Author's Notes and Disclaimer

I do not own Code Geass nor any of the plot below since it is based off of Code Geass

This is an alternate history that diverges several years before C.C.'s meeting with Lelouch. CC will be making an appearance later, as will the reasons for her lack of involvement. Note I am not planning on pairing Lelouch and Nina, they just happen to be accomplices. I thought it would be interesting to write a story where Lelouch didn't get his geass when he did.

History often hinges on a single moment. Often a single event changes the course of one's destiny. To some it can be a meeting, to others a life changing event, to others it can be a death. In this story CC never encountered Lelouch in the ghetto that day. The day passed as one more uneventful day after a chess match against another nobleman.

Without CC being present, there was no attempted destruction of the Shinjuku Ghetto, and without the near destruction of the Ghetto, Zero's birth was delayed. Without the fight, Suzaku was never found by Lloyd, and thus never piloted the Lancelot. Without the Lancelot's successful test runs, Knightmare development was pushed back severely. Without the Black nights there was no need for innovation. Thus stagnation set into weapon's development. Without Zero and the Black Rebellion, the EU started falling even faster to the encroaching Britannian Empire. Without Zero, Xing Ke successfully kidnapped the young Empress and split the Chinese Confederation in two.

In short, without the meeting of CC and Lelouch, Britannia now holds nearly three quarters of the entire world by the year 2020 a.t.b. It was nearing the point where nothing seemed capable of stopping the jugernaught that was the Holy Britannian Empire.

But As Lelouch once said, meeting CC merely pushed up his plans be several years. Thus the birth of Zero while delayed would soon challenge the might of the Empire.

Ashford Academy, even now remains the same that it always has. The elegant white washed buildings, the chatter of the students. In truth nothing has changed here in the two years since Lelouch's graduation. Lelouch stood on the old clubhouse balcony just watching, letting time slip by him for a short while. In chess, there are times when one must wait for one's opponent to make their move. Depending on the opponent, this could mean seconds, minutes, or hours. When he had been younger, things had been (or perhaps seemed) more pressing to him then they actually were.

He shook his head slightly at such thoughts.

"Lelouch, are you sure about this?" The voice belonged to Nina Einstein, the person who was currently responsible for having allowed Lelouch to advance his plans by a few years. Perhaps not as fast as a magical power, but such things just didn't exist. So Lelouch took what he could get.

"Why the concern, Nina? Kallen's your friend isn't she?" Lelouch finally turned away from the balcony towards the interior of the building.

"She's half Ele..Japanese." Lelouch held back a slight sigh of disappointment. Even after the past three years, Nina still had issues with anyone not of Britannian blood. Though having come to understand her reasons and upbringing, he couldn't really blame her entirely. It was one more symptom of the greater problem caused by the Britannian Empire.

"Then she will be all the more useful wouldn't she? She has a reason to fight. And fight she has." Lelouch's mind went back to the report that had been gathered on one Kallen Stadtfeld, or Kozuki Kallen as she might be preferred to be called, detailing many of her previous endeavors as a 'freedom fighter'. "Piloting Knightmare Frames throughout her time at the academy, several successful thefts of military objects, even a few deaths have come about because of her. But she and her group have yet to target civilians, unlike other organizations such as the JLF. She's also good at acting and keeping her thoughts hidden."

"Exactly. Why should we trust her? I mean, I'm sure we can find someone else? She's never been our friend, always lying and hiding away." Nina's face looked desperate. She truly wasn't convinced that this was the best option.

"That would be wasteful. Besides how many Knightmare pilots can beat a Vincent using only a Glasgow? Not many I'm afraid. Or rather the ones that can are all against us for the most part." Glancing at Nina's still troubled face he played his trump card. "Nunally considers her a friend."

"Nunally does?" Nina' face softened slightly. "But…." It was at this time an interruption could be heard at the door.

"Aw, man! Lelouch here you are. The Prez, err Lady Asplund has been looking all over for you. Aww man it's been ages." Rivalz burst in to the room, grinning like always. Mentioning Milly's new name caused Rivalz to get quieter, but nothing could keep him down for long.

Then he saw Nina. "Nina, wow! I'm surprised you're here. I mean you're pretty famous now. I mean back in the academy who'd have thought that you'd end up running a company as large as Fleija."

