Disclaimer: Everything and anything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This is just a work of fiction based on her writings. No harm is meant by it.

Life in Technicolor


"What the hell are those things?" Emmett's voice rose an octave by the end of the question.

Both Edward and Isabella turned their heads to look up at the creatures with the powerful voices that had yelled to "grab her." Quickly, similar expressions of shock and fear graced their faces.

"I have no fucking idea!" Edward yelped as one of the birdlike monsters swooped down over them. Both Emmett and Edward rolled under the wooden table causing an avalanche of apples to cascade down onto the sidewalk. Bella who had already been crawling under the apple display screamed at the two students.

"Get away from me!" She frantically yelped and tried to kick her feet behind her while crawling. For the last year of her life, she had had countless people trying to take her. For what reason, she didn't know, but she was sick and tired of having to run.

"We're trying to help you," Emmett yelled out in agony. He rubbed at the spot where Bella's foot had connected with his forehead.

"We don't want to hurt you." Edward added in an attempt to reassure Isabella that though they were looking for her, they didn't want to hurt her. At least, not intentionally. They had no idea what the One wanted with her or what he would do to her.

"Give me Isabella Swan!" Edward looked up just in time to see the larger of the flying monsters screeching and clawing at the wooden table he had just crawled out from under.

"What the fuck, man? What the hell do we do now?"

"Like I know, Em! It's not like I've ever had humongous Pterodactyl looking things flying at my head before."

The two were hiding under the right side of the now empty fruit stand. Their breathing was heavy, and both were trying to figure out a way to get back to the car without dying.

Edward stood up to see if there were was any possible ways to escape, but quickly dropped back down to the ground as the two winged monsters flew at his head.

"You cannot have her!" The smaller one yelled. "The One needs her, and we will be the ones to bring her to him."

Edward took a moment to catch his breath and sweep the gravel from his hands. With his adrenaline pumping, he couldn't feel what should be the familiar sting of the scrapes on his palms nor the soreness in his wrists. It was then that he noticed that Isabella had gone missing. He briefly wondered if she had managed to make her way into the plaza building, but the fact that the winged monsters were still hovering above them clued him that Isabella could not have made it there without notice.

A tattered, red shoelace poking out from under a pile of large what he could only assume were wooden boxes confirmed his suspicion. It was hard to tell what some things were in the black-and-white scenery of the Umbra.

The boxes were shaking, only minimally, but he knew that Isabella was hiding under there. She was terrified, and Edward felt guilty that he had some part in that.

"We need to get out of here," Edward loudly whispered at Emmett beside him. While he tried to put a brave face on, Emmett was shaking like a leaf as he tried to hide himself under one of the tables.

"Fuck. Yeah man, but we can't just leave her. Those things will kill her." Emmett pointed to the shaking wooden boxes and screamed. The winged creatures were making a beeline straight for the boxes Isabella was hiding under.

"Isabella! Move!" Emmett watched while Bella scrambled away from the boxes and toward them. She crawled uneasily on the cobbled ground, and Emmett wanted nothing more than to yank her toward him quicker.

"I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die," she chanted. She was crying, and the sheer terror on her face was unnerving. "I didn't do anything. Why are they after me?"

"We don't know," Edward honestly answered and pulled her closer to him. He slid her under the table and placed her between him and Emmett. She was trembling uncontrollably, and Emmett placed an arm around her shoulder to comfort her. She froze for a moment but leaned in toward him, toward the sense of security she felt in his arms.

"I know you don't know us," Emmett began, "but you can trust us. We're not gonna let those things get you."

Bella turned her head up to look up at Emmett. The look on her face was devastating. Emmett almost had to look away from her. Her eyes were red from crying, and the expression of horror was heartbreaking. He could tell that this was not the first time this girl had dealt with something of this nature.

"So, how do we get her out of here without any of us dying?" Emmett looked toward Edward who was busy rearranging pebbles on the ground.

