Hey guys I'm sorry for not updating. I want to but things are just getting worst for me. My friend died recently because he was bullied. I was in so much distress I couldn't get my work done in school. So I've been stressing over work and missing a lot of school because of sickness and the death of my friend. I've been really depressed. My friends and I have been feeling the pain but my parents are not helping at all. It's getting more and more stressed in my house so much drama. It's making me insane. Today's my birthday too. And to start out the day my mom made me cry and not in a good way either. So I'm just depressed. I just can't get to it anymore at the moment. I am going to update them. This year isn't starting out good at all. I'm sorry I'm ranting to you guys. I felt that you guys should know since I feel guilty for leaving you hanging. I'm sorry.