Fleija was a company that had been born right after Nina's graduation at the Academy. The company's name was synonymous with innovation. It was responsible for the development of a car sized float system. This, due to the similarity to the floats used on Knightmare Frames, had been a big seller. Fleija was also behind recent advances in the communication networks. The truly amazing part was that the company was based in Area 11, and the technology had been developed by an 18 year old girl fresh out of high school. Of course, that was only the surface information available to the public

"Now Rivalz, I'm sure Nina doesn't want to talk about business right now. She's taken some time off from both work and her studies to be here with us today."

Nina nodded. "I know it's going to be good to see everyone again." Her voice, despite her attempt at being normal, didn't really mask her nerves. She knew some of what was to come.

"I know. I'm happy that the old student council can get together like this here. It brings back memories." Lelouch said calmly.

"Come on Nina, relax will ya. I mean everyone here's from different classes. Like look at Milly and Shirley. One is an earl's wife and the other is a news anchor." Rivalz shrugged his shoulders lightly. "Anyway, they're waiting for us. Nunally just arrived too, so we're all here now." Rivalz led the way from the upper room back to the main room of the building.

"Nunally!" Nina's voice lit up and her expression grew full of worship and adoration as soon as Rivalz said who was there. Lelouch forced himself to keep a normal expression. He loved his youngest sister and it had been days since he had seen her. Since Nunally still lived in the Ashford, Lelouch didn't see her as often as he would like. But she was growing up slowly and steadily, and Lelouch loved her as much as he always had.

But now he had to put up with Nina. Nina was a genius, but she only came in a few varieties. Shy Nina, worshiping Nina, scared Nina, xenophobic Nina, and psychotic Nina. As much as he disliked the way she acted around his sister, it was better then meeting Nina on a bad day.

It was there, in the centre of the old student council building, that Milly stood impatiently waiting for them. "You're late. We had to get started without you." Beside her stood Shirley and the ever quiet Kallen. Nunally was in her wheelchair, off to the side with Sayoko.

"Aww. Pre.. Lady Asplund. We were just talking about old times and got distracted." Rivalz started, but Milly waved at him.

"That makes me sound so old. While we're here we're the Ashford student council. Right everyone?" Milly's bubbly personality sparked a slight smile from Lelouch.

"And what about the current student council?" Lelouch drawled slightly from his spot near the door.

"Well, when I told the others that the old student council was coming back, they offered up the club house. And said they appreciated any help you could give us." Nunally, the current treasurer of the Student council, spoke up from her spot. Somehow Lelouch suspected that the new student council members had fled in terror when they heard Milly was returning.

"But President, it's up to them to do these sorts of things. It's not fair to them to help them out. Right, Lulu?" Shirley grinned from her spot at the table.

"No, no, no. We have to. It's our duty as proud alumni to help out our beloved underclassmen. Right Rivalz?" Milly stood proudly eyes burning in determination.

"Right, Prez. So, uh, what are we doing again?" Rivalz rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

"The Fireworks. Weren't you listening? The new student council is handling everything else. So all we have to do is handle the fireworks. They're off organizing the festival for tonight and we'll put off the fireworks."

Nunally smiled. "Yes, please just help with that, and we'll take care of the rest."

Shirley hugged Nunally. "Oh, look at you all grown up now."

"Shirley…" Nina started to voice her quiet objection, but got drowned out.

"Umm excuse me, but what's the occasion?" The ever reserved and sickly Kallen finally asked.

Milly just gave a Cheshire cat grin. "Why it's the Tanabata festival."

Kallen looked visibly startled at the name. The Tanabata festival was a Japanese festival held either July 7th or August 7th every year. But since the occupation, such cultural things had been discarded, and people were punished for celebrating them. But considering how Milly had run Ashford academy, back in the day, as her personal fiefdom, she could do whatever she wanted here. And since her marriage to the Earl of Asplund, well there weren't many who would challenge her.

A look of shock was portrayed on everyone's face except for Lelouch, Nina's and Milly's faces. They had already been aware of everything. And well, with Nunally, it was impossible to tell what her expression meant. Honestly, she'd keep smiling through pretty much anything. But since she was the treasurer, she'd found out about the Tanabata festival two days ago.

3 Days previous

"So, are you going to give me an explanation?" came the coy voice of Milly over the phone. "I mean, you aren't exactly the most sociable guy in the world, Lelouch. Why do you want me to invite the old student council out for such a festival?"

