Ch 6

Author's Note: Abby and Tim are married and have 2 kids, Fiona age 4 and Natalie age 18 months.

Disclaimer: Same as Ch. 1

Tony waits impatiently down in the bullpen. His daughter is upstairs right now being reunited with her mother and doesn't even know he's there. He's hoping to get to meet her now, but there is now guarantee that she'll be ready after the traumatic experience she's been through. At least, she's out of the hands of her kidnappers now. She's safe and sound and that's what's important. Everything else can wait a bit if necessary. Tony starts pacing back and forth across the bullpen trying to calm his nerves.

Jethro watches his young field agent and grins He understands why Tony is so nervous. Jethro is just relieved that that got to Gabriella in time. It had been extremely close.

Finally, after about twenty minutes, Jeanne emerged and asked Jethro to send Tony up and that Gabriella was ready to meet her father. Jethro heads downstairs.

"Tony, she's ready," he told him and placed a comforting hand on the younger man's shoulder. He would walk him upstairs trying to keep the younger man from having a nervous breakdown before he met his daughter.

Tony appreciated the support his boss was showing him at that moment. His life was about to change forever. He would from this point on be someone's father.

Gabriella sat in her mother's lap even though she was a bit too old to be doing so. The comfort she feels is well worth it. She feels sore in several places where the bruises are particularly bad. She is glad that she didn't have to go to the hospital. That wouldn't have been fun and she wouldn't be getting to meet her Dad right now.

Tony enters the conference room and see the little girl sitting on Jeanne's lap. He walks up to the pair of them not certain what to expect. This was something completely new to all three of them. He didn't dare to hope that much would come out of this first meeting. Unknown to him though. Jeanne had told Gabriella about how had done as much as he was allowed to do to help find a way to bring her home to her. Gabriella is excited and nervous about meeting him and after everything that had happened she knew that she needed to do this now. She smiled shyly as Tony entered the room.

Tony returned the smile. He knew he had to be careful about this. He didn't want to overwhelm her. He heard Jethro slip quietly in behind him for moral support.

"Gabriella, I would like you to meet Tony DiNozzo, your father. Tony, this is Gabriella," Jeanne said as she introduced the two ignoring Jethro. She knew why the older man was there and didn't mind one bit, but knew that father and daughter need to do this with out too much interference.

"Hi, Gabriella," Tony said gently, still unsure of himself.

It took Gabriella a moment to respond. "Hello," she said bashfully. She wants to hug Tony but isn't sure if he would welcome that at this stage or not. She clings to her mum instead.

The two of the begin talking. It seems like the most natural thing in the world to both of them. Tony hopes that they will be able to continue their relationship for a long time. Jeanne had already said that she wouldn't interfere if that was what Gabriella wanted.

After about fifteen minutes, Jethro slips out of the room. Ordinarily, he would be telling Tony to get back to work at this point, but he doesn't have the heart to do it. Tony deserves this chance as any father would. Even though Tony may not know it yet, Jethro knows he will make a great dad. Jethro had seen him with Tim and Abby's two little girls, Fiona and Natalie and he's always done wonderfully with them, even babysitting on occasion.

Jeanne can see that after the initial awkward phase of the meeting, Tony and Gabriella seem to get on well. Jeanne hopes this will last for her little girl's sake. She's a little concerned because of the history the two of them have together, but wants to let Gabriella have this chance even if Jeanne is uncertain.

After another ten minutes Tony realizes that they'd been sitting here talking for a while and then looks over to where Jethro had been standing and groans as he realizes that he's gone. He knows he should have gone back to work a while ago, but had lost track of time. He'd be lucky to avoid a head slap this time.

He got up from his chair. "I need to get back to work now. I am glad I finally got to meet you and hope that you'll agree to let me visit you," Tony said extremely nervous to hear the answer.

Gabriella nodded her head in answer to his statement. She wanted that too. Then she did something Tony didn't expect. She threw her arms around him. She hadn't called him Dad yet but that would probably come eventually.

After escorting them out, Tony returned to his desk and started writing out his report. Jethro didn't say a word to him. He had understood that Tony need some time with Gabriella and wasn't upset with Tony at all.

Author's Note: This ends Tony's Surprise. I am anticipating sequels galore.