Vampire Academy-Falling In Love Sucks Royally

Chapter 6, Breaking Up

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

As I walk back to my dorm, I slip and start to fall flat on my bum when a hand incases my waist and brings me back up onto my feet. I look up about to thank my savor when I see it's Ivashkov. I roll my eyes and squirm my way out of his arm that's still around my waist. I brush myself off and face him. He flashes me one his smirks and leans against the wall by us, pulling out a smoke. I scrunch up my nose when I see him about to light it. He glances at me and sees my face. Slowly and reluctantly, he slides it back into it's case and back in his pocket.

Minutes past as we stand there in silence. I sigh and start tapping my foot. Adrian just looks on, amusement on his face. I roll my eyes again and give up. I'm not waiting here if he's not going to say anything. I start to make my leave when he speaks up and what he says is not what I wanted to hear.

"So…I hear we're going out," he says cockily.

I snort and turn back to him. "And where did you hear that Mr.?"

He shrugs. "Around."

I roll my eyes again at his stupidity. "Oh really? Around where?"

He shrugs once again. "I don't know. Just around."

I sigh irritated. "Well it's wrong," I say and turn around to leave.

"Really? I don't think it is," he replies.

I close my eyes and calm myself so I don't lash out on him. Slowly, I turn around to face him again.

"Oh sure you don't. But I do. I don't like you and will never. I wouldn't go out with you if you where the last guy on earth," I hiss.

He fakes hurt by placing his hand over his heart. "Ow! That hurt little dhamphir. I thought we had something special."

I roll my eyes at him. "We don't." I turned around and walked away, not glancing back.

Faintly I hear him shout, "So I'm guessing you're breaking up with me?"

Angrily, I stomp upstairs to my room and flop down on my bed, tired.

Soo...I am terribly sorry that this chapter is so short. But I really didn't know what else to put in this chapter. Sorry! Don't kill me! I'm too young to die! Hahaha :D anyways, I'll try to update soon. Thanks! Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again.

Fly On,

Celene Hudor Midnight