Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS or any of the recognizable characters. Gabriella is my own creation.

Summary: Gabriella, the daughter Tony never knew, is kidnapped while visiting Washington D.C.

with her mother, someone Tony remembers very well. This is set several years in the future.

Chapter One

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo opens the door to the small coffee shop. The butterflies in his stomach were practically dive bombers. Tony goes over to a small table and sits down.

Five minutes later, a woman with long brown hair enters the coffee shop and walks over to table. "Hello Tony," Jeanne Benoit said as she greeted her ex-boyfriend

"Hello Jeanne'" Tony said. Only knowing that she needed help with something but not knowing what exactly was going on, Tony was confused to say the least. The last time he had seen her, she had essentially said she never wanted to see him again.

"As I said on the phone, I need your help. Actually, to be more precise, she needs your help," Jeanne says as she pulls out a photograph of a ten year old girl in a British style school uniform. The girl had long curly brown hair and green eyes. She had a smile that could light up a room. Tony could see the resemblance to Jeanne but something else about her looked familiar to him, but he couldn't quite place it.

"Her name is Gabriella Dominique Benoit. She is my daughter...." Jeanne said trying to figure out how to tell him the rest. It had be nearly eleven years since she had made the decision not to tell him about the fact that first she was pregnant with his child and then not to tell him that he had a daughter once she was born. She hadn't been ready to face him then.

"She's mine isn't she?" Tony said finally figuring it out. He could see she looked a bit like his own mother when she was a child. He had seen some pictures of her from that period before being sent to military school many years ago. Plus, his middle name was Dominic. He wouldn't be surprised if she had given her name after him.

"Yes," Jeanne said relieved that telling him about Gabriella was over with.

"What do you need my help with?" Tony asks wondering if she might need money.

"We just moved back to the States a month ago and this morning she was kidnapped. I got a call from the kidnappers soon thereafter and they said that they were looking for revenge for something my father did," she explained.

Tony looks shocked. That explained a lot about her demeanor. She looks terrified to him, but he had thought that maybe it was because she was nervous about seeing him again or something, not this.

"I'm not sure how much I can do in an official capacity, but if I can't, I promise to do what I can unofficially. I'll have to speak to my boss about it. I have contacts with other police departments as well, including Metro," Tony said unsure of what to say next. He had no idea about Gabriella and wasn't sure what he wanted to do about it after all was said and done. He would certainly help Jeanne though no matter what happened afterward.

Jeanne looked distinctly relieved. She'd been concerned about Tony's reaction to the news he had a daughter. She'd almost expected him to yell at her for not telling him sooner. Eleven years was a long time to wait for her to tell him. She knew that it was a major mistake on her part, and she had regretted it long ago, ever since Gabriella started to ask about her father. Jeanne knew that Gabriella need a father figure in her life, but couldn't bring herself to get Tony involved, especially with them so far away in London. It would have simply complicated thing too much. She had been considering it when they had moved back, but she hadn't had a chance to make the decision as of yet. Gabriella being kidnapped had made that decision for her. She sincerely hoped Tony would now get a chance to get to know his daughter if that's what he wanted.

Tony's mind started racing. His life had just changed forever. He knew that he needed to inform Gibbs about the situation as soon as possible That would help him to determine whether or not he could help officially.