"I'm trying to figure that out. You see, this big, white pebble, that's the building. We are the three little brown ones. The mossy one is the car. We need to find a way to get those two things, the red stones, into the building. It's the only way we have an iota of a chance to make it to the car."

"Give us the girl! Give us Isabella Swan! You can't hide forever!" The monsters screeched in harmony causing the trio under the table to lower their voices. Isabella trembled even more. Emmett began to rub his hand against her back to soothe her wishing someone was doing the same for him.

"We need a diversion. One of us can run into the building and have the things follow us. The other can bring the car toward the plaza," Emmett suggested, but Edward quickly dismissed it.

"That's too dangerous. We can't outrun those things. We don't even know what they're capable of. We do need a diversion. However, they don't want us. They want Isabella."

Isabella gasped. Emmett pulled her in closer as Edward rolled his eyes.

"I'm not gonna send you into the building. They'd kill you before you even stood up. I'm gonna run into the building."

"What? I'm bigger than you. I can handle those things." Emmett sneered.

"We're the only things in color; we're too easily spotted. We're fucking live targets. I'm faster and smaller than you. I can hide better than you can until you bring the car into the plaza."

"You said they want me. How are you going to fool them into following you?" Isabella curiously asked. Edward smiled smugly. It assured Emmett that they would get away from the plaza in one piece.

"I need your shoes and your jacket."

"How am I supposed to run if you have my shoes?"

"Emmett will carry you. That's no problem. He's very strong."

Emmett snickered though the joke went unnoticed by Isabella. For that brief second, the laugher had brought a sense of relief to Emmett. He wanted to hug Edward for that.

"I'm gonna make a fake Isabella out of a sack of apples," he said and pulled up a burlap sack filled with apples. "I'll wrap the jacket around it and tie her shoes to it and run into the building. As soon as the two things follow me in, you make a break for the car."

"Sounds good."

"Sounds crazy," Isabella said. Emmett and Edward smiled and nodded their heads.

"That's why it'll work."

"Your shoes and jacket, please?" Edward asked.

Isabella pulled her shoes off first, passing them to Edward before pulling off her jacket. She watched as Edward used the shoelaces to tie the opening of the sack close. He wrapped her jacket around it and then showed how the sneakers dangled down like feet.

"This is not going to work," she skeptically said. Edward rolled his eyes and stuck his head out from under their hiding place.

"It's our best shot and probably only shot. On three, I'm running. As soon as those things bust into the building, you run."

Emmett nodded and grabbed Bella's hand.

"I'm gonna pull you onto my back kind of like a piggyback ride."

"No!" Edward quickly chimed in. "You need to carry her in your arms. On your back, they could get her."

"I thought you said they would fly into the building. Not after us." Isabella panicked as she imagined being ripped from Emmett's back.

"True. I didn't think about that. Alright. I'll carry her and run."

"You said they would follow you!" Isabella screeched. Edward immediately clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Fuck! Be quiet. Are you trying to get us all killed?"

"Relax a little, Edward. It's not her fault."

"It is her fault, Em. She's the reason we're out here. If I die in there, it'll be her fault. How am I supposed to relax knowing I might die?"

Isabella tightened her grip on Emmett's hand and turned away from Edward. Emmett shook his head disapprovingly and gave Edward a look that clearly meant, "Not cool."

"It's a precautionary thing. Just in case there are more of them than the two that we know about."

"Make sense," Emmett said.

"Alright, on three, I'm going." Edward nodded gravely. He peeked under the table and saw the two creatures hovering above them.

"It's been a pleasure, Em. You may have my videogames if I don't make it out." Edward smiled. He hoped that the fear he was feeling wasn't visible; he was scared beyond belief. He also couldn't believe he was about to risk his life to save some girl he didn't know.

"Shut up, dude." Emmett joked. He took to showing he was confident, but failed. He hoped that the fear wouldn't paralyze him and that he could make it to the car.