"Milly, I thought you'd be bored out of your mind. Don't you want to have some fun at the school with everyone?" Lelouch said smoothly over the phone.

"True. I haven't seen Nina in ages, she works so much at her company these days. And when she's not at work, she's studying for her degree. Why she wants it, I have no idea. And Kallen's been avoiding me since that last party." Milly had decided that poor Kallen needed some help in the love department and had set out to help her out. Lelouch smiled at this, knowing exactly why Kallen was avoiding marriage. Terrorist actions might get noticed by a jealous lover.

"I know. I barely see my boss either." Officially, Nina was one Lelouch Lamperouge's employer, or rather her company was. Off the paper, she was the chief inventor but left the business angles to Lelouch. This was why Fleija Incorporated was such a large company, despite the short time since graduation.

Finally Lelouch gave an artful sigh. "It's just it gets a bit lonely without Nunally. I mean I can't very well stay in the academy any more. And Nunally doesn't want to leave Ashford yet." Lelouch suspected Nunally was trying not to burden him, not that Lelouch would ever think of her as a burden. "And I haven't seen the others in ages."

"And you want me to do it because I'm the one who everyone expects to call them out of nowhere for a party right?" Milly, when she wasn't goofing off, was extremely quick witted and observant.

After a pause Milly finally continued. "Well to be honest things are getting boring around here. And I've heard that Ashford has gotten so mundane since I left." Decidedly more mundane, no more giant pizzas, no more giant hunts for Lelouch's something or other, no more threatening to cut club budgets based on lack of participation. Lelouch wasn't sure if he was envious or sorry for the new students. "But if we're holding a festival, then you've got to help out. I have this darling little pair of cat ears that need someone to try them on." No, he was definitely not sorry for the new students, he was envious.

"What's that… err you're breaking up President."

It was due to that phone call, everyone had been called out of the blue to meet up at the old Student council Clubhouse. No one wanted to miss out, mainly because Milly would track them down and find some way to force them to come. Nunally had been overjoyed to hear that everyone was coming back for a festival. And as such, she had galvanized the new student council (with the threat of Milly) into organizing the festival in only 2 days.

In a few short hours of hard work, sweat, and calling in various supply companies, the Ashford Academy's first Tanabata festival had started only hours after the old group had gotten back together. Lelouch pitied the new student council. They were good, but compared to the old student council, they were light years behind. Despite the plan of just handling the fireworks, Milly had gotten into an argument with the current president and taken charge.

Nunally had chosen to support the coup, and as such was now in charge of ordering the rest of the new student council around. Not that Nunally would ever order someone around, she just made requests that were impossible to ignore. Anyone who could refuse her innocent appeals, obviously had a heart of steel.

But in a few short hours things had come together. It just went to show where there was a will there was a way. Or rather, where there was Milly's will, was there was a way. But looking into the night sky from the top of the school and watching the students having fun, caused Lelouch to smile a bit. The students treated it as a weird activity like the ones they had heard had happened often years ago. Those years ago, being when Milly was president.

With Lelouch on the roof were Nina and Kallen. Kallen sat listlessly on the ground fiddling with some of the fuses. Despite her attitude Lelouch could see Kallen's familiarity with explosives.

Kallen's listlessness was due in part to her act but was more likely due to her extracurricular activities. Most of the other terrorist cells had been disappearing. This might be because of Prince Clovis' actions, or from cells simply giving up. It had been 10 years since the fall of Japan. And while things were awful, more and more people were giving up hope and trying to become honorary Britannians. Of course, most couldn't, due to lack of paper work or simply due to bureaucracy. Even if people couldn't take that route they just stopped fighting. Kallen's group was one of the last small cells left. The only major group's left being the JLF and the Kyoto Houses.

"So how are things going Kallen? Or should I call you Miss Stadtfeld now?" Lelouch had chosen his timing carefully right before the fireworks started. He walked over to her and offered her a bottle of water. He signaled Nina to start on the plan they had arranged earlier.

Kallen gave a wan smile. "Fine. But I've been getting more and more ill recently. I'm continuing my studies by correspondence."

"Ahh. I hope things get better soon for you. The Britannian Empire doesn't have much of a place for those with disabilities. Especially physical." Kallen looked a bit annoyed. Actually Lelouch figured she was down right enraged at him if she was showing that much annoyance. "Nunally is going to have a hard time after graduating"

"Ahh right." Kallen looked away for a second before continuing and changing the topic "Why is Lady Asplund doing all this again? I mean, why hold these events? I have not seen her actually participate in any of the activities tonight at all."

