I can't change what I have done but I can

try to change what I am becoming. I

want to quit but to stop

I would give up the greatest feeling ever. no

its not great. It's a filthy habit and I

should want to stop. Right? can

I fall in love with it and still be able to quit

it all. My conscious whispers for me to stop but

my body screams for me to continue the

high ride. But can I control it? This is the question

that frightens me the most. is

this the end of me. Have I done all I can do

to try to stop. Or have I just fucked off. Do I

want to stop or is this just what I tell myself to control the want

for another rush. Is all I want just to

be high? Maybe I don't want to give

this thing up. It can't be that bad can it? it

is my best friend from hell. Why should I give it up