He sat there, in his chair, listening intently. His stomach and mind churned over the unexpected revelation of their kiss, but instead he watched their faces as they described going home, and going to bed.

His knee was bouncing up and down, something he only did when he was nervous. Her hand was near her mouth, like she was trying to hold in the words. Their arms were stretched toward each other on the couch, like they were reaching for comfort.

Sweets had thought that she couldn't lie. Booth could, he knew that. But Dr. Brennan . . . He would never have thought that she could fool him at lying, and she almost did. They both almost did, except for one little thing.

Though they appeared to be looking at him, they were really looking at each other. And though they spoke of just a kiss, their eyes said so much more. Deep in the pit of his stomach, Sweets realized something: when Brennan had walked away from the bar that night, Booth had gotten in the cab with her.

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