"Milly likes organizing events and watching other people have fun. Remember the Cupid event?" Kallen nodded slightly. "She organized it for me and Shirley. Even though we didn't stay together. And as for the Japanese cultural theme, well that's Milly for you." Actually Lelouch had been surprised as to the type of festival as well. Of course the festival was horribly mangled form it's original roots. There were dresses and suits instead of kimonos being worn. The music was of a different sort. But, there was still a giant tree, newly planted, in the courtyard for the paper wishes to be hung upon.

"Still it's nice to see the festival again." Lelouch continued.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was younger my sister, and I were taken by a friend to the Tanabata festival. It was before the invasion but it was something we all enjoyed." Lelouch smiled and continued. "I can't even remember what I wished for back then." Which, of course was a lie. Even then Lelouch's wish had been to get revenge for his sister's blindness and his mother's death. It wasn't until after the invasion that his wish had changed to destroying the Britannian Empire.

"Well I hope what ever you wished for came true."

He smiled and rose to his feet. "Nina, are the fireworks ready on your end?" He called across the balcony.

Nina waved from her end of the roof "Yes."

Lelouch smiled. He had many reasons for wanting to come here. To see Kallen again and place the transmitter in her phone, which Nina had just done. The second was that he wanted to fulfill his promise with Milly before his plans started. He had promised that together with everyone they would meet up and shoot off fireworks again. And two years later, tonight in fact, they finally would keep that promise. After this, according to Lelouch's calculations and plans, there was only a slight chance that everyone would meet like this again.

He hoped that they would forgive him if they ever found out what he was going to do. But even if they didn't, he couldn't stop, wouldn't stop. It had to be done for Nunally's sake and those like Nunally.

"Thank you for all the help today." Nunally bowed her head slightly in Milly's direction.

"No problem. It's great to be back here again. It's like we're all students again." Milly giggled. "Some things never change." Shirley had been looking in Lelouch's direction all day even though she knew Lelouch saw her only as a friend. Nina was quiet and diligent in her work. Rivalz ran around trying to help organize things but always jumping to do what ever task Milly thought was most important.

"I know. I miss those days. But we're going to keep on going and making new and better days in the future." Nunally's expression showed her feelings of nostalgia.

"Hmm." Milly voiced a slight agreement. Her grin was as always cheerful and cat like, but a slight hint of sadness remained in her voice.

"What's wrong?" Nunally, ever perceptive to people around her, had caught the slight feeling of discontent from Milly.

"It's nothing. You're imagining things." Milly laughed it off. "Are you sure you want to come up to the roof to celebrate with us? I mean you might want to stay down here with your new friends." Left unspoken was that Nunally wouldn't be able to see the fireworks.

"Even if I can't see the fireworks it's nice being with everyone again. Big Brother doesn't come around as often now that he has to work. I wish he had chosen to go to university instead." Nunally knew the reason though. Lelouch wouldn't leave the city where she lived, and he wanted to be able to support her as soon as possible. He didn't like accepting favors from the Ashfords, as it was doubtful he would ever be in a position to repay them. At least, these were Nunally's thoughts on the reason for her brother's actions.

"Well, if he didn't stay nearby, he'd never get to see your smiling face as often as he wanted." Milly grinned and Nunally giggled slightly. Thus the two of them left the festivities to head towards the roof for one more adventure. One last hurray with everyone from school together again.

July 18 2020 a.t.c. 11:50pm

Kallen finally managed to get home, and crashed into her bed in an unladylike manner. "Ughhh." She hated it. She hated acting like one of those brainless flighty Britannian girls. She was Japanese damn it. But she had to keep up the act as Ohgi put it. Without the act, she might get found out and get traced back to the rest of them. Though really what was there to be traced back to these days?

It was like everyone had given up. Most of the other resistance groups had disappeared or called it quits. Some days when Kallen was really down she understood why some of the others had given up. Britannian controlled most of the world. It seemed like in a few more years it would control everything. Once that happened how long would it last for? Kallen shuddered slightly in the dark at that thought.

But she wasn't going to give up. Not like those traitors had. She would keep fighting; she had to believe that someday they could win. Someday the Britannians would be forced out.

