Chapter Thirteen

"Who's there?" Leo called again when there was no immediate reply, lifting his saber into a defensive position.

"Hey Leo," Kendrix said enthusiastically, appearing from seemingly nowhere though, in reality, she had merely stepped out from behind one of the numerous trees surrounding the cabin.

"Kendrix?" Leo questioned, beyond confused. "What are you doing here?"

"Forget here," Damon stated from behind him, "What are you even doing on Earth?"

"I just thought I'd stop by for a visit," She replied with a shrug. "You know, catch up on things…see where my husband's been. So, what's new?"

"We're about to be attacked by an unknown force of presumably extremely powerful monsters," Carter cut in. "I suggest you find some cover."

"Monsters?" Ashley questioned, stepping out from behind her own tree at that point, closely followed by Karone and Maya.

"What are you doing here, Ash?" Andros demanded.

"We gave Kendrix a lift," she replied with a shrug.

"That would explain how D.E.C.A. knew where we were and that we were surrounded," Carlos said thoughtfully. "I couldn't quite figure that part out, because we left the Megaship at the NASADA Space Port."

"But back to these monsters," Ashley interceded. "Maybe we can help."

"But I really don't think it'll be doing any good for us to help," Cassie stepped out into the open now.

"Hey Cass," Carlos said, and then did a double-take, "Wait…how did you get here?"

"You could say they picked me up on the way," Cassie replied with a small shrug.

"I knew we should have grabbed our sabers before we left," Maya informed Kendrix, just as a light breeze blew into the clearing, blowing Maya's hair into her face. "You know…if there are monsters about to attack, and all of that."

"Yes. Monsters," Carter stated as the wind began to pick up. "You should really go back to the Megaship if none of you have powers, or…I guess you could stay here, if you want." He indicated the small cluster of un-morphed rangers at the back of the group, just as a flash of lightning fully lit up the clearing.

"We'll stay," Karone said confidently, not even looking at her fellow yellow and pink rangers for confirmation. The five of them went to stand by Jason, Zack, Damon, TJ, Wes, and Eric.

"Anyone see anything yet?" Adam muttered through the com system in his helmet after a brief moment.

"Trees…dirt…some more trees…a bit of lightning…has anyone else noticed how windy it's getting?" Joel commented.

No one could respond, however, because at that moment, the ground began to shake.

"You don't think…are they not following the usual order of things?" Rocky demanded. "Have the monsters already grown…or gotten bigger or whatever you want to call it? This is totally uncalled for!"

"I'll say," Leo replied, attempting to maintain his balance. "We don't have our megazords!"

"Ah!" Zack shouted suddenly, jumping away from Jason, whom he had previously been standing next to.

"What's wrong with you?" Jason asked, his attention split between concern for his friend and the impending attack.

"What's wrong?" Zack repeated. "Why'd you poke me?"

"I didn't—" Jason began, looking confused, but was cut off by TJ practically falling into him. "Can I help you?"

"Someone pushed me!" TJ said, righting himself and looking all around for his attacker.

"Maybe the monsters are invisible," Eric suggested uneasily, looking side-to-side suspiciously.

"Or—did you see that?" Wes demanded, spinning in a circle as if to catch sight of something he thought he had seen out of the corner of his eye.

"What's going on?" Andros questioned, shifting slightly so that he now partially faced the people closest to the cabin.

"There's something…" Wes backed away from the cabin as something blurred between him and the building, the other un-morphed green, red, and black rangers. The pink and yellow rangers present appeared to be on the other side of the blur that was forcing everyone else closer together, and thus unaffected by it.

"You see it, right?" Jason asked, his eyes practically spinning in his head as he attempted to follow the blur, which almost had a yellow tint to it, now that attempted to look closer…

All of their attempts to see what was attacking them appeared to be in vain, however, as one by one the green, red, and black rangers began to drop, whether it was due to dizziness or the lack of oxygen as a result of the whirlwind was unclear. He could have just been imagining it, but Jason thought he saw a girl in a black jumpsuit trimmed with pink materialize out of thin air before everything faded to blackness.

The next thing he was aware of, something was nudging his side. Jason attempted to turn away from it, but it only nudged him harder.

"Wake up, Jase," A decidedly female voice told him.

Jason opened his eyes and looked up blearily to see a very familiar face standing over him.

"Trini?" He questioned, surprised to see his wife standing there.

"Hey Jason," Trini said, smiling sweetly and extending a hand to pull him up.

Accepting her help, Jason got to his feet to see various pink and yellow rangers now milling around the clearing, with the last few green, red, and black rangers getting to their feet at that moment. It also registered in the back of his mind that the missing newer green, white, red, and black rangers had reappeared. He didn't comment on this, however, as it clicked in his head that his wife was currently standing right beside him.

"Wait…Trini? What are you doing here?" Jason demanded, rounding on his wife.

"I was concerned," Trini informed him.


