The academy years)

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Chapter 1: House Calls

Leonard set down his PADD, turned off the lights, and slipped into bed. Trying to get use to his school schedule was taxing; every teacher laid out everything that they would be covering in class and it gave him stress just thinking about it. He had gotten lost trying to find a good majority of his classes, and it was somewhat embarrassing asking kids for directions. And while he attended the Academy full time, he also had a job at the hospital part time, plus the mountains of homework that his professors piled on him.

Leonard passed a hand over his face: he was getting too old for this shit.

It only seemed like he had barely closed his eyes when there was knocking on his door. The sound seemed to bounce around in his head, was he dreaming this? The sound got louder and more incessant. Leonard shifted and looked at the time and groaned. It was a little past two. The doctor slowly got up and stumbled towards the door. His roommate was cursing and glaring holes into his back.

He fumbled with the controls until the door opened with a quiet swoosh to reveal his late-night visitor. The kid looked a mess. Blood was dripping from his nose; it was soaking the front of his shirt. His face was a colorful array of mottled bruises and he was leaning heavily against the door frame. Leonard felt an itch in his hand, adding a new bruise to Kirk's face crossed his mind, but he let the frustration drain from him.

McCoy stepped aside and made his way to the bathroom. Ever since Leonard had first declared that he was going to regurgitate on the younger man it was like an invitation to the kid to annoy the hell out of the old country doctor. Not only that but he had even given him a nickname: Bones. It bugged the shit out of him. Scowling, Leonard riffled through his medikit, guiding Kirk to sit on the rim of the toilet. He applied some salves and several hypos. Something deep within him commented that he shouldn't be having so much fun with those things, but there was a certain level of satisfaction every time young Kirk would flinch.

"What was it this time? Some poor alien knock over your shot?" McCoy asks, not because he's actually interested, but because this kid better have a damn good reason for waking him up too damn early.

Kirk grins at him but doesn't answer. It looks like he'll pass out soon anyway. The doctor shrugged and guided him over to the small couch they had acquired; after dumping him there he went and riffled through the closet for an extra blanket. After he gives the kid the blanket, he asks him how he feels; all he gets is a grunt. Rolling his eyes McCoy stumbles back to his bed and just flops on it, not even bothering to go back under the sheets.

His roommate is still grumbling and cursing at him like he expected the good doctor to just turn away an injured man. Finally McCoy lifted his head and addressed his roomie, "Shut the hell up and go to sleep already."

He fell asleep grumbling about infantile roommates and parasites that never left you alone.

The next morning McCoy woke up to an annoying alarm clock and an empty room. It seemed that sometime during the night the covers had magically found their way on top of him once more. He didn't think too much of it, what did catch his attention was the pile of blankets and overturned cushions that lay atop the couch. McCoy growled and marched over, snatching up the blankets and shoving them back into the closet. He went back and rearranged the cushions.

He didn't know why he tolerated that delinquent of a man. Kirk. Jim. McCoy grumbles as he gets into the shower, stupid kid would probably be back tonight, and for some reason, the doctor was kind of glad of that fact.

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