Ring. Ring. It was her cell phone. Who was calling her this late at night? Was it Ohgi? Had something happened? Kallen sprang out of bad dashing for her discarded cloths. Searching through them she pulled out her phone. The caller I.D. read ZERO. Who was that?

"Hello." Curiosity being the driving force she picked up the phone.

"Hello Kallen Kozuki."

"Who is this?' Kallen overcame her surprise at having her last name used by responding harshly. No one used that name except for other resistance members and only a few knew her phone number. And this voice belonged to none of them.

"Someone who has an offer for Ohgi and the rest of your group. I believe I have some information that might interest you."

"What are you talking about? I don't know anyone named that." Kallen tried to bluster her way out of this.

"Kaname Ohgi, 30 years old, used to be a teacher at Jindai High School. Turned to fighting against the Empire full time after the death of Naoto Kozuki." Kallen winced slightly, her mind racing about the implications.

"He owns a small warehouse in the Ghettos where he organizes a small group of resistance members whose most impressive accomplishment to date was the destruction of a Vincent, using only a Glasgow and out dated weapons. Anther member is Tamaki."

"Enough. What is it you want?" Kallen knew that whoever this was knew too much about them. She needed to stall for time. She needed to warn Ohgi that someone knew who they were.

"At the moment, a meeting. Please summon your group at 5:00pm tomorrow as I have a proposition that might interest you. If you are willing, it will be possible to rid Japan of Viceroy Clovis in 5 days time."

"How do we know you aren't going to arrest us?" Or kill us, she thought to herself.

"You don't. But consider this. If I was going to arrest you and the others, I would have done so already. I look forward to speaking to you and the others tomorrow." There was a click and then nothing.

"Damn it." Kallen wanted to hurl her phone across the room. But she resisted the urge. Someone knew who they were. Hell, they almost had to meet this person just to make sure he'd keep quiet. And if he didn't, well at best they would be on the run from the empire with their faces posted all over the place. At worst they'd be dead.

But right now she needed to speak to Ohgi and warn him. Dialing his number she started talking as soon as he picked up. "Hey Ohgi something came up.."

Lelouch listened in on the conversation between Kallen and her boss Ohgi. So far, so good. They reacted exactly as he had planned. They had no choice but to come. But they weren't calling in everyone. They were going to have a few people stay back to try and ambush him on the way in or out. The pieces were all in place for the opening move.

July 19 2020 a.t.c. 5:00 pm

Ohgi looked around nervously his hand on a gun hidden in the pocket of his coat. "You sure he said here, right?"


"And he knew our names?" Ohgi questioned Kallen for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that day.

"Well, he only got off mine, yours and Tamaki's before I stopped him." Kallen hung her head slightly. Had she been thinking, she would have tried to get more names out of the mysterious caller.

"Damn it. I mean how did he find out? It's not like we're large fish or anything. Why not go after the JLF?" Tamaki exclaimed as he paced around the mostly empty warehouse. Besides the three of them there were only four others present. The other 11 members were hidden outside watching the building.

"Tamaki!" Kallen glared at him. "They're our best hope for liberation right now."

"I know. I'm just saying we haven't done anything big in a while. I mean most of us are starting to get jobs again. Why go after us small fry?" It was an important question that had been bugging Ohgi for a while now. While Tamaki was a little bit hot headed, he sometimes had a point. Rarely, once in a blue moon. Ok nearly never, but the idiot was right this time.

At exactly 5:00pm a loud beeping could be heard and then a machine could be heard whirring to life.

"Down! It's a trap." Tamaki cried diving the ground and hiding behind a crate.

"Good evening. Ohgi, Kallen, Tamaki, Sugiyama." A masked figure was being projected against one of the walls. At each name there was a slight nod. "I would come in person but now would not be the best time, I believe."

Tamaki got up off the ground. "I knew it was just a trick. Knew it all along."

Kallen just kept looking at the projection and bust out "What do you want from us?"

"It is not what I want. It is what we want. We all want to see Japan a free nation once again. We all wish to see the Britannians forced from these shores. We all desire to no longer live under the yoke that is the Britannian tyranny. Alone, this war cannot be won. The old ways of fighting are foolish and destructive. Each bombing kills civilians and the guilty go unpunished. The guilty live in their high towers and look down upon the people. But now is the time to strike."

