AN: Can you say amazing episode? Jesus, it hurt me so much, but you know there still has to be hope for these two. And to bring that hope, I have this new multi-chap. Beware, this is probably going to be all angst, and little fluff. This is more an epilogue more than anything, which is why it's so short, but I hope that I can really get into this story, and give you longer chapters that both you (and I oddly) love.

They kissed...:D Way to go Sweets though, you always seem to break up the people we love the most...but maybe that's a good thing, because you can see Hodgins and Angela still connecting, and you know Booth isn't going to move on from Brennan. For god sakes he's been in love with her for YEARS!

One hour.

That was all she could take; one hour.

They sat across from each other in the diner, smiling like nothing happened. Smiling like their psychologist didn't tell Booth to make a move. Smiling like they never kissed. Smiling like…they didn't silently confess that they loved each other…but pain still sat heavy in the chocolate eyes Temperance Brennan found solace in so many times; and it made her feel utterly pitiful.

At first she told herself she didn't know what she was feeling, but as she chased salad across her plate she knew that was a complete and utter lie.

"Bones," he whispered softly, his voice only making the ache in her chest more pronounced "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she whispered, barely audibly, looking up at him and smiling weakly while trying to keep him from seeing the sheen in her eyes. "It's just, it's late, and I'd better be getting home."

He smiled weakly, and he finally let his shoulder slump in defeat, watching once again as this woman he fell so madly in love with run for safety, throwing bills carelessly onto the table before arranging things in her purse.

"I've got it," he assured; a smile on his face that he didn't know how he mustered, one of the final cracks taking place within his heart as his fingers brushed against her hand when he pushed her money back towards him.

"Booth," she spoke, her voice floating softly between them, and bringing pure pain and sorrow to rest heavier on her shoulders. "It's just…I'm…"

"It's alright, just, do what you have to do Bones."

A single tear slid down her cheek as she shot up, and ran from the diner, ignoring a cab and walking as fast as she could to her house, while Booth sat, a gentle sniffle in his throat as he reached over and his finger dipped into the cool warm tear that rested on the table.


She didn't know what to do, she barreled into her apartment and headed straight to the shower; somehow thinking that scolding water would not only burn away some of this unknown ache, but clear her mind of the thoughts running wild in her mind.

But she was wrong, something she found to be recurring when it came to this kind of stuff.

Even as fire ran down her spine, and her teeth clenched painfully as her skin turned red, her tears were still hotter, spilling down her cheeks and roaring loudly in her ears; like a waterfall 20 times louder than Niagara Falls.

Though eventually, she couldn't take the burning anymore and removed herself from the shower, finding herself shaking as she tried desperately to wrap a towel around herself.

She stumbled around her room, vision blurred, and breathing almost impossible as she pulled her panties and bra from her drawer, sliding them onto her body with a trouble she dizzying.

With a death grip on her threshold, she reached into her closet and pulled the first shirt out she saw. Much to her disadvantage, that shirt was one of Booth's that she slept in often.

A sob broke her lips as she slid the soft material over her head and she brought her nose to the collar, his cologne still strong on the cotton and bringing her body to full tremors before she pressed her back to the wall and she slid to her downfall.

Her fingers fisted in her hair and tears spilled like waterfalls from her eyes, her sobs quiet, but heart crushing as she whispered his name in choked up breaths; his sad eyes refusing to leave her mind.

She heard pictures hanging on her wall rattle as she shook, her throat finally emitting a low and pained groan, before she coughed and tears seemed to suffocate her in a tide pool of unfamiliar suffering.

She didn't know how long she sat in that position, but once her tears seemed to slow her whole face, neck, and arms were drenched, and she couldn't see until she squinted away lasting agony and read that it was 1 o'clock in the morning.

She tried pushing up off the floor but her arms failed and she fell on her side, finding her space suitable for some sort of rest. Her knees pressed into her chest and her body started to shake again, a last earthquake of hurt resting somewhere in her body; soft sobs being released to clash in the air of her bedroom.

"I told him I was trying to protect him," she whispered to herself, running her finger in absent minded patterns over her carpet "From me none the less, but, just seeing his eyes…I failed."

"I miserably and utterly failed."