Nana: On no.

Me: Oh yes. =3

Husky: Leave. LEAVE NOW! STUPID GIRL! *hits me*

Suddenly, a young neko with gray ears and tail and short, white hair wearing pink blouse, lavender skirt, white nylons, and black dress shoes comes in randomly and blocks attack with scythe.

Me: *calmly* Thank you, Sassy-chan.

Sassy: Shut up, El.

Me: *ignores insult* Anyway, I CONTINUED IT!

Everyone: Hooray. *sarcastic*

Me: =3 so, here it is!


Me: Thankies, Cooro. Oh, and if you don't like CooroxOC then please don't read any further.

Cooro:? What?!

Nana plopped back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I can't believe it…she thought, Husky…Husky loves me…and we…we…MEEP! She blushed furiously at the memory. WE WERE GOING TO KISS!!! OHMIGAWD! She covered her face with her hands and rolled to her side. Deep breaths, Nana, deep breaths…she told herself and tried to focus on the boys arguing in the other room. Cooro and Senri had gotten jobs as bellboys here at the Inn, which happened to be right next door to the Café she was working at.

Oh my gawd THE CAFÉ! She thought in horror. The outfit. The outfit she had to wear was so…so…SHORT. If Husky saw her in that…Oh someone, please help a girl with emotional troubles!

Suddenly, there was a loud thump. Nana jumped, startled, and turned to her window to see a girl sitting in the window ledge in her window. She had long dusty blonde hair that seemed to turn all the colors of autumn in the sunlight and seemed around her age, wearing a navy blue tank top, jean skirt, black leggings, and furry boots. She had antennas and dragonfly wings too, along with a brown shoulder bag. The girl seemed knocked out. Nana jumped off the bed and rushed to the window.

"Are you okay?!" She tried to yell through the glass.

The girl seemed to wake up and Nana was startled to see that her eyes were such a light blue. Too light, she realized. She must be blind! She thought.

"Are you okay?!" Nana asked again.

The girl blinked, and smiled.

"I'm fine," she said in a calm voice.

Nana felt her face turn red in embarrassment, because she had been yelling. Nana opened the window and in fell the girl. She simply laughed when she face planted into the floorboards. She got to her feet, unsteadily and grinned at Nana, withdrawing her Anima.

"Hi!" she said.

"Um…hi?" Nana answered.

"I'm Ginger! Who are you?"


"Hi Nana! You're a bat, aren't ya?"

"H-huh!?" Nana stuttered, taken aback.

"Hmm…you smell of fish, so there must be a fish anima. You've got a black feather in your hair too. And, you reek of bear. There must be a whole bunch of ya, huh?" Ginger babbled.

"W-what?" Nana was too startled to speak.

Ginger laughed at her. "Your face is priceless, I can tell! Even if I'm blind!"


"Want a cupcake?" She pulled out a cupcake and offered it to Nana.

Now Nana was REALLY confused. So, instead of answering, she simply screamed. Yes, with words, don't worry.


Huh. I guess she did answer one question.

Then, Husky came barging into the room, staff in hand. Senri and Cooro peeked in too. Husky took one glance at the girl and yelled, "WHO ARE YOU?!"

"Oh, that's Ginger."

Everyone except Ginger looked at Cooro in utter shock. Ginger smiled, staring off into space.

"Hi, Cooro!"

"Hey, Ginger-chan. How did you get here?"

"Oh, I followed the trail of confused towns and angry people, and felt your presence here."


"Cooro?" Nana said, slowly.

"Yeah, Nana-chan?" Cooro asked, obliviously.

"Do you know her?"

"Well yeah! She was an orphan at the church I was raised at! She and I were best friends! She's an Anima too! That's the only time she can see, since she's blind! I showed her how to fly like that by using wind current reflections, kinda like a bat using supersonic in the dark!"

"Long time, no see!" Ginger giggled at her joke. "Get it? 'No see'? Ahaha, I crack myself up."

Cooro laughed and everyone looked on in disgust and utter shock of the situation. It was mostly because Cooro had said something remotely intelligent for once. Then, Senri picked a flower from a random flowerpot nearby and put it in his book. Husky sighed and put down his rod and Nana felt relieved. Then, Cooro's stomach growled over all the noise.

"Want a cupcake, Cooro?" Ginger asked, holding out the cupcake again.

"Yes please!" Cooro said, taking the cupcake and biting into it.

Ginger brought out many more cupcakes from her bag and the gang sat on the floor to eat them, because they were hungry too. Husky sat there, grumbling about there being another girl. Nana glanced over at him and sighed. He's never going to change, is he? Nana turned and saw Ginger staring at her. It made her feel uncomfortable.

"What is it, Ginger?" Nana asked.

"Hm…when did you two start loving one another?" Ginger asked innocently.

