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The Question: Jazz

Jazz knew he could rely on Prowl being on time or even early. The mech was never late for anything his entire life. So Jazz made sure he was waiting at the base entrance in time to see the two dust trails coming for the Ark. Moments later the vehicle modes of Prowl and his brother Bluestreak came into view, giving him little time to put any thought as to how he was going to approach Prowl.

Of course, it didn't take long for Jazz's presence to be known either as Bluestreak suddenly raced ahead of his brother. Jazz was dreading a confrontation with Prowl's brothers. He didn't want to offend them and in doing so offend Prowl. He wanted to make things right which at present might be difficult. It was clear there was still some animosity towards Jazz as Bluestreak was quick to arrive, sliding to a stop before transforming.

"What are you doing here?" he growled, extending his doorwings out in a threatening manner. "Don't you think you've done enough the past week to him?"

"Bluestreak," Prowl called calmly, his face reflecting his usual cool and collected demeanor, no hint of any emotions. Even his doorwings were held firmly up high.

"Hey, can we talk?" Jazz asked almost timidly, looking past there irate gunner.

Prowl met his gaze for a moment before he nodded once. Then he turned to his brother. Whatever was said was said over their brotherly bond or communicator. It was brief too for a moment later Bluestreak nodded at Prowl and gave Jazz a parting glare before disappearing into the base.

"I apologize for both my brothers' actions of late. I did not condone any of it."

"It's ok," Jazz shrugged. "They're just lookin' out for ya. An' I kind o' deserved it."

"Hmm, your actions this past week have been rather upsetting. Which leads me to question, have I don't something to make you so angry with me that you cannot bear to be in the same room with me?" Prowl asked, frowning, optics dimming slightly. "If I have I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you and I wish to rectify whatever it is I said or did."

"No mech, ya didn't…I wasn't mad at ya," Jazz responded, surprised by Prowl's question. It made him realized just what a jerk he's been all week to his best friend by avoiding him. "It was all me. I felt…awkward aroun' ya knowin' how ya felt about me."

"So it is my fault," Prowl replied, dropping his doorwings. "I have irreparably damaged our friendship by acting impulsively."

"For fag's sake! Ya didn't do anything wrong!"

"Didn't I?" Prowl countered, raising his voice slightly. "I asked the question. You rejected it and said we could still be friends. Obviously we cannot continue to be friends because you feel so uncomfortable around me that you avoid me. Am I correct?"

"Yes ya asked but…"

"But what Jazz?!" Prowl shouted but was quick to reign in his emotions, taking a step back. "I'm sorry for my outburst."

"Ya have nothin' to be sorry for. I hurt ya. I know I did. Otherwise yur brothers wouldn't be protectin' ya so much. Besides, I'm the one that should be apologizin' and would if ya'd let me."

"Yes, you did hurt me," Prowl sighed, turning away. "More than I realized it would."

"I know. I'm sorry. I just want things to be right between us," Jazz continued, wondering how this conversation got so out of control and nothing like he'd imagined it would be when he left Optimus' office.

Has their friendship truly be damaged beyond repair?

"Prowl, I…"

Alarms sounded from inside the base. Simultaneously, Red Alert sent the message to all officers via their comlinks - Decepticons were coming.

"We'll finish this later," Jazz promised before both headed off to prepare for battle.

The battle was intense. The usually pathetic insults were hurled at the Autobots, at Prime in particular. Prowl as usual had been relaying orders to everyone when the fire fight broke out. In all the years Jazz heard Prowl's voice over the comlinks he's never heard the Praxian's voice waver out of fear when losing or raise it out of excitement of an impending victory.

Yet he did raise his voice at Jazz earlier. He'd been yelled at before by Prowl when they had an argument. But it never bothered Jazz as much as today did. He was determined to do everything in his power, including getting on his knees and beg for forgiveness if he had to, to fix their friendship once this battle was over.

Per orders, Jazz took Bumbleblee with him to deal with Soundwave's cassettes as they were the two most nimble bots to deal with a variety of enemies at once. Plus, their firepower was better served this way while most of the others had assignments of their own and those with the heaviest fire power focused on Devastator.

Jazz wasn't worried too much about the outcome of today's battle, despite the fact that Ravage used him as a scratching post. The fact that he was never given new orders in the middle of the battle led him to believe the Autobots were winning. Prowl or Optimus would have called for a retreat or a repositioning of mechs if things weren't going well.

"Not today Rumble!" Jazz chuckled, transforming and blaring his speakers so loud Rumble didn't have a chance to even activate his pile drivers.

Bumblebee helped by knocking the Decepticon on his aft by flinging Buzzsaw at him. Jazz quickly transformed back into his bipedal form to give chase as it appeared the cassettes were retreating.

"That's right, keep runnin'!" Jazz laughed.

A loud crash sounded behind him and before he could turn Bumblebee shouted, pointing behind Jazz.

"Jazz, look out!"

Jazz whirled around to find Megtron rising to his feet, fusion cannon aimed directly at him. The saboteur wasn't going to move. There was no way Bumblebee could survive a direct blast from the fusion cannon. Not that Jazz could either but as a saboteur his armor had been upgrade and reinforced. He stood a slightly better chance.

"Prime may have won today's battle but I take comfort in killing you, his third in command. Prepare for oblivion foolish Autobot!" Megatron sneered and fired.

