I Do Not Own Naruto!

My first story ever please be nice!

Hey the names Sasuke Uchiha. I am the prince of the high school, Konoha High School. I'm cold to everybody except for my friends. I have a lot of fangirls and they are annoying. Well, actually all of my best friends have fanclubs but I have the most fans. I'm also a genius and I'm not very social.

Now I'm gonna tell you about my friends.

Male Friends:

Naruto Uzumaki - My best friend, he's loud-mouth, loves ramen, can rely on him if you need him, and trustworthy. Oh yeah he's also an idiot.

Shikamaru Nara - A pure genius, extremely lazy, he finds everything troublesome and he uses the word a lot, and a great friend.

Neji Hyuuga - He's like me except he talks more than I do, also a genius, and a good friend.

Female Friends:

Ino Yamanaka - A good friend, also a loud-mouth,use to be fangirl, makes better grades the Naruto, also girly, and likes to shop way to much.

Tenten - A good friend, tom-boyish, smart, sometimes loud, also sporty, and she like sharp objects.

Hinata Hyuuga - Also a good friend, kinda girly and kinda tomboyish, smart, shy, quiet, sometimes faints, barley shops, never a fangirl, and cousin of Neji.

My friends are kinda in a relationship with each other. Like Shikamaru and Ino, Neji and Tenten, and Naruto and Hinata. I'm the single one here. I have specific taste on who I like. I HATE my fangirls.

They don't give me privacy at all. They're alway up in my space. Touching me and stuff, makes me sick and a lot of these fangirls are sluts I can't stand them.

The type of girl I like is someone who doesn't like me at first. Then I take interest, finds out more about her, and if I like what I see, then go all possessive, and I won't give up until I get the girl. She also has to be uniquely beautiful. I like unique things. So all of this means Sasuke wants what he can't get, and he always gets what he wants.

But I doubt I'll meet someone like that, I mean yeah I have 2 female friends who didn't like me when they first saw me but they weren't my type they weren't unique.

Next, My Family:

Mikoto - Great mom, helps me and yes, I am a mama's boy. And right now she's on vacation.

Fugaku - The dad, helps me sometimes, always away on business trips, I barely see him.

Itachi - He's a great brother, helps me out a lot, but he's away in college so I haven't seen him in a year.

So I live in my mansion all by myself besides the maids and the servants there.

Oh yeah did I tell you the we're rich, but I have the most money out of all my friends.

My dad owns Uchiha Industries.

Naruto's dad owns Uzumaki Corps.

Shikamaru's family owns high-tech technology.

Neji and Hinata's family owns a dojo.

Ino's family owns Yamanaka's Flowers.

And Tenten's dad owns a weapon industry.

We're all rich and very popular but I'm the most popular, that's why I'm known as the prince of this school and also my parents owns the school.

The story begins in the next chapter!