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Songs are 'I'd lie' by Taylor Swift and 'Defying Gravity' from the musical 'Wicked'

Chapter 11-I'd lie

That night, Kurt Hummel dreamt about Noah Puckerman. Of course, most of the dreams Kurt had featured the football stud. However, this one was different to the usual type of dreams he had.

Normally, Kurt's dreams consisted of Puck making love to him in his bed, the back of Puck's truck, the boy's locker room at school or on one of the school desks. Yet that night, his dream version of Puck remained fully clothed, much to his dream self's disappointment.

This dream Puck was standing on the other side of a large field. Not the football pitch at school or indeed any other field Kurt recognised. It was just a random field that seemed to stretch on and on.

Dream Kurt tried to make his way across the green in order to get to dream Puck, but there were a number of obstacles in the way.

The first problem Kurt faced was a waist deep puddle. No, not a puddle he realised as he scrambled out. It was not water he had landed in, it was Slushie, a large puddle of Slushie.

He emerged from the Slushie-filled hole and cast a despairing look down at his ruined outfit. Shaking the corn-syrup out of his eyes and smoothing down his hair, Kurt continued on his journey towards Puck.

His next challenge was the dumpster. It appeared out of nowhere, blocking his way towards the mohawked boy. After spending a few minutes trying to walk round, Kurt came to the conclusion that he would have to climb over. So he heaved himself up before tumbling over into the trash. He whimpered as his dream designer clothes were ruined further as he waded through the repugnant smelling trash.

At times, dream Kurt feared he would sink below all the garbage and die from lack of oxygen, but the thought of Noah Puckerman waiting on the other side gave him the motivation to carry on. Eventually, he made it to the other end of the dumpster and climbed out.

For some reason, Puck didn't seem to be any closer than before. He was still far out of reach, too far.

Kurt continued on his way only to find the football team blocking his path. They latched hold of him and dragged him backwards, away from Puck. He screamed for them to let him go but they ignored him. Fighting tooth and nail, Kurt desperately tried to escape as they pulled him further and further away.

All of a sudden, the team released him but they huddled around him creating a sense of entrapment. They all had their helmets on so he couldn't make out their faces but he could clearly hear all the insults they shouted at him.

'Fag!', 'Queer!', 'Poof!', 'Fairy!', 'Cock-boy!', and 'Dick-rider!'

He covered his ears trying to block out their vicious taunts.

"Shut up!" Dream Kurt yelled but the jocks only got louder, their multiple voices drowning out his single voice. "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!"

Screaming in anger and frustration, Kurt tackled the player in front of him but nothing happened. Confused, Kurt found he was still in the same spot with the team swarmed around him, their insults increasing in volume with every passing second.

So Kurt decided to use his most powerful weapon, his voice.

"Something has changed within me

Something is not the same

I'm through with playing by the rules

Of someone else's game

Too late for second guessing

Too late to go back to sleep

It's time to trust my instincts

Close my eyes and leap

It's time to try

Defying gravity…"

Slowly, the football team began to step back a little, though not enough for dream Kurt to pass by unharmed.

"I think I'll try

Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I am defying gravity

And you won't bring me down!

I'm through accepting limits

'Cause someone says they're so

Some things I cannot change

But till I try, I'll never know…"

One by one, the members of the football team crashed to their knees.

"Too long I've been afraid of

Losing love I guess I've lost

Well, if that's love

It comes at much too high a cost!

I'd sooner buy

Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try

Defying gravity

And you won't bring me down…"

Before his eyes, the dream versions of the football team wrenched off their helmets and silently screamed in anguish.

"I'd sooner buy

Defying gravity…"

The football team collapsed further onto the muddy field writhing around as though they were being electrocuted.

"Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try defying gravity

And you won't bring me down…"

In perfect canon, the football player's heads exploded.

"Bring me down!

Ohh, Ohhh, Ohhhh!"

A smile of triumph formed onto Kurt's features and he gracefully stepped over the lifeless bodies and carried on towards Puck. To his relief, a smiling Puck was stood waiting for him and each step successfully brought the two closer together.

A small interruption came in the form of Burt Hummel. The dream version of Kurt's father clapped a hand on his son's shoulder whilst glaring warningly over at Puck.

"Dad, please." Kurt begged. "I love him and I know he loves me too. You don't always have to protect me."

