Demetri and Bella were disturbed from their chess game when a lower guard pounded on the door of their quarters. They were quickly told that Aro had requested that they 'assemble in the throne room immediately'. Upon hearing this, Demetri quickly dismissed the guard while Bella grabbed two sets of dark grey cloaks, handing one of them to her mate. In brisk efficient movements, the cloaks were fastened and the powerful couple began their stride towards the throne room.

Demetri, having spent centuries in Volterra knew that the term 'immediately' meant that somewhere, there was an 'emergency'. He was concerned. Very few times had Aro abandoned his relaxed gracefulness to declare an 'emergency' situation; after all, the Volturi were strong and rarely found a threat that was truly dangerous.

Bella was anxious too, as they weaved through lower guards that were blissfully unaware of the 'emergency', whatever it was. Bella's last and only 'emergency' was when Demetri was kidnapped; as her mind flickered through the memories of her friends, she feared the worst for every single one of them. Demetri and Bella arrived at the throne room in record breaking speed, made even more surprising by the fact that they had not broken into a run.

They slid lithely into their pre-allotted places, Bella next to Jane, while Demetri was slightly in front of Felix. Within the next forty seconds, the remaining senior guards and best fighters had also squeezed into their places. Without wasting any more time, Aro stood up, clapping his hands to demand undivided attention and spoke urgently. "I have just been informed by Charles and Makenna that a large newborn army are approaching Volterra!"

There was a slight gasp from some of the less experienced fighters (Bella was proud to say that she was not one of them). Most of the vampires merely reacted by a tightening of their facial muscles or a narrowing of their eyes.

"We must prepare immediately." Aro began to say but he was interrupted when a loud 'crash' was heard in the distance; seconds later a lower guard, Robert, barged into the throne room, not even pausing to knock.

"They are here!" He gasped wildly. "We have around fifty newborns attacking the southern wall!"

Now, normally at such news there would be widespread pandemonium resulting in absolutely no plans being drawn up. However, the Volturi were well accustomed to fighting and hence the entire group began making their way to the south wall. Bella and Jane were leading one of the largest groups of fighters; they had both defensive and offensive abilities between them – the ideal combination.

Demetri brushed past Bella.

Take care. He seemed to convey with his eyes as he led his group.

When Bella and Jane made it to the southern wall, they saw pandemonium. Vampires everywhere; the newborns could be distinguished by their clothing, which was composing mostly of ragged fabrics which seemed to resemble the styles worn in South America – or Mexico maybe?

However, Bella had little time to dwell on the origins of the newborns because her eyes had been drawn to someone else.

Somebody standing at the back of the army wearing a dangerous scowl on his face.

Somebody she not only recognised but shared some kind of twisted familiarity with. This familiarity included companionship, camaraderie yet twice he had tried to kill her.


Her jaw dropped and in that one short second of surprise, Bella's shields wavered and the newborns flung themselves more confidently into the battle, feeling the slight weakening of defences. Their aggravated snarls were what made Jasper's head snap upwards, meeting Bella's eyes. She wanted to recoil from the violent red of his irises. But somehow, she managed to hold her ground, watching carefully as Jasper began to sling towards the left, out of the man bulk of fighting.

Realising that Jane was calling out orders and seemingly unaware of Bella's preoccupation, Bella snuck off. Using her shield, Bella was able to ensure that none of the newborns or even any of the guards got in her way. Bella was certain she wouldn't be missed; despite the surprise, the Volturi were at an easy advantage.

With the din roaring beside them, Bella stopped two metres from the menacing blonde vampire.

"Bella." He was smiling at her; the same charming smile that had helped him ascend the ranks of the army during his youth.

"Jasper." Inside, Bella was a bit perplexed although she managed to maintain a mild smile.

But then suddenly Jasper was snarling and flying through the air towards her, yelling in unconcealed torment, "You killed Alice! And now, I am going to kill you!"

Bella's eyes widened. Jasper felt satisfied, having succeeded his plan of revenge. However, Jasper had been completely unaware of the existence of Bella's shield. Hence, he was flung roughly away, shell shocked, into the remains of his newborn army and was decimated efficiently by Felix, who hadn't noticed the difference between Jasper and the other newborn foes.

And hence within seconds of Jasper's destruction, the battle was over. Bella slid back to where Jane was now ordering the lower guards to leave the wall. The petite blonde shot her a look that clearly stated 'where have you just been?' which Bella ignored. She was only interested in one person, Demetri whom she ran through the fray to meet.

Bella managed to pounce into his arms, grinning as she noticed his hair, ruffled out of its normally perfect state.

"Just another job right?" Demetri jibed alluringly. "More random vampires trying to bring the Volturi down?"

Bella snuggled into her mate's shoulder.

"Sure." She murmured. But there was a faint sharpness in her eyes that spoke otherwise.

But then again, why worry when you have your happy ending? When Demetri and Bella were due to spend centuries and even millenniums as the finest and most prestigious couple in the Volturi, what was a small altercation with a vengeful vampire?

It would be known as one of the small blemishes that came with an otherwise spotless life.

Author's Note:

So this is where this story officially ends. I hope you enjoyed this extra little epilogue and will be kind enough to offer a review. And once again, thanks so much for reading! Your support has been wonderful.