Celia yawned loudly as she folded Sasuke's clothes.

'I didn't get a moment's peace, It felt as he were watching me'

She shivered at the thought of Sasuke period, She stared blankly at the clothes and sighed.

"Tired huh?"

She almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Sasuke's voice behide her.

She turned and bowed at him. "Good morning Uchiha-sama,"


"Um is there something you needed?"

Sasuke's perveted eyes gave her goose bumps.

"Meet me in the bathroom, and prepare me a bath" He stated and grabbed his clothes.

"Bathroom?" She was confused of course.

But why the bathroom.

She shrugged and grabbed some towels making her way to the bathroom.

She opened it and saw it was empty.

'Is he toying with me?' She started the bath and placed the towels on the side.

Sasuke smirked from the changing room and placed the towel around his lower half.

Celia sat on the edge of the bath testing the water tempture.

"Hey...," Celia looked up and blushed seeing Sasuke's body made her feel like she was melting.

"I-i'm sorry," She said standing up.

Sasuke removed his towel and Celia turned away.

Sasuke's mouth twitched to laugh.

He sat up and started to wash himself.

He was doing this on purpose.

She could feel it.

She could feel him staring at her.

"Celia come wash my back," He commanded.

She gasped "M-me?,"

He rolled his eyes.

"B-but I've never--,"

"Just do it, I won't bite..yet,"

She walked over and started to wipe his back.

Sasuke moaned at her touch.

'I shouldn't be doing this'

She started rubbing the liquid soap on his back.

Celia blushed again rubbed the wet towel on him.


He looked at her. He smirked and turned his entire body.

"Celia do you know what foreplay is?"

"No, I'm afraid not," Celia sighed.

"I'll teach you later, but for know," He pressed his lips against hers.

Celia's heart stopped. She pulled away.

Sasuke frowned He got out the tub.

"Celia, dry off my body," He said angrily.

He was mad Celia nodded not wanting to make him any angrier.

She grabbed the towel and stood up drying his shoulders.

"Not there,"

Celia's face turned redder.

"But I don't want to--,"

Sasuke grabbed her chin roughly.

She winced in pain.

"Did I ask you what you wanted?" He said in a threating tone.

Celia's body shook from fear.

"Do it,"

He threw her back down.

She slowly wrapped the towel over his penis.

Sasuke smirked.

Celia moved her hand up and down.

Sasuke moaned a little.

Celia stopped and steped away.

"You're a good girl Celia, If you disobey me you'll regret it trust me,"

She nodded and began to clean the bathroom.

Sasuke went to his room and sat on his bed.

He layed down lost in thought.

'I'll break her sooner then I thought'

Ding Dong

Celia walked to the the front door and opened it.

"Hey you're right Naruto Sasuke did follow you're adivce!,"

Celia jumped as the many boys walked in.

"E-excuse me but who are you people?"

"Hey. She's really cute," The man with long balck hair and white eyes grabbed her arms.

They examined her pulling up her skirt.

Touching her hair.

Celia felt dizzy.

"Leave her alone," Sasuke sighed walking down the stairs.

Fully clothed thank god.

"U-uchiha-sama," Celia ran behide him.

Sasuke sighed.

"She's a bit shy," The blonde one spoke out.

"Yeah so don't pick on her," Sasuke walked to the living room with Celia close behide.

They sat down and the chubbiest one is turned on the tv.

"Celia get us something to eat," Sasuke said relaxing in his chair.

He seems stressed out abit. "Y-yes,"

"Bring me a soda!,"

Celia wanted to laugh as Sasuke's friends seemed to wear him down.

"NARUTO DON'T TOUCH THAT!!," Sasuke shouted.


"Oops Sorrt Teme!," He laughed.

Celia giggled abit. Sasuke looked at her and smiled.

'That's the first time I've seen her smile or laugh'

Celia stood next to Sasuke for the rest of the time his friends visited.

They started to leave.

"See ya Celia, don't let Sasuke bully you," Naruto shouted.

Celia giggled.

Sasuke glared at Naruto.

Sasuke feel back on the chair exhausted.

'Maybe I could help him relax'

Celia walked over and behide his chair.

She started to rub his shoulders.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

He touched her hands they were warm.

"I am know,"

He looked up at her.

She blushed his eyes always managed to pull her into them.

A blush sneaked onto her face.

Sasuke stood up.

She walked back as he steped forward until her back pressed against the wall.

His hands on both sides of her head.

She looked down.

Not making eye contact.

Sasuke lifted her chin and started to kiss her neck.

"U-uchiha-sama, No...I,"

He pulled down her apron straps.

He licked her lips.

She held back her moans she bit her bottom lip.

Sasuke kissed and sucked the middle where her shoulder and neck joined.

"Uchiha-sama...please no. Ah!,"

He bit her neck leaving a mark and some blood.

Licking her new mark Sasuke smirked at his work.

"You won't be able to deny me any longer,"

Sasuke grabbed the hemm of her skirt yanking it down to her ankles.

"No! P-please don't!,"

Sasuke ignored her plea and kissed her panties.

Her body started to shake.

Sasuke stopped and looked up at her.

Tears spilled out of her eyes and onto his face.

"Please don't. I don't like it," She sobbed.

Sasuke clenched his fist.

"You're the reason why my body is going crazy,"

She looked at him confused.

"You're the only girl to resist me,"

He smiled and started to walk away.

"But remeber what I said...You won't be for much longer,"

Celia started to shake and she hugged her self and continued to cry softly.