Tamaki and Kallen both looked ready to yell again when Ohgi finally spoke up from his spot in the centre of the building. "You like to talk, don't you?" The masked figure didn't say anything in return to that. "What is it you need us for?" Ohgi might not be the best leader but he figured that whoever this guy was, he was contacting them because he needed them. Why? Well Ohgi wasn't sure yet.

"Very well. In three days time the JLF will fall to Prince Clovis' forces at 9:00 am. He has at long last located the hidden base of one of his most persistent enemies."

"What? How? " Kallen looked devastated. The last hope of the Japanese people had been found.

"You're lying. No way could that bastard have found it. I mean we don't even know where it is." Tamaki yelled shaking his fist towards the projection.

"How do we know you're telling the truth? I mean anyone can say that Clovis has found the base. They could just as easily say Britannia's finally pulling out of here. Doesn't mean it's not a lie." Ohgi, the voice of reason, spoke out.

"What you say is true. On top of the projector is my proof." Sugimiya, who'd been secretly looking around for the projector, finally found it hidden between a few boxes.

"Ohgi, he's right look. These papers are from the Secret Intelligence Service." Sugiyama's face was pale. "And he's telling the truth." Sugiyama handed a small wad of papers over to Ohgi.

Kallen read them over his one shoulder, while Tamaki just shouted. "Those papers could have come from anywhere. I mean how did you get papers from the SIS? That's proof they're fake. Almost pulled a fast one there."

"Damn…. How did this happen?" Ohgi, after quickly glossing through the first page, realized the import of what he held.

"You mean they're real?" Tamaki rushed back over to Ohgi to try and read them as well.

"We have to tell them. Tell them to get out of there. Otherwise they'll be sitting ducks for that bastard." Kallen was all ready to go off and warn the JLF when the masked figure spoke up again.

"No. At this point the JLF is going to fall. Prince Clovis already has his troops in the nearby city under the fictitious cover of holding inspections of a nearby facility. As such, any word that his prey has been warned and he'll move early. As it is, he's playing politics and war at the same time. He plans on using the destruction of the JLF right before the yearly Sakuradite meetings to strengthen his own position. This gives us a chance to strike. On the day of the attack, there will be an opening to not only save the JLF, but also to kill Prince Clovis." His voice rang out clear and strong.

But the seven members present looked at him in horror at his suggestion. It sounded like suicide. "And how the hell are we supposed to pull that off? I mean he's surrounded by those new Vincent models. And our last Knightmare was lost months ago." Tamaki for the second time in one night actually had a point. If the situation had been slightly different Kallen would have joked about it being the end of the world.

Ohgi and Kallen glared at Tamaki for revealing something like that. "I'm guessing you have a plan. Otherwise you wouldn't have called us, right?"

"Correct. It is my desire that you and as many people able to pilot Glasgows, gather in this facility three days from now at 2:00pm." On the screen appeared a photo of a building. "There, waiting for you, will be twenty-five Glasgows. With these, it will be possible to break through Clovis's defenses, and leave a hole in the line for the JLF to escape through. More information about the warehouse is in the package you have."

"Not all of our pilots are as good as our Ace. A Glasgow against a Vincent is suicide. Especially since they can pick us off from the sky."

"Incorrect. The Vincent is most heavily dependant upon the Float modules. In a ground battle, the Vincent is closer in nature to a Sutherland."

"And how do we get them out of the air? Ask them?" Kallen's voice was heavy with sarcasm.

"I will take care of that. If you can be there, the Vincents will be waiting on the ground for you." The figure sounded rather smug about that.

"How can we trust you?"

"I could say many things to try and convince you. But actions speak louder then words. I promise that if you can give me your trust for this mission, Prince Clovis will be dead before nightfall four days from now." Clovis had not been making himself popular to any of the Japanese people. He executed those elevens who caused any sort of disgrace to fall upon him, imagined or otherwise. He had also been behind the massacre of three separate ghettos for hiding rebel sympathizers. And in the past two years, many rebels groups and their families had 'disappeared'.

Ohgi looked at the screen into where the masked figure's eyes should be. "Fine. But if you betray us, we're going to track you down. I don't like working with people with masks, but somehow I don't think you're going to take yours off any time soon?" The masked head gave a slight nod of agreement. "Then what should we call you?"

"You may call me Zero. I will be waiting for you in three days." The projector stopped its noise and then started to spark before frying itself and the disk within it. With this, the projection of the masked Zero disappeared.

"Zero, huh. Interesting choice of name." Ohgi remarked, still looking at the now dark wall.