Nana and Husky spit out their cupcakes in unison, blushing madly. Cooro laughed so hard, he began to choke on his. Senri began to pat Cooro's back until he spit it out. Cooro thanked him. Then, the uncomfortable silence began. Ginger sat there, staring at Nana and Husky, who were trying not to look at one another in their embarrassment, while Cooro was laughing his head off. Senri just watched a fly buzz around the room. Then, Husky cleared his throat.

"How…did you know that?" he asked.

"Oh, just the fact that you two seem so happy, and yet so wary, together. That and you guys kept glancing over at each other."

Nana blushed. Even a blind girl noticed. Wait a second.

"How did you know we were looking at one another?" Nana asked.

"Aha!" Ginger said with a look of accomplishment on her face. "You were! I knew it!"

Everyone else sweatdropped. Even Cooro did. And he doesn't sweatdrop often! Anywho, then Ginger stared into space quizzically.

"So, when did ya?" Ginger asked.

"Um…" Nana said.

"I first liked her when chased after me when I wanted to leave the group," Husky said.

Everyone looked at him in shock. That's…so long ago! Why didn't I notice?! Nana thought. Ginger looked at Nana.

"Your turn Nana-chan~" Ginger said, happily. "If you answer, I'll give an answer to something too~"

What is she going to do now? Nana thought. But, she sighed.

"…I first liked him when…he saved me from drowning in the mountains," Nana admitted.

Husky turned to me, and she gave a faint smile to him. He smiled back, but bigger, friendlier.

"Hey," he said. "We started liking each other around the same time!"

Wow. He's right! "Yeah, you're right!" Nana said, smiling brighter.

"I started liking Cooro when he saved me from a rabid cat."

Everyone looked at Ginger in shock. She was blushing a little, but was still smiling. Cooro blushed.

"I started liking Ginger when she told me I was her 'angel of sight'," Cooro said, giving a big Cooro Smile.

Everyone looked between the smiling couple and Senri just stared.

"…Rose when we met…" Senri said.

Everyone was quiet, each one blushing. Then, Nana felt uncomfortable. This is awkward, she thought, fidgeting. We just confessed our loves. She bit into her cupcake again and chewed, looking around the group, who was either staring at the floor (or the fly, in Senri's case. Poor fly. It must feel uncomfortable too.), or eating their cupcake. Once Nana finished her's, she dusted off her hands and got up.

"I'm going for a walk," she said, backing towards the door.

"Can I come?" Husky asked, getting up and picking up his rod.

"S-sure," she stuttered.

Why am I stuttering?! Nana asked herself as she and Husky walked out the door. They walked out of the Inn and into the streets, passing by shops that were closing because it was almost seven pm. Husky kept right beside Nana, a little to the back, as if he was looking for a rapist or something. They were quiet until they reached a park.

The sky was now a dark midnight blue, with little shining stars dappled across it. Street lights were giving a dim glow to the pavement stones, since it was mostly covered by the trees, and the half moon was giving the water fountain a look of splashing moonlight. The fountain had a statue of a fairy wearing a flowing dress. It had elf ears and flowing hair that blew in an invisible breeze. It had its hand raised out to an unseen person, and was smiling. The moonlight also reflected off of a little marble bench in front of the fountain. Roses and other flowers seemed to be frozen in time in the calm night, and fireflies danced in the sky, making the whole scene glow a little more with enchantment. Some calm, soft music played from some distant home, setting a magical mood to the whole view.

Oh…my…gawd…Nana thought, gazing around. This is so…so…so…romantic. Nana blushed. And here I am with my crush, a PRINCE, all alone with it. She felt nervous to the pit of her soul and bit her lip to keep from screaming out and ruining the moment. She looked over at Husky, who was gazing in wonder at it all.

"Wow…" his voice said, softly, as if not to startle the magic and make it flee. "It's beautiful. Isn't it, Nana?"

He turned his head to her, and Nana could tell through the dark that his face became red. That is because Husky was seeing Nana. She didn't know that the moonlight's light seemed to float on her hair, glowing in a fairytale manner. She didn't know that her jade eyes glowed in the dark, and her face that was tinted pink was radiant. She didn't know that her outfit was just too cute for words, which added to her beauty. She didn't know any of it.

And he couldn't see what she was seeing. He couldn't see that his silver hair was illuminated by the moon, or that his ocean eyes were full of the gentle intensity that made her heart skip beats. He couldn't see that his outfit was growing more and more prince-like by the minute.

Both just knew that they were together and that this was love.

Husky tried to talk first, saying, "Nana…"

But Nana couldn't take it anymore. She leapt at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and planted her lips on his. Husky was stunned by her boldness, but still wrapped his arms around her waist, leaned down, and kissed her back. Nana ran her fingers through his hair and Husky's fingers played with her "tails", as Cooro said. They stayed that way for a while more, and then pulled away for air. They breathed for a bit, blushing wildly.

Then, Nana said, "I love you."

Husky smiled. "I love you too."


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