Chapter 2: Roxanne's POV

It wasn't an ordinary day in college, some kid started flirting with me... then again, he was pretty cute. He did help me with my anatomy worksheet. I couldn't believe he wanted me to have sex with him? Like oh my... I never want to lose my virginity anytime soon. So I just decided to kick him where men are most sensitive about: the balls, as they call it. At first I laughed, but then I started to feel bad for him. I should have just ignored him... men always want sex it seems like... There was a local restaurant on campus... so I decided to eat there for lunch. They make the best submarine sandwiches there! I finally made it and sat dowm, sighing.

"Ow... it fucking hurts...," it was the kid from earlier. I gulped. He limped to a table not too far from me.

"This is my fault...," I thought. I cleared my throat. I ate the sandwich feeling stupid the whole time.... I sighed and got up. He had his hand leaning against his head, slurping a smoothie...

"Hey," I said. He shuddered. "Look, I am sorry for kicking you below the belt. I think you are alright, OK?" I smiled.

"Umm... thanks...," he mumbled. "You do turn me on...," he mumbled again.

"Oh...," was all I could say. I smiled again. "You are pretty cute, ya know."

"T-thank you," he perked up. "So are you. C-can I take you out on a d-date?"

I blushed, big-time. "Umm... y-yeah! That would be nice! But if you want to go on a date with me, you must battle me first!" I grinned.

"Right... let's battle, shall we?" He obviously ignored the pain and got up. He smirked slightly. I grinned. We both walked outside, well away from the restaurant. It was an empty field where people barely ever go... so it is mostly grass and a few trees, and a pond (just in case there happens to be a water type!). I noticed how he was still limping...

"Alright, I will start. One on one?" I smiled and let out a Probopass.

"Yes; good idea! Go!" He let out an Espeon.

"Probopass, use a Rock Tomb!"

"Quick, use Quick Attack!" Probopass began to throw rocks at the Espeon but he was too slow to hit Espeon because of its Quick Attacks. But this attack isn't very effective...

"Now use a Magnet Bomb!" I smirked. Little metal spheres formed around his head and slammed into the really fast Espeon.

"Argh...," he huffed. "Use Iron Tail!" He smirked, too. Espeon's tail began to glow a greyish-white and slammed down onto Probopass... he almost fainted.

"Ice Punch!" Ice formed around where his hands were originally.

"Psychic!" Espeon glowed a pinkish-red around its body and lifted Probopass into the air. It knocked him to the ground and he fainted...

"Awesome. You won! You get to take me out on a date!" I grinned.

"SWEET!" He jumped up into the air. "OW!" He fell to the ground... "Shit... that fucking hurt..." His eyes were watering... this was still my fault.

"This is definitely my fault...," I sighed.

"I'm going home... I guess I'll take you out on a date tomorrow... how does that sound?"

"Alright," I nodded. He walked off along with Espeon balancing on his shoulders.

I sighed and walked home, though it was far away, but it doesn't take long if I take short cuts. "Glad I'm home...," I collapsed in bed without doing anything else...

A/N: Sorry it's short, I kinda wanted to make it one-shot. :D I'm getting better with one-shots! And sorry, I wasn't real good about describing then, so, I may revise this...