This takes place about three years after The Reckoning. This is pretty much a follow up to The Reckoning. I might not continue after this chapter if I don't get enough feed-back, or if I don't have time. Idk.

Disclaimer: I own plot, and nothing else.

Chloe's POV.

My cell buzzed. I rolled over in my bed, groggy. It buzzed again. I sighed, and sleepily searched for the phone of my nightstand. My hand closed in around a small, oval object. I grabbed it, clicked a button to turn on the screen, and peered at it.

"One new text message" It read. I clicked another button to open the message. I studied the screen for it's sender. Tori. I rubbed my eyes, then read it.

Chloe, You'll never guess who I'm sitting with right now! You guys have to get over here, my place, ASAP!

I frowned, and looked at the digital clock, the red digits reading 5:45 A.M. I sat up, and ran my hand through my hair. I felt Derek shift next to me. Crap. I didn't mean to wake him.

"Who was that?" He grumbled, turning around to face me, still laying down. I sighed. "Tori. She sent me this." I handed my phone over to him. He blinked, then focused on the screen. "Do you think its serious?" I asked. He was still staring at the screen when he answered me. "Don't think so. But then again, when does Tori wake up around six?" He rose his eyebrows. I bit my lower lip. "I'll text her back. Just…to make sure." He gave me the phone back, and I started writing her, asking if it was important, asking if there was any danger. Even though it had been about three years since any real danger, we always had to be ready. Derek sat up, and scooted next to me, putting his arm around my waist. About five seconds later, the phone buzzed again. I opened the message.

No, no its good! But You've got to get over here now! Right now!

When I finished reading it, I glanced at Derek, his soft dark hair still hanging in his eyes. Other than that, he looked very different from what he did when I first met him.

After we got his changes under control, his acne cleared up. The puberty smack down had come to a halt. And I knew he was glad.

He looked at me with his shocking green eyes, his look questioning. I sighed, again. "Well," he said. "Guess we better get dressed."

Sorry first chapter's short. Promise the next one will be a lot longer!