"Your blatant lies," Trini stated.

"What lies?" Jason questioned.

"You told me you were going to a Martial Arts competition," Trini said, crossing her arms over her chest and with those words a feeling a dread rose within Jason. "Adam told Tanya that you lot were going camping. And then…well, then Tommy showed up."

"Tommy?" Jason repeated, his eyes going wide as he immediately began scanning the clearing for his old friend and teammate. He quickly caught sight of the other man leaning against a tree, glaring across the clearing at…Conner? Jason shrugged this off. After all, Conner had been the one to let them all into Tommy's top-secret lair. Tommy's top-secret lair…oh no…Jason's feeling of dread intensified. That's why she was here. Trini knew.

"Tommy," Trini confirmed. "And he said some of the strangest things. For example, that he returned home one day to find his house brimming with balloons. You wouldn't have any idea what that's all about, would you?"

"Nope. Not a clue," Jason replied swiftly, attempting to inadvertently map out an escape route. Unfortunately, however, as he did so he noticed that the pink and yellow rangers appeared to be ringing the clearing. The Official Tommy Oliver Must Die Group was surrounded.

"Are you one hundred percent sure of that?" Trini questioned, arching one eyebrow at her husband.

"Yes?" Jason said, but it came out more like a question than an affirmative answer.

"I can't believe you, Jason!" Trini suddenly exclaimed. "Why would you do this?"

"But…" Jason sputtered. "Trini, he stole our colors!"

"Oh, I don't care what you do to Tommy…in the future," Trini said with a shrug, ignoring Tommy's shout of protest from behind her. "I mean, yeah, he's great and we're former teammates and all that, but the reason I'm really here is because you lied to me, Jason Scott; you and all of your little friends who told everyone that they were going on a little camping trip."

"We did technically go camping," Jason offered weakly.

"Sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor of a heated and air conditioned cabin—which was fully supplied with food, I might add—in the middle of nowhere does not count as camping," Trini informed her husband. Then she gave him a sweet smile, "But nice try, dear."

Jason sighed in defeat. "I'm going to die, aren't I?"

"Of course not, dear," Trini informed him sweetly, putting her arm through his and leading him in the general direction of where they had landed the Astro Megaship. "You still owe me a proper wedding and then a honeymoon. There will be no deaths today."

"For now," Rocky muttered as the pair walked past him. He redirected his attention to Xander, then. "We should have known you weren't totally committed to The Cause when you left that note at Tommy's house."

Meanwhile, at the other side of the clearing, Tommy was still leaning against a tree as Kimberly walked over to him.

"So…is that it?" Tommy questioned. "My house is still half full of balloons, you know."

"Well now that she's got him back, good luck getting Jason away from Trini for the next few months…or years," Kimberly commented.

"I could always make them clean it all up," Tommy said thoughtfully, shooting another glare in Conner's direction, where he was standing with Trent and Kira.

"You know, I've been meaning to ask you," Kimberly told him, "What is the deal with you and those three…and wasn't there another one, too? I mean…are they your kids or something?"

"Um…no…" Tommy replied slowly. "I thought you knew we were teammates?"

"Well yeah," Kimberly said, "But then how do they know how to get into your house?"

"Didn't you get the memo, Kimmie?" Zack asked, coming up behind her and slinging an arm over her shoulder. "Not only is Tommy an official color-stealer, but he's attempting to fill Zordon's shoes as well…or, at least he would be if Zordon wore shoes…"

"You didn't get much sleep last night, did you?" Aisha asked him, followed closely by Tanya and thus Adam.

"Well we would have if someone wouldn't have woken us up so early," Adam said pointedly. "I'm assuming you people staged all of that?"

"I'm really glad you figured that one out," Tanya informed him, "Otherwise I would be worried that you weren't racing off to go see what happened to Operation Overdrive."

"Oh yeah…" Adam said slowly. "I'd forgotten that D.E.C.A. mentioned them…"

Tanya merely rolled her eyes at her husband.

"You know, I've been thinking," Rocky said thoughtfully, walking over to join his old teammates just then.

"Oh no…" Adam muttered.

"Shut up," Rocky responded. "Anyway, I've been thinking…Everyone here is a former red, yellow, black, green, white and/or pink ranger."

"Really?" Tommy asked sarcastically.

"Really," Rocky confirmed, taking no note of the sarcasm. "So, pretty much that just leaves out all of the blues. I wonder what they're doing right now. Like…do you think they've even noticed that we're all gone?"

Everyone contemplated this in a silence for a moment, before Aisha spoke up.

"You know those blues—they over-analyze everything. I'm sure they'll come up with some kind of rational explanation for where we've all gone," She concluded with a shrug.

"A rational explanation? What rational explanation is there?" Zack demanded.

"How should I know? I'm not a blue. But don't worry, I'm sure they won't come to the worst possible conclusion."

"Which would be…?"

"Everyone else must have died."

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