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Ch 1 Revelations: Prowl

Prowl slowed to a stop as he reached his destination up top the high cliff then slowly transformed. This was his favorite spot to think when he needed to be alone. No one bothered him here. No one really knew he even came here. Today, he needed to be here.

Sighing heavily, he leaned up against his usual boulder, arms folder tightly across his chest. The view of the valley below was as breath taking as ever and was not lost on him. The sun shined brightly high in the sky heating his black and white armor. The mountains, the trees, the streams, and the Ark all seem especially serene on this lovely spring day.

A day that would be etched in Prowl's memories forever.

It happened to be this day of all days that Prowl realized the feelings for his best friend had blossomed into something more than mere friendship. He wasn't quite sure if he could even call it love yet. It was just…more. He had always loved Jazz, as a good friend nothing more…nothing ever romantic despite the fact that Jazz was an exceptionally good looking mech. But today he felt a yearning, a pull on his spark like he'd never felt before when Jazz left after an unscheduled visit to his office.

There was nothing unusual about Jazz's impromptu visits. He always joined Prowl in the SIC's office for any reason or for no reason. Most often to make sure Prowl got his fuel or took a break. Sometimes even to drag the SIC out of his office for movie night in the recreation room when Jazz knew it was a movie he'd like. Or even like today, when Jazz asked him to look over one of his ideas for a mission behind enemy lines.

The two had often worked closely together when planning missions for Prime's approval. And they often argued, pointing out flaws in each others strategies. Luckily both mechs were open minded and mech enough to relent with each other until the resulting mission was almost flawless. Today's arguments were no different, nor was the result.

Only the random comment Jazz made got Prowl thinking.

"Jeez Prowler, I know ya'd miss me if somethin' happened to me! Have some faith mech. I can get this job done. Always have. Always will."

Yes, Prowl would miss Jazz if something happened to him. He didn't doubt that. But what startled Prowl was the tremor he felt in his spark when the thought crossed his mind about Jazz not being successful with his mission. He suddenly couldn't bear the thought of his life without Jazz.

It was so unnerving that Prowl needed to get out of there and away from everyone.

So here he stood. Thinking. Analyzing. Giving himself a processor ache. He'd sent Jazz on many missions, some more dangerous than this one. He never had any doubt in Jazz's skills and still didn't doubt them now.

"So why is this time so different?" he asked out loud.

Then abruptly a gusty breeze passed around him and it was like an epiphany. The answer jolted him, startling him. It was so simple he'd over looked it. Yet when he took into account his reaction it was the only logical answer.

"I'm attracted to him?"

Prowl quickly went over as many memory files as he could recall, trying to see if Jazz had subtly hinted at or had done something to make his feelings change, going all the way back to the start of their friendship to their awakening on the Ark.

Ever since they both joined the Autobots there almost wasn't a day where Jazz wasn't in his life one way or another. Only those early days the two actually hated each other because they both have very dominating and very distinctly different personalities. It'd actually come to blows at one point whereupon their superiors dealt with the matter by forcing the two together – roommates, teammates, same shifts on or off the field.

It was on a covert mission deep in Decepticon territory that went totally wrong because of bad intel given to them. The pair had to rely heavily upon each just to make it out of there alive. The result was a friendship that has endured the test of time and the hardship of civil war.

But Prowl couldn't find anything to suggest that Jazz was anything other than a good friend. Frag, they'd even gone out on double dates before the war completely ravaged Cybertron. Jazz was always trying to hook Prowl up with some femme or mech. Even after they became officers. Jazz often said it was the proudest day of his life when his best friend became the second in command. And Prowl was equally proud when Jazz was made Head of Special Operations and third in command.

Side by side they fought. When one came back from a long mission the other was always there to greet them, welcoming them for the safe return. They even visited each other in the medical bay, risking the wrath and wrench of Ratchet just to make sure their friend was doing well.

And the first moments of Prowl's awakening here on Earth, after Prime revived him was to get his friend and the third in command fully functional as well. They were on a strange new world and Prowl knew he and Jazz were going to have to be at their best for their Prime.

Still, through it all they were always there for each other as comrades in arms and friends, nothing more.

But they were always there in each other's lives. Mechfriends and femmefriends came and went but Prowl and Jazz were always there for each other. They understood each other better than anyone on the Ark. In fact there weren't any secrets between them. Jazz was always open and upfront about most things except his fears he only shared with Prowl. And Prowl, though a private mech, could always confide in Jazz whenever he needed to.

This need for them to rely on each only intensified once they were revived on this organic world. There were so few of them. Prime voiced his fears and his beliefs that Prowl and Jazz would be the difference in their survival against the Decepticons on this world. It was why he wanted them both for this exploration mission turned disaster.

Prowl jerked upright, dropping his arms down. Another revelation dawned on him.

He just found the catalyst that led to his feelings for Jazz to change.


This was most definitely Jazz's realm. He fit in here better than a nut and bolt. He was like a youngling anxious and excited about learning new things. And with each new discover – and there were a lot – Jazz had to share them with his best friend.

Prowl lost count of how many times he'd been interrupted from his reports to listen to a knew song or woken up in the middle of a recharge cycle only to be dragged outside for a meteor shower or lunar eclipse. At first he was kind of annoyed because he couldn't get any work done. But he didn't have the spark to quell his friend's excitement. Eventually, the intrusions were welcomed and yes, Prowl realized he actually looked forward to them.

Prowl laughed deeply, "I guess it was only a matter of time."

With these revelations thoroughly examined, the only question now is, what was Prowl going to do about these new feelings?