"I'm watching you Puckerman." Dream Burt said before facing his son, looking down into a pair of eyes that were so like his own yet at the same time so vastly different. "I love you kid. I just want you to be happy."

"I love you too dad." Kurt smiled as he hugged the dream version of his father before finding himself with empty air.

He has his father's eyes

Bubbling with excitement, Kurt broke into a run. Dream Puck started running too, both of them holding their hands out to one another but before their fingertips could reach, Kurt was tackled from the side and knocked down to the floor.

Turning his head, Kurt found a dream version of Santana above him, but she didn't look like the Santana she was used to. In place of her much beloved Cheerio uniform, the tanned girl was wearing a simple blue tracksuit, though not like the kind Sue Sylvester wore, Santana had a stylish tracksuit. Her hair was not pulled back into a tight ponytail like normal but falling freely in front of her face. But the most noticeable difference of all was the girl's face. There was no hard look in her eyes or a hint of a sneer, she looked almost sad… lonely.

"Santana?" Kurt asked uncertainly.

Dream Santana did not give a verbal reply. She rolled off of dream Kurt, not caring about the muddy ground beneath her. Her shoulders started to shake and Kurt realised that dream Santana was crying. Resting a light hand on her back, he looked up to dream Puck who had a look of guilt upon his face.

"What's going on?" Kurt asked in confusion.

"It's your dream babe, you tell me." Puck replied with a cocked eyebrow.

Dream Santana took a tight hold on Puck's ankle muttering words that Kurt could not hear, even if it was his dream.

Picking himself up, Kurt brushed the dirt of his pants and fixed his hair. Dream or not, there was no reason why his hair shouldn't look as good as ever.

He held his hand out to Puck and the muscled teen took it threading their fingers together. Smiling, Kurt made to walk away but Puck could not move with Santana still clutching on to him as though her life depended on it.

From out of nowhere, Quinn appeared in a sparkling white gown whilst Brittany showed up dressed as a bright yellow duck. The two crouched down beside their friend and gently prised Santana's fingers off of Puck. They helped the girl to her feet and bustled around her. When the two stepped away, dream Santana looked like Santana again. The Cheerio uniform was back along with the high ponytail and that sneer of indifference.

"It's time for you to let him go." Quinn told Santana gently.

"You too Quinn." Santana and Brittany said together and the three girls looked over to see a dream version of Finn and Rachel singing and dancing together.

With a start, Kurt woke up from his peculiar dream and rubbed his eyes before getting ready for school.

In the parking lot of McKinley High, the first person Kurt came across happened to be Santana. Tentatively, he stepped up to her.

"What?" She asked him in her usual rude snappish tone as she gathered her things.

"Do you love Puck?" Kurt asked her softly.

For a fraction of a second, the girl's mask slipped but she quickly forced it back on and let out a laugh.

"Oh please, I can do so much better. He's all yours." Santana told him before flipping her hair and strutting off.

And if you ask me if I love him

Letting out a sigh, Kurt followed a little way behind her and watched as she made her way over to Brittany, Matt and Mike acting as though she hadn't a care in the world.

As he stood by his locker and collected his books for first period, he was joined by Quinn who greeted him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. The two talked happily for a few moments before a pained look crossed the blonde's features. Turning his head, Kurt's eyes landed on Finn walking through the double doors with Rachel on his arm.

"Do you still love him?" Kurt asked gently.

"What? No, of course not." Quinn answered. "She can have him. He was too tall for me anyway."

"Right, too tall." Kurt said.

"Yes, far too tall." Quinn agreed with a laugh that turned into a sob half-way.

If you ask me if I love him

Reaching a hand out, Kurt squeezed his friend's shoulder gently and offered her an understanding smile. She smiled back gratefully before linking her arm with his and directing him to their lesson enquiring as to what happened between himself and Puck.

"Oh, talk of the devil." Quinn grinned as she spied the unmistakable mohawk moving towards them. "Go get him."

"Wish me luck Barbie girl." Kurt replied as he smoothed his hair and clothes out before straightening up and walking to meet Puck.

"Luck." Quinn whispered as she watched the fashion-crazed boy walk towards the Jewish stud.

"Hello, Noah Puckerman." Kurt breathed out as they stood before one another in the middle of the corridor.

