Authorial Note: Yes, the Nobody Dies non-canon fic-addition (fan fiction)^2 club grows larger. No, wait, it doesn't. The Kei Files has actually officially been canonised (see the spacebattles thread for proof), and hence is only fanfic, not (fanfic)^2. And with the appearance of Kei in Chapter 43, this explains how she got to her current state.

Now, the Kei Files cover the exploits... yes, exploits is probably the best word, of the last of the Ree, Kei, who, if you remember, was taken captive by SEELE as a hostage at the end of Chapter 19, for as long as Yui maintains her possession of the Lance of Longinius. She was the one who took over the NERV base, actually speaks properly, instead of Rei-style, and is generally... well, kinda a-budding-evil-genius. Just like her human mother. Which is probably more dangerous, actually; only one of Lilith and Yui are nailed to a cross in NERV's basement, after all. The other runs the place.

So... anyway. Enjoy.

Nobody Dies: The Kei Files

Episode 00

The circle of monoliths stood on a plane which was, if not infinite (and it was not), as large as the impressive computational resources that SEELE could bring to the task could produce.

"And what of Dr Ikari's pet monsters?" asked 04. "To be precise, the one which we possess. I feel that this tool has more use than as a simple bargaining tool."

"Do not underestimate the utility of any leverage over Dr Ikari,"

"She has always been dangerously independent," added 06, with what would have been disapproval in its voice, had it not been an emotionless monolith designed to obscure the identity of the individual communicating through it as much as possible.

"And whose fault is that?" asked 09.

"Presumably that of the individuals who let her build up her power base without sufficient constraints," said 06, as quickly as the words could come out.

There was a pause.

"That wasn't what I meant," said 09, a tone which, if it had not been a distorted, mechanical, emotionless rendition of the words, would have been deemed to be sulky entering the voice. "You know that."

"Silence." The words from 01 were flat, and level. As usual.

"Seriously, can we get some emotional modulation in these things," asked 02. "It really would make these meeting easier."

"Table it for the next meeting," ordered 01.

There was a pause.

"Who is the scribe, exactly," asked 05, once a sufficient amount of time had passed.

"You know, that sort of subverts the point of a anonymous meeting," said 09. "But, if you meant, which one of us is responsible for transcribing these events... then that would be me."

"Ahem!" said 01, and it very much was a word, rather than a clearing of a throat. "What... what were we even talking about before?"

"The eighth of Dr Ikari's pet monsters," said 06, promptly. "It has been proposed that we are making insufficient use of the asset of a Nephilim... and one which is descended from She Who Ate From the Tree of Knowledge, not from the Tree of Life, it might be added."

"That is certainly a valid point," agreed 11.

"What is proposed, then?" asked 01.

There was a pause, as each member of SEELE tried to work out how to play this to his or her best advantage. 06 was the first to respond. "Obviously, it would be foolish to simply remove the being from its deep freeze," it rumbled. "Quite apart from the fact that as a Lilithian-entity, it is innately harder to control," and all of the room was aware of the irony of that statement, "it is loyal as a daughter to Dr Ikari. Moreover, above and beyond that, it is unstable, as with all but one of its kind."

"There are... things which can be done to remedy that," said 02, slowly.

"Indeed. And they should be considered. If and only if the entity can be found to be useful in some way which overcomes the not-inconsiderable cost and dangers that stability would bring to us. And risks." 08's words were, in pacing, disapproving. "Be aware of the risks."

"Hence why I do not propose warming it, yet," retorted 06. "It is kept in a virtual reality simulation, within a self-contained environment. It is isolated. From within there, it may be examined. Studied."

"Speak your mind," said 01.

"I propose that we send Tabris to ascertain the potential value of the asset," said 06. "And... he seems to exhibit a certain... fascination with that geneline. I am sure that he will not be hard to persuade," he added drily. "As a VR simulation, the risks involved are minimal."

It was, with debate, enough to sway SEELE to that point of view. After all, nothing could go wrong, correct?