"Good luck," Isabella meekly added.

"One," Edward began as he stared straight ahead of him. He took a deep breath before continuing.


He took in another shaky breath and shouted. "Three!"

The sound caught the attention of the monsters flying above. They froze. Edward took that moment to sprint across the plaza square with the sack of apples in hand.

"He has the girl!" One of the creatures screeched. Edward turned to see it following him toward the plaza building entrance. From the corner of his eye, he could see Emmett getting ready to leave.

As soon as he pushed through the doors, Edward heard the crashing of glass as the flying beasts followed through the large windows above. He turned around to see Emmett running down the street.

Good, he thought and started maneuvering through the black-and-white people he had seen alive and in color earlier. They were almost like zombies. They just stood in place with blank expressions on their faces.

Edward shoved one aside. For a second, the young man shifted to the side and came alive in color. The young man caught sight of the flying creatures and made to scream, but as soon as Edward let go of him, he went back to being lifeless and black-and-white.

It was strange, but Edward didn't have time to appreciate or understand it in since the monsters kept crashing into the food stands behind him. He held onto the sack of apples with his life as he bob-and-weaved through the hordes of unmoving people. He felt a lot like a ball in a pinball machine.

When he reached the bakery, he hid behind a display of rolls. He kept a distance behind the stand so as not to turn the stand to color. He looked at the people frozen around him.

There was a man with a piece of bread an inch away from his mouth, a child with falling tears frozen down his cheeks, and Ellie was holding a loaf of bread. It was strange to see her without her bright, red hair.

"Give us the girl! Give us Isabella Swan!"

Edward took a deep breath and prayed that Emmett had made it to the car or was already on his way toward the plaza. He didn't want to run outside. He was safer inside where he could hide than he was in the open area around the plaza.

Please be close, Edward thought as the creatures began screeching in unison about Isabella. They were close. He could tell by the way their screams echoed in the building.

He remained hiding in the corner for what felt like an eternity before deciding to run the rest of the way out of the plaza.

Please be outside, Emmett.

However, as he stepped out of his hiding spot, Emmett's car came roaring in through the entrance he was running toward.

"Edward!" Emmett screamed as he stepped out of the car.

Edward sprinted toward the car, noting that Isabella wasn't there. He brushed that thought aside, made his way through the crowd, and reached Emmett. Quickly, he hopped into the passenger seat.

The flying creatures came at them as Emmett jumped back into the car and backed out of the plaza.

"Where's Isabella?" Edward asked as Emmett abruptly turned the car toward the street causing Edward's head to thunk against the passenger side window.

"In the back," Emmett distractedly said as he watched to see if the creatures were following them. Edward looked to the backseat to see Bella hiding on the floor.

"Are they following us?" Emmett asked as he drove around the stalled vehicles on the street.

"No," Edward answered confused. "They're flying around the outside of the building." That was when he noticed that the scenery was turning to color again.

"Everything's turning back to color," he told Emmett who quickly braked at the red light causing Edward to fly into the dashboard.

"Dude! What the fuck?"

"Sorry. Red light. There's a cop there." Emmett pointed to the patrol car to their right. The two cops were staring intently at them, shaking their heads.

Everything around them seemed to be back to normal. The people were walking. The cars were moving. Everything was in color.

"You can stop hiding, Isabella. I think we're in the clear for now," Edward told Isabella on the floor."

"Thank you. Really. Thank you."

"Whatever. Here," Edward threw the sack into the backseat beside her, "your shoes and jacket."

He watched her clutch the jacket tightly against her chest. He wondered what was so special about the piece of denim, but didn't ask. He turned back around to Emmett.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yeah man. I'm glad you're alive, even though I really want your X-Box."

Edward chuckled and put his seatbelt on. "Where do we go now?"

"Let's just go back to the room and figure it out."

Edward turned back around to see Isabella had fallen asleep against the backseat window.

"I think that would be good."