"Hey babe." Puck replied as his eyes scanned the shorter boy's body.

"I really think I want to kiss you now." Kurt confessed before he could stop himself and Puck smirked in amusement.

"Sounds good to me." Puck told him as he gently took hold of Kurt's chin but the soprano forcibly pushed Puck's hand away and took a step back. "What's wrong?"

Turning his eyes away from Puck, Kurt looked about the corridors and saw that they were receiving some curious looks from the other students. He also caught sight of the football team and the expressions on their faces were far from friendly.

"Noah, this would be social suicide for you." Kurt pointed out. "If we go public, you'll have to deal with a lot more than the occasional Slushie facial. It will be a Slushie every day... dumpster tosses… queer-bashing… I hate to even think what else."

"Bring it." Puck replied shrugging his shoulders uncaringly. "I can take it."

"You say that now." Kurt told him quietly. "But I know how important popularity is to you and if you and I become an item… you'll never be popular again. This will be worse on you than on me. I'm allowed to be gay, people expect it… but you, you're not supposed to be harbouring same sex tendencies. They will torture you."

"I don't care." Puck insisted as leaned in close to Kurt. "Babe, we can do this. You love me right?"

"Hey, Puck!" One of the members of the football team called out. "Don't stand too close to the fag, the dancing poof might get a boner!"

A chorus of laughter rang out through the halls but Kurt simply rolled his eyes at their immaturity determined not to let their words bother him.

"Dude, shut the fuck up, or I will massacre you." Puck threatened in a dangerously low voice before turning back to Kurt and gently placing his hands on the boy's slim hips. "Princess?" He whispered a little uncertainly. "You still love me… don't you?"

Taking a deep breath, Kurt stepped away from the guitar player and looked him right in the eye. Once he was sure his voice wouldn't shake, he answered Puck's question.

"No." Kurt told him projecting as much false venom into the syllable as possible. "I don't love you and I don't want you. So just go back to those dumb jock friends of yours and we'll pretend this never happened."

"Kurt…" Puck tried to say but the other boy cut him off.

"See you at the dumpster tomorrow morning Puckerman." Kurt said coldly leaving a devastated Puck behind.

He made it all the way to the second floor girls' bathroom and managed to lock himself inside a stall before Kurt Hummel burst into tears. Searching his bag, he pulled out his own tissues and dabbed at his wet eyes.

It killed him to walk away from his chance at happiness with Noah Puckerman, but he felt it was the right thing to do. He'd read somewhere once that the right thing to do was often the option that hurt most, and this decision hurt like hell so it must have been right. If he and Puck were together, they would only be caused hassle for the remainder of their school careers.

For Kurt, it was different. He was used to it, he could take it. But Puck wouldn't be able to cope. The other jocks would destroy Puck if they knew the truth and Kurt couldn't bare the thought of that happening. So he had to walk away and the only way Puck would let Kurt go was if he believed he didn't love him.

Once Kurt had composed himself and erased all signs of his recent tears, he stepped back out into the main part of the school to face the student population with a mask of indifference.

When he later ran into Finn, he flirted with the tall boy shamelessly much to Rachel's chagrin and Puck's jealousy.

From the corner of his eye, Kurt spotted an angry Puck marching over with a concerned looking Quinn right behind him closely followed by a fierce looking Mercedes.

"Damn white boy, what's going on?" Mercedes demanded to know looking at Kurt as though he'd come to school wearing second-hand clothes.

"Finn and I were just talking." Kurt answered her. "Right Finn?"

"Sure." Finn replied with a dopey smile. "Hey dude, you think you could help me out with those new dance moves?"

"Of course." Kurt replied.

"Thanks man, you're really awesome Kurt." Finn said.

"It's my pleasure." Kurt told him resting a hand on the tall boy's forearm.

"Kurt, look at me." Puck pleaded but Kurt pretended to ignore him as well as Quinn, Rachel and Mercedes and offered to help Finn rehearse in the choir room right away.

"Cool, let's go." Finn agreed and the two set off together.

"Kurt!" Puck, Quinn and Mercedes called out.

"I really hate Puck right now." Finn commented loud enough for the mohawked teen to hear.

"Right… me too." Kurt replied keeping his eyes forward so he wouldn't see the hurt that crossed Puck's face.

I'd lie

The End

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