The Cullens have been living in London, but when there was a car crash outside the high school they are attending, Carlisle saves yet another life by turning the girl vampire. This takes place 102 years after Breaking Dawn.


Bella's POV

Edward and I were attending a private school in London with the rest of the family. Married for 102 good long years, we have had grief in our lives when our beloved daughter and son in law Jacob Black died of age. Renesmee was 82 when she died, had the looks of a teen, but eventually her vampires traits wore off. Jacob died a year and a half after her, but that was 20 years ago.

"My Bella, you ready for school?" Edward cooed as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm ready." I said as I put down a picture of Jake and Ness. This was our first school without Renesmee and Jacob.

"Are you sure you're up to going?" Edward asked.

"I'm going to be okay, they've been on my mind lately, that's all." I nodded hesitantly.

"I know honey, it's hard." Edward said sympathetically. "Maybe we can adopt, take a few years off from going to school."

"Maybe." I sighed and grabbed my hobo bag from the neatly made bed.

Edward and I walked out to the door and out on the stone driveway to his new Volvo. He wouldn't get a BMW or some other make of a car; it had to be a Volvo. Edward zoomed off to school, Abercorn School. I stepped out of the car expecting Renesmee or Jake to come up behind us but no one did. The rest of the Cullens, I hadn't seen in 5 years. Carlisle came for a visit every once and a while when Edward called him to check on my emotional standings. For example, Carlisle was coming this weekend for a visit due to Edward and me going back to school and Renesmee and Jake not being there.

"Can I help you?" An elderly woman asked as we walked up to the front desk and check in with our schedules.

"We are new here." Edward said.

"Names?" She asked.

"Isabella Cullen and Edward Cullen." I told her.

"Here you go." She smiled and handed us our schedules. I examined them and we had all classes together just like we requested.

"Thank you." Edward said charmingly and we walked to our lockers, which were on the opposite sides of the same hallway and we grabbed our books for first period.

Edward was excited that we had Biology together, has he once said that any biology class was "The class of love." I told him never to say that again and he just laughed.

The lessons passed throughout the day and we stood in the back of the car before getting in. "Hey look there's Carlisle." I pointed out and he waved from the sidewalk. We walked over to greet him and he gave me hugs and we started talking. The last thing I knew, Edward had me tangled in his arms with us in a huddle on the ground, horns blared and I heard glass break with the sound of cars smashing.