From out of nowhere a black and white blur slammed into Jazz knocking him out of the line of fire. The concussive force of the impact caused him to black out for an astrosecond. When his optics booted back up he was still falling. To his horror, Prowl was the one hit by the blast directly to his chest and sent tumbling to the ground.


Megatron laughed fiendishly as he retreated with the rest of his Decepticons obviously satisfied with this small victory.

The moment Jazz hit the ground he was scrambling to get back to his feet. He hurried as fast as he could to where Prowl laid unmoving and knelt down. Prowl instantly screamed in pain, optics flaring brightly to life.

"Why'd ya do that?!" Jazz cried out, desperately trying to stop the energon from flowing form Prowl's chest wound. Prowl shouted in pain even louder causing Jazz to pull his hands away. "Bee, get Ratchet?! Hurry!"



"Because…you were already…injured," Prowl grimaced and panted and then groaned. "I had a better…chance of surviving the…blast. And…oww…because…you're my best friend."

Prowl cried out in pain again but seemed so much weaker than before. Even his optics were dimming. A handa latched onto Jazz's forearm only for to take hold of it with one hand while the other put pressure on the wound again.

"Frag it, Prowl. Don't ya die on me now! I'm so sorry about before. I'm sorry about hurting ya. I'm sorry for sayin' those things to ya. I'm sorry for makin' ya think I was mad at ya."

"Jazz…" Prowl whimpered, blinking his optic covers rapidly.

"I'm sorry! Ya have to pull through. Ya have to."


"Ya have to because I need ya. I need to know if yur offer still stands. I need to know if ya can forgive me for being so stupid. I need to know if we can have a future together."

"Jazz…" Prowl grinded, grimacing in pain. "You're knee…is on my doorwing."

Jazz blinked. Uh? Then he looked down where his knee was.

"Oh slag!" he exclaimed and quickly removed his knee from the mech's doorwing and placed it on the ground.

"Oh, thank Primus," Prowl gasped in relief, sitting up. He winced when he flexed his abused doorwing making Jazz feel like the idiot Smokescreen said he was. "That was a particularly sensitive circuit you were crushing. By the way, you can remove your hand. My repair systems have stopped the energon flow. Thank Primus Megatron has terrible aim."

"I just seemed to be causin' ya pain no matter what, don't I?" Jazz solemnly said, pulling his hand. The other one let go of Prowl's hand. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said to ya…about ya not bein' my type, that it wasn't for the best. I didn't mean those things I said. I was scared. I ain't 'fraid to admit that. An' I'm willin' to beg for yur forgiveness to repair our friendship."

Prowl sighed, "There is nothing to forgive. I took a chance. I knew a risk was involved."

"I still hurt yur feelins'," Jazz replied, helping Prowl to his feet.

"Yes, you did. But as I said before, I knew the risk. You taught me that some risks were worth it for the reward."

Jazz's visor brightened slightly and he smiled, "Ya really thought we could share somethin' special, didn't ya?"

"Jazz, we already have a special friendship," Prowl ginned fondly. "I was simply hoping for more."

"So…is it too late? Does your offer still stand for that date? I mean if it doesn't I understand. But I'm hopin'…"

Prowl pressed a finger to Jazz's lips, silencing him.

"How's this weekend sound?" Prowl smiled, briefly caressing Jazz's cheek before pulling his hand away.

"Sounds perfect," Jazz sighed contently.

"Just don't count on me being your look out when you two start interfacing!" Smokescreen exclaimed, making the two black and white mechs turn around in surprise.

"Smokey, that's not fair," Bluestreak grinned, standing beside his older brother. "How many times did you make Prowl keep watch for our creators whenever you brought some mech or femme into your room?"

"I had to use Prowl. You would tell anybody everything I was doing including our creators because you didn't know how to shut up."

"I do know how to shut up."

"Pfft, yeah, when you're recharging."


"Pit spawn."

"I do hope you can put up with two incorrigible, over protective brothers of mine," Prowl said loudly to Jazz, getting Smokescreen and Bluestreak's attention.

"I think I can manage," Jazz confidently replied. "Jus' so ya two know, I promise ta never hurt Prowl's feelins' again."

"Good, I'm tired of him sulking around like a sparkling," Smokey remarked.

"I do not sulk around like a sparkling," Prowl argued, falling into step with his older brother.

"You always did when you didn't get your way," Smokey countered.

"Oh for Primus' sake! It was one time and because you took my toy away from me!" Prowl exclaimed making Jazz chuckled.

"So, Jazz, just how well do you know Praxians?" Bluestreak asked, wrapping an arm around Jazz's shoulders.

"I know your doorwings are sensitive. If injured or badly damaged it can cause ya to go into stasis."

"Oh yes, they are very sensitive. Did you know that if you touch them just right you can actually bring a Praxian mech or femme to their knees and overload them?"

"I heard the rumor. How exactly do I touch them?" Jazz anxiously asked.

"I can't tell you, Jazz. That'd take away all the fun," Blue smirked then hurried to catch up with his brothers.

Jazz chuckled to himself. Life was going to get very interesting for him. But he was looking forward to it.

"Coming Jazz?" Prowl asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Sure thing, Prowler," Jazz smiled warmly.

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