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Possible Spoilers: Season 4 and 5 of SPN, all of Buffy.

Summary: With Dean and Sam still saying no, Michael makes alternative plans that include a certain slayer who's spent quality time in Heaven.

Mikey and Buffy

By Delphine Pryde

It was the familiar barren desert landscape that her dream was once again set in. She was really getting tired of the same place over and over. Why couldn't it ever be a mall, or her old house in Sunnyhell like the dreams she used to share with Faith, or even some exotic paradise instead of sand, rock, sand, rock, and even more sand. "The desert has its own sort of beauty," a husky voice replied to her musings.

Now this was different, instead of the mud crusted First Slayer and translator in the form of the late Tara that usually showed up during these types of dreams was a very, VERY hot guy. Sexy looks, dark blond hair, remarkable green eyes set in a freckle-kissed face, chiseled body—hello, Nurse. She didn't recognize him; she'd think she'd remember a guy that attractive. "Hello, Buffy," he said, giving her a beautiful smile that made her feel like she would melt into a pile of goo.

"Do I know you?"

An almost hurt expression appeared on the handsome face. "You do not remember? We used to spar quite often in Heaven and I saved you from being smited by Raphael after you called him 'a douche bag ninja turtle.'"

"Michael?" she said, incredulously. "You look different." Most of her memories of Heaven were fairly blurred, but some remained fresh, such as the incident he mentioned. She had taken offense to some comment the aforementioned archangel had uttered about humans and nearly ended up extra crispy Slayer and had to be rescued by Heaven's strongest angelic warrior.

"That was my true form you saw. Unfortunately, on Earth only very few beings can look upon an angel's true form without their eyes being burnt by our Grace. I was not certain if you were one of them so I decided not to risk it and taking a human vessel was not possible at this time. I decided visiting your dreams would be the best option."

"Thanks for not blinding me," Buffy told him, a pinch of sadness in her voice. It hurt to think about not being able to see the beautiful, luminous winged being that was Michael. "But what's this about a human vessel and why would you need one?"

"A human vessel is what it sounds like: a human that is a vessel for an angel."

"Like possession?" Off the Hellmouth, she'd run into her fair share of non-corporeal demons that needed human hosts to effect anything. Anti-possession charms had become standard accessories for her.

"Unlike demons, we need permission from our vessels before we can enter them and not just any human will do. Only certain humans are suited to be vessels and can contain our Grace without being destroyed. The compatibility is different between each angel and vessel; generally those of one bloodline will match up with a single angel." He gestured to his form. "This is what my true vessel, Dean Winchester looks like. Unfortunately, he keeps saying 'no' to me. The only comfort is that at least his brother is still refusing Lucifer—for now."

"Whoa—whoa, time out." Her hands came together to form a 'T' sign. "I thought Lucy was sealed up until the whole Revelations Apocalypse." Michael gave her a pointed look. "You've got to be freaking kidding me; we just finished cleaning up after the First Evil and now this? Weren't there suppose to be seals that needed to be broken first and such, why weren't they protected?" She remembered reading about the long complicated process to freeing the Devil when researching possible Apocolypses—apocolypsi, whatever, to keep an eye out for.

He gave a weary sigh. "A lot has happened since you were torn from Heaven." Her body gave a great flinch as his words brought her pain to the surface that she had thought she had gotten over. His face softened as he noticed her distress and to her surprise drew her into a hug. Holding Buffy in a gentle embrace, he spoke softly, giving a brief overview of all that had gone on, most of it centering around the brothers: Dean and Sam Winchester. "—and so I have no doubt that Dean will eventually give in, but I fear by that time Lucifer will reside in his true vessel and a great many lives, both human and angelic, will have been lost."

"Why wasn't I told about the seals being broken?" she asked, pulling away from him.

"Because you might have prevented Lucifer from being released."

She looked at him puzzled. "Wouldn't that have been a good thing?"

He gave her a rueful look. "Heaven is not united as it once was; many of my brothers are glad for this. They want the final battle to be over for good, no matter the cost."

"What did you want?" So help him, if he'd gone along with that brilliant plan she was going to pluck his wings.

"Not this," his face was full of sorrow, "because now I have to complete the order my Father gave to me: to stop the brother I raised and protected until he betrayed us, the brother I still love: Lucifer. I do not want to kill him." He took a moment to compose himself, features hardening as he pushed back his emotions. "In order to complete my mission I must have a human vessel that can contain my power. If Dean Winchester will not consent, then I must seek out an alternative." His powerful gaze caught her eyes and Buffy realized what this visit was all about.

"Me?" she squeaked. "You want me as your vessel? What happened to that whole spiel about bloodlines and compatibility?"

"Between your time spent in Heaven and your witch using you as the focus for activating the potential slayers on top of you being a Slayer, you have become more than capable of containing the full measure of my Grace."

She rubbed at the temples on her head, who knew you could develop a stress headache when dreaming. Her mind hurt as she weighed the pros and cons of what Michael was asking of her. She didn't appreciate him putting her on the spot like this. He knew Buffy well enough to know that her conscience wouldn't let her reject his request out right, no matter how much her mind was screaming at her to tell him, "hell, no." However, if he thought he was getting full access without some ground rules, he was sadly mistaken. "I have conditions that you have to promise to follow before I'll agree."

"Such as?"

"First off: time share. I don't want to be stuck in my head twenty-four/seven. If you're not doing important angel business I get to pilot. When I'm not in control, I still want to be aware of everything that is happening, no stuffing me into a dark corner of my mind or sending me to sleep. Lastly and most important, take care of the goods. I want everything working right so I can go back to my life without a problem when you leave." She put in that last condition because while she didn't know how angels affected their hosts physical health, she knew demons just ran their victim's bodies ragged until their power couldn't keep it together anymore and they were forced to find another body, leaving the poor sap broken and, more than likely, dead.

The archangel mulled over her conditions for several minutes, before deciding he should count his blessings that she wasn't putting on any more restrictions. "Your terms are acceptable and I promise to do my best to abide by them."

The Slayer supposed that was the best she was going to get from him. She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. "Then my answer is yes."

Once again, Michael gave her that beautiful smile that turned her legs to jelly. When this is all over, she told herself, I really need to look up this Dean Winchester and see if he's available.

Any further musings she might have were cut off as her vision went with and she suddenly felt as she had been set ablaze. There was pain, there was pleasure, and there was irritability. "Some warning would have been nice, Mikey!" Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.