Renesmee's Diary

Summery: Renesmee got a diary from Aunt Alice months ago. Bella finds it on her bed while she was Jake's house. The Cullen family read some. What if Nessie found out? How will she react? Three-shot with prologue.


Renesmee Pov~

I was sitting on my bed holding the diary Aunt Alice got me 6 months ago. I wrote in it every day. I was reading a time when I and Jacob kissed. How it felt and how I liked it. I really loved me writing. But I read it over and over.

Dear diary,

I was hanging out at Jake's house again. But we were at the beach since he didn't have wolf duties. But he did the most exciting thing ever. We were standing in the water facing each other. Our faces were almost touching. So he leans down while I stay still. He lips met mine and I kissed back. He warm lips felt good against my ice cold lips. His arms now wrapped around me. My arms wrapped around him. We let go the kiss together.

Love Renesmee.

That was my favorite writing in the whole diary. But I read my worst one ever.

Worst Memory ever. I hated that memory. I don't hate him now, I love him now. But what I said was cruel.

Dear Diary,

I went to Jacob's house again. When I looked in the backyard he was with a girl talking. I went through his house so I could get to the backyard. When I got back there he was making out with the girl. I started sobbing and ran to the beach! Even know he called my name. He found me crying and sat by me. He put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder. I told him I hate you.

Love Renesmee

I never forgave myself for that. I regretted myself for doing it. Jacob would try to talk about it but ignore him till he stopped. But I left to Jacob's house and left my diary on the bed open.

It